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IUK Is a great local school and has grown a lot in the last decade. I started going to college there fresh out of high school and now I’m going back there to complete my bachelors degree. I think the faculty there is very helpful and they want students to succeed. The campus is beautiful and the library is huge! My advisor was very helpful when working on my class schedule and making sure everything was done that needed to be done. I look forward to graduating in 2020 with a bachelors degree in health management!
I absolutely love IUK! The smaller campus lets you connect with professors and fellow classmates. IUK offers just as many amenities as big campuses. IUK offers professional development opportunities along with fun activities.
Throughout the short time I have been attending IUK, I have been very pleased with my experience. The professors are excellent with accomodations when "everyday life" happens and they have amazing teaching methods. I look forward to completing my degree in Biochemistry over the course of the next few years and would recommend this college to anyone who would like an affordable and worthwhile experience.
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The professors truly care about your success. It’s a small school but offers a lot of clubs, organization, Student life and study abroad opportunities as a regional Indiana University campus. Most importantly, the cost is a fraction of larger schools and your degree still says Indiana University!
The professors were amazing. I learned so much from them and I loved how small the school was so that they would know who I was. Only thing I would change is parking was terrible.
I am currently a nursing student at Indiana University of Kokomo. I think it is a great school because it is not too big and not too small. I think the professors are all great.
Regretful decision: Indiana University Kokomo (IUK) is one of the worst campuses I have seen in the Indiana and United States. Most people in the faculty and administration are corrupt and politically motivated to issue degrees based on $$. People are very unhelpful especially the Administration right from the highest level to many of the Deans as well as lower administration people. Issues such as very low teaching standards, discrimination of international students, nepotism, favoritism in terms of giving on campus jobs to certain people only and laziness in the administration at its peak are some of the many traits of the people who work at IUK. Please go somewhere else and not at this University where people do not respect students once they are admitted. You will regret it.
Its a small campus and everyone is so friendly. The professors are very nice and understanding. They are always willing to help a student any time.
I wanted to be able to stay home and not live in a dorm while being in college, this school is very close to me so it was perfect.
Indiana University Kokomo is a beautiful and diverse campus. Staff and faculty do everything the can to help you succeed and insure that your time at IUK is one that you won't regret!
I love my college. The campus is beautiful and safe. They offer officers to walk you to and from your car if needed. It is always energetic and decorated. The professors are understanding of life and work well your schedules. The food is awesome and they offer loads of varieties in the cafe. I also like that they offer so many involved activities and clubs for students here and their family and friends. I like that it isn't a huge party campus but I would like if they added more student housing.
I really liked most if the instructors and their willingness to help. They genuinely care. What I do not like is the unorganized clinical experiences.
This is a great school with many different majors and minors to choose from. Teachers are almost all easy to get along with.
The campus is small and easy to find your way around. The staff and teachers are exceptional. The opportunities I have received while attending IUK having been life changing.
Indiana University- Kokomo is a great place to go if you are not sure what you want to do. The professors are good, and the education is cheap. If you are looking for student life, this probably isn't the place for you. I could see it growing into a bigger school, but first they need to get on campus housing and attempt to appeal more to out of state younger students.
IUK has a great friendly atmosphere and the teachers and staff really care about the students and their success. However, there are a lot of majors they don't have and it makes it hard to pick a career.
Overall, my experience at Indiana University Kokomo has been a learning experience. I feel welcomed on campus, but not included. It is admirable to see how the instructors and professors reach out to students to let them know they are available to help. Nonetheless, when walking from building to building and up and down the halls of the many buildings on campus I am once again reminded I'm here for an education. The environment makes one feel like it is not for socializing, perhaps small talk, but foremost to succeed in everything. I've considered transferring to another four year institution, but then I'm reminded if I want the best environment to study it would IUK. Where else could I find a campus where I feel safe whether I come really early, have the opportunity to talk one on one with my professor and grow a relationship to have great recommendations, and many opportunities due to the number of
students on campus.
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I love Indiana University - Kokomo because it is a small and quiet campus. Classes are relatively small so you can receive one on one time with professors as well as building strong bonds with other members of the university.
I like IUK because it is a pretty small campus that allows you to really get involved and meet other like-minded people.
I love coming to work every day. I enjoy it so much I decided to go back to school there. Campus life is enjoyable, at least twice a week I am able to attend an event that interests me.
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