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I love Indiana University East. It has helped me maintain the feel of a small town school like grew up in, while also giving me exposure to diversity and new people. Indiana University East has so many opportunities for students of every kind and has a place for everyone. It provides the perfect opportunity for students to find their place in society and to help them discover their self. It provides so many degrees like a big campus, but also maintains small classroom sizes and intimate group discussion capabilities for a closer classroom connection. Most professors at IU East are fantastic, while there are some that could use some guidance, like any university. Student life is as big and involving as that of a big university, so it really gives you
I have taken only online classes through IU East. It has been very easy to communicate with various departments to complete my degree (financial aid, academic advisors, etc.) without having to make the trip to campus. Teachers are wonderful and always available to help with issues.
I am currently enrolled in online classes and have one more year until I graduate. The adviser I have worked with has been so great in helping me navigate through everything such as choosing classes to finish my degree. You definitely have to be motivated for online classes.
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This school is an excellent college option, especially for those in the Wayne County area. Don't make the financial mistake of going off to some big fancy University when you can start at home and attend classes here. Trust me.
I’m currently a student at Indiana University East. I have enjoyed my experience as a student because the staff are very commutative and friendly. I feel that the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff plays a key role in my success in college.
Indiana University is a great college with many great opportunities. It's a small college but is always growing and making improvements for the students that attend. I honestly didn't want to go to IUE at first, instead I wanted to go to a big school, but I am so happy I chose IUE. After my first year I have loved the small tight knit community and I really feel welcomed here.
IU is a great college offering the convienence of online classes to finish degree. The professors are top notch and always willing to give you your time. Online courses are tough but their curriculum makes it tolerable. The professors are easy to reach and provide ease to contact if needed. There are writing labs and math labs available 24/7. My experience at IU has been more than pleasant. I have two classes remaining and would recommend IU to anyone interested in online classes. Because I live in Nashville, TN, it was hard to be involved with any campus activity, but, from what I see in emails, IU has plenty of activities and always step up to help their local community. Again, I would recommend Indiana University to anyone wanting to take online classes!
I love this school. I'm an online student and IUE's online degree program allows me to work around my schedule. I work 40 hours a week and love the flexibility. The online classes are set up extremely well and allow me to actually learn on my time.
Everyone at IUE is so helpful and accommodating. I am pursuing an online degree in business administration. I am in the military and have had to go on a couple of exercises where I haven't had access to internet and haven't been able to complete assignments when they were due. The professors have been very accommodating and have worked around my military schedule.
The professors and administration aren't willing to bend when it comes to sudden situations such as medical issues
Indiana University East is a great place to study, they offer lots of different ways to get help with things like math, science, and writing. The teachers are very invested in making sure you succeed. Over all it is just a good place to go to school at.
I have had a great experience with professors while attending IU East. Although most of my classes have been quite large, the professors are very knowledgeable. Grading has not always been the quickest, so you are left hanging at times.

Tuition is a little pricey even for in-state students. I have found that trying to get a scholarship is nearly impossible, which makes it hard to take more than one class at a time.

What I dislike the most is the availability of courses. I have 3 courses left to graduate, and they are only available during certain semesters. It will take a year to finish the 3.
The Academic advisors are very knowledgeable and kept me well informed about the courses I should take towards my degree.
I will be attending this school for my 1st year in the fall of 2018. I went on a college visit there and the staff and students were so nice and helpful. I feel that this will be a great school for me. I am ready to get involved and be connected with the students and teachers there.
Indiana University East is an affordable place to attend college. For most students, the work is pretty manageable if they can find a reasonable balance between courses and working a job. The instructors usually work in small classroom environments, meaning they are pretty immediately accessible if students have questions.
I had an excellent experience and Indiana University East. The campus was welcoming and inviting, I was able to navigate the campus with ease, and the teachers are phenomenal. I loved my time spent here and I always felt at home here.
Indiana University East is a fantastic college to attend if you are looking for a close-knit family environment. It is easy to make friends and grow with each other throughout each individual program. Everyone in each specific school grows closer together through the four years IU East. Every professor and advisor wants to help each individual student succeed and fulfill their maximum potential. IU East is a great place to attend and be a part of a friendly and positive environment.
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Iueast is great school. Their academic are great and they are developing well with their athletics department
It's inviting. Lots of lounging areas to just chill between classes. Great place to meet new people and just a generally nice place to learn.
It is a top 10 degree school. The alumni network is large and some come back to teach at IU East.
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