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The campus is absolutely beautiful and there is something about this school that makes everyone feel at home. There are many nationally ranked programs at IU, so I know I am getting the best education possible. It is a very inclusive school with opportunities for everyone, no matter your interest. This school truly gives you everything you need to succeed and feel prepared for the work field.
This is a very prestigious school, very huge with some diversity. There is a lot of help here but also It can be overwelming to some
I love my experience here at Indiana University. Such great academics and fun atmosphere! I learn a lot and have fun as well.
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I loved the campus of Indiana University! It has old buildings and the typical historic campus feeling. The moment I arrived there, it felt like home.
Also, the student life is awesome because everyone is involved and has tones of school spirit! All the alumni I know loved going to Indiana University and recommended it as a school I should apply to. After visiting, it became my top choice school for multiple reasons: it has an amazing top ranked business program, division 1 athletics, beautiful campus that is also safe, and the campus is large but easy to get around. This is definitely one of the best colleges I have been to.
I have not yet been admitted to Indiana University, but I have applied and am waiting for a response. On my tour at IU however, I most enjoyed the beauty of the campus.
The atmosphere in Bloomington is great. You get a small town feel while being surrounded by thousands of people on campus. The pride that the students and faculty show for the university is contagious. The campus is stunning.
The campus is absolutely beautiful and the people are also amazing. You are surrounded by tall trees that tower over the buildings. Along with the trees comes the various streams that run along campus. The people you get to meet are laid back and very amicable. The professors are there for your every need and are absolutely willing to help with whatever problem you may be facing. It is quite a different experience you get outside of living with family.
Big class sizes are a bit daunting, but the smaller classes are taught by professors who want to get to know you and care about your education.
I love it! there are so many ways to be involved and active. Professors truly want you to succeed and to be successful.
You know there's a lot I did like about IU Bloomington but also a lot that I hated. The campus is beautiful and the social scene is good. There's a diverse crowd and plenty of programs in just about every field. However, the administration really doesn't care about you. What's more important to them is that you pay your tuition on time. They go on and on about this "IU promise" but don't even go into specifics for what they can actually promise students and it certainly isn't a decent job after graduation. Sad to say that for my senior year there wasn't any programs to prepare grads for the job search. They have career services and career fairs but it's not at all helpful if you are looking for a job in a specific field. Once you stop paying you get even less service. It means nothing to be an IU Alum. I regret choosing this school.
IU is an AWESOME place to be if you get involved in the right things. There is something going on every night, whether that be campus activities, or parties, you are never bored. Make sure to go to class and enjoy the athletics! I cheered and I love the game environment that the Big Ten had to offer.
Go Hoosiers!
I enjoy everything about the Indiana University campus. The only hard thing can be the distance between some classes, but there is not much you can you do about that and it is a good way to stay somewhat active having a college lifestyle. The University Of Indiana in Bloomington is like a second home to me. I love the college athletic programs and games at IU.
I love IU! There's nothing better than watching the seasonal changes on campus. The university could do a much better job of making students feel safe in my opinion, but other than that there aren't many issues.
For a town that is hailed as a college city, it is a very tight-knit community and makes it feel very much like home, despite the college's admission totals outnumbering my hometown's inhabitants by thirty-thousand plus. As well, I can't say anything but that being on-campus is one of the most amazing experiences one can ever imagine. The campus is beautiful despite whatever season it may be, also there are buildings that have tremendous history and are must visits while in Bloomington. Finally, if there was anything I would change about my opportunity here at Indiana University, Bloomington, I would like to help cut back on under-age drinking and other substance abuse. I feel there are too many relationships, both professionally and personally, that become ruined due to these transgressions. There is a time and place for these behaviors, and despite what some say, the legal age is 21 for a reason.
Indiana University offers a great experience for undergraduate education. It is big 10 school, so you have numerous opportunities to connect with peers, and IU has an amazingly diverse course selection. This allowed me to learn about Hinduism while studying political science.
I love the Bloomington campus, it is so open and so many things to do. Although it is hard to travel around the town I do really enjoy the campus. The people and culture are all so diverse.
Attending Indiana University was the single most transformative experiences of my life. I can not imagine a better environment to become the person you are meant to be. The campus is incredible, the faculty is inspiring, and the sense of community in Bloomington makes the whole package a small haven.
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Overall it is a great school, there is always something to do everyday especially the weekends. The professors truly want to see their students succeed and make the effort to talk to them personally.
The diversity here is unmatched, its the third largest campus in the united states by population, yet they manage to keep the private-school feel. This school is very obviously funded well through donations from Alum, a testimony to the school's greatness.
The campus is extremely beautiful. Although the tuition is quite expensive, the campus life makes up for it. Everyday there is a different activity or group bringing life to the campus. The facilities are very nice and help create a great learning environment. The teachers and staff supply the students with all the help they need to become successful.