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Indiana University is a beautifully diverse campus with lots of space to find yourself, and others like you. The classes here are the same as anywhere else, but what makes Indiana University great is the professors that teach you. I am a music student at Jacobs School of Music, and I have had one of the best collegiate experiences one could ask for. GO HOOSIERS!
Excellent school! Caring professors. If you need additional help they are available.

Would be nice to have more social life time!
Love the diverse and open-minded atmosphere. The classes are amazing and helpful. I enjoy everyday at class. The architecture is beautiful as well as Bloomington in general.
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Indiana University is all about diversity and having a good time. They offer all kinds of activities throughout the year with excellent night life. No matter what you're interested in Bloomington has it.
I spent two years here to complete my prerequisite classes for the dental hygiene program from 2005-2007 and loved it! The campus is beautiful; in my two years here I never once took the bus because I chose to walk everywhere. All of my classes and professors were challenging and what you would expect from a quality university. There is always something to do and I never felt unsafe, but I was always smart about my surroundings.
Amazing opportunities and awesome teachers. The campus is one of the most beautiful in the country. No matter your major, you will find something you are passionate about.
The overall experience I had at Indiana University-Bloomington was amazing! I truly felt like I was getting the most out of it all.
IU is a beautiful campus with lots of green space, trees, Jordan River etc. It is also a beautifully diverse campus where people of all backgrounds come to learn with respect.
I love Indiana University. I have had a wonderful undergraduate experience here. The campus is beautiful and there are always events going on in the auditorium or the union. The faculty are overall pretty great and the study abroad programs are fantastic. The party scence here is pretty crazy, but if you aren't into that there are plenty of other things to do.
I think IU is a great college because of all of the resources they have to support students and get them to the right job of their choice. The Kelly School of Business is an awesome asset IU has to offer with dedicated professors and hard working students.
Indiana University is a school that I am not ready to leave. It is a perfect fit because I found myself in a place where I felt so lost. Being a woman who is half African American and Puerto Rican, you have a standard to up hold of finding a job and providing for your like they provided for you. Before I came to IU I had the idea of being a pharmacist. That changed very quickly after I took my first science class. Boy did I make the right decision. I am now a journalism broadcasting major. I love being on camera and being myself. I do not have to act at all. If it was not for Indiana University I would be at Butler doing something I did not love.
Pros: Campus is BEAUTIFUL. There is a student organization/club/group for everyone and everything. There is a major for most fields (except engineering), as well as the Individualized Major Program in the College of Arts and Sciences. Very liberal campus. Always events going on around the campus and in Bloomington. Lots of career fairs, and the Career Center is very helpful.
Cons: The school sucks your money out with fees and textbooks. University spends more money on landscaping than on quality toilet paper. NOT a wheelchair friendly campus. Bus routes are convenient and frequent but can be unreliable. Campus Health Center clinic is 50/50 - either average or bad/unhelpful experiences.
IU is a big university with a small town feel. All professors and assistant instructors work above and beyond to help students succeed in class.
I love the school overall. I would like to see more diversity. The vast majority of our students are white and therefore everything is based on the majority. Professors need to take courses on what it means to be diverse. Other than that my small community of friends helps. There is always something to get involved in. I like that I can study in so many different offices and libraries on campus. The gym is a great attribute allowing people like myself to workout the stress seeping through our pores.
IU allows students to have a great work/life/study balance. The undergrad program is great and they really strive to provide an excellent Big10 experience.
To start off the campus has amazing views and is in a very beautiful place. I had some issues with my IU account and they had a very fast and responsive support team. Being the school they are you can get a very prestigious business degree with not spending as much money as the other universities.
I like the lively student community at IU. In addition, the variety of resources at IU is astounding. In other words, there are plenty of opportunities for students to develop their interests and potential careers.
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Great educational resources, helpful faculty, and great recommendation letters from established professors.
I love IU! The schools here within the university (I am in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs) are absolutely amazing for a public university. Very competitive schools that are top 10 in the country. While tuition is more expensive for out of state students, it's still a great education for what you pay, and some of the programs are better than ivy league schools. An IU degree is recognized by employers and others. The campus is great and so are the faculty. I've always felt that IU is genuine and overall a great school.
Indiana University is full of opportunity for students that seek to make the most of their college experience. Due to the sheer volume of of options, this university and the opportunities it affords can cause students who require significant hand-holding to miss out on all that it has to offer. There is never any shortage of options, however, and I was able to find everything that I was looking for in my education as well as my overall college experience at Indiana University, Bloomington. Additionally, Bloomington, IN is a wonderful and beautiful town that provided a quintessential backdrop to my four years in college.
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