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The campus is gorgeous. There are many great professors that are willing to help. However, the campus is huge and there are so many students. It feels as though you're just a "number" to them. Very easy to get lost and sit in the back of 400 person lecture halls.
It's a beautiful campus with great professors. The city of Bloomington is also a great location with a good of cultural events and dining options compared to most cities in the state. Safety is an issue at times for females, but that's often only if you don't take the necessary precautions. I.e. walking home alone drink at night.
There are so many things to be involved in here, and you're always meeting new people. They just aren't very generous when it comes to scholarships.
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Indiana University- Bloomington has such a unique involvement in surrounding community. The university is very involved with the arts community and helps produce unique collaborations between organizations. A great majority of the students here are driven to helping better the community as well as better their peers. The university does a great job at giving students resources in finding internships, resume building, field experience, and jobs. Also, the community is very open to new comers and their ideas making this community very open to new perspective.
Indiana University is an amazing school, capable of giving a private school experience in a public school setting. Don't let the size of the university overwhelm you, once you are accepted into a school within the university, the university begins to feel small. The professors here are all experts in their fields, full of field experience and well-published. My main complaints are the housing and out of state cost. On-campus housing can be astronomically expensive, just for a simple dorm. I currently live in the "cheapest" dorm on campus, and often have problems with the heater and cleanliness within the bathrooms and halls. As an out of state student, I find myself paying an amazingly high price for tuition, matching the fees of some of the countries most prestigious private universities. Besides these two complaints, I believe IU gives high quality education and allows students to lead full and exciting lives here. IU truly is an amazing and wonderful university.
I'm in my 3rd year at IU and I've overall really liked going here. The student body is very diverse and much of the faculty that teaches here are young and enthusiastic. They make learning a much more rewarding experience. The campus is lovely and the town that surrounds it is a great place to explore, even if it seems small. What I would like to improve is the safety of the campus because much of the campus is rather dim at night and it might benefit to put some more streetlights on the campus sidewalks for students going home at night.
Classes at Indiana University were mostly engaging and enlightening. Classes for certain popular majors (i.e. Psychology) had very large class sizes, especially for entry-level courses. Nonetheless, I found the classes to be interesting despite the large sizes.
I love the environment at IU, ignore provides a lot of opportunity and has a lot of variety for our diverse student body. Bloomington feels like home and I couldn’t imagine going to school anywhere else!!
Indiana University is a great academic university with a beautiful campus. The party scene and the student life may be too overwhelming at times, but finding the balance between academics and social life is key. Overall, a fun university to be at that also encourages students to take their academics seriously (which many do).
IU is a great place to really find something you enjoy and lots of people who are easy to get to know. The wide range of majors means you'll meet people with all different types of interests. The quality of the education is very high, and overall it's an enjoyable experience. The university has some strict policies towards Greek life, but none that get in the way of what the purpose of Greek life actually is.
I am a sophomore at IU and have enjoyed every minute of it. First, most of my professors have been outstanding in showing their passion for teaching, which made me want to learn even more. They always create a positive learning environment and encourage students to engage inside and outside the classroom. There are always educational events on campus, whether that be learning more about climate change or learning about safe sex. I have made close friends because IU also promotes a friendly and accepting atmosphere of all people. However, I believe IU can improve on dealing with the issues of students better. For example, many students struggle with mental health issues as well as being homesick, and just not feeling like they fit in in a new environment like college. This is a problem IU can improve on, however, I am proud to call IU Bloomington my home.
Indiana University Bloomington is such a diverse college! There are many clubs and groups to join that help to make you feel more at home. The opportunities are endless and they are so wonderful. The professors are some of the best in the country. All of the professors I have encountered have all known the content of their class very well and they all are exceptional. There are also many courses to choose from every semester and they fit everyone's interests and needs. I love IU and I am so glad that I chose to attend.
The campus is beautiful and very nice. There are so many opportunities and things to do. The classes and professors are great.
So far my experience here has been great. My only issue has been the math department. I'm sure that many other students at IU could agree that it definitely is not the best. I took calculus 2 there and it was very difficult; unfortunately, the professor didn't make it any easier to understand. However, it all worked out in the end and I got a decent grade. I'm a biochemistry major and I believe the science department at IU is excellent. They provide many resources and there are some great professors, you just need to know which ones. Overall, my experience has been great.
Going to Indiana University has been an experience of a lifetime. I’ve grown so much as a young woman these last few months and this school has definitely helped with my change. The people and education im getting from the university is great. If there was anything i could change it’d be more diversity.
I am a freshman at IU and love everything about this place! I enjoy being involved in several groups/activities, the best variety of food choices, sporting events of all kinds and lots of good professors and advisors.
it has definitely exceeded my expectations. It is located in a small town, one hour drive from indianapolis airport. Strong greek life. In awe of many course offerings. Although it is ranked in 91, it is good to start from small steps and then think of enrolling a top-ranked college later on for master degrees. The professors that I've met so far are the best, some came from Harvard, UC Berkely, U of Toronto, etc. Lots of academic support provided, so that's a plus. The infrastructure and the facility are gorgeous.
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My overall experience at IU has been 100% better than my high school experience. There is a diverse student body which means that you're bound to find your clique or "people" even if you're a niche person. The school is definitely known for its party scene, but there are many alternative activities to participate in if that's not your style. There are a lot of student organizations (some of them don't do anything, but there are definitely clubs that are very involved) to participate in and there's even a lot of local organizations and volunteer activities that you can participate in as well. The dorms are alright. There isn't a clear cut winner as to which is the best dorm, they each have their advantages and disadvantages such as distance from classes, food, amenities, no AC, costs, bathroom and living arrangements, etc so it's just a matter of what your priorities are.
Indiana University is an excellent school with dedicated staff and strong academics. The research is competitive and degrees from this university mean something in the professional world. As an added bonus, the campus is beautiful and full of opportunities to remove oneself from a comfort zone and become involved. Bloomington is a cultural hub as a town with many different cuisines and experiences.
I have had a lot of wonderful professors while at IU. Most classes are challenging but enjoyable. Finance and accounting class tend to have the least effective professors. IU had a beautiful campus and architecture.
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