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Indiana University - Bloomington Reviews

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I visited the campus with the intent to possibly attend there in the Fall of 2019, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the beauty of the campus. The local eateries are very diverse and the campus has may opportunities for new social experiences as well as many educational opportunities.
Any program or department has been very helpful in making the college experience easier. The campus is large and diverse enough to make you feel like you've finally left home and are exploring on your own, but down to earth enough to not have the big city attitude.
My first year at Indiana University was more amazing than I could have ever dreamed of. Although I didn't know any other students coming in, I quickly found a friend group I would enjoy the rest of the year with. The professors are all extremely accomplished experts in their fields, but make time to connect with students outside of class.
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IU was the perfect experience for me. The campus is beautiful, the professors were always there for me, and the social scene and athletics were great. There truly is a place for everyone. It is a big school, but once you start meeting people, community builds quick.
IU is a beautiful campus. It’s a big campus but you can find your own niche and place and friends. Sports are great and majors are plentiful. Go Hoosiers!!!
Disclaimer: I commute and do not party; dorm experience may vary.

Indiana University is a relatively large school, so on a broad scale it is easy to get lost in the crowd. However, this is much less of a concern within majors, and some groups of major students can be quite small and cozy. There is little to say about IU that couldn't be said about any renowned large public college, except that much of its grounds is truly beautiful. The landscaping work put into the campus creates a forest-like atmosphere down in some places which changes with the seasons. The town of Bloomington is urban, but has plenty of enjoyable locations itself.
I love IU! It's the perfect place to meet new people and tap into your individuality. However, it's quite big. Being on a first name basis with all your professors and classmates is pretty tough, which is to be expected. It's a Big 10 school! Other than that, I have no complaints!
IU may not be a world renowned institution like Harvard or Yale but the education opportunities it provides are unmatched when it comes to music, arts, and humanities. The business school is also very highly rated and informatics is also well regarded.
Indiana University in Bloomington is well-known for its research, academics, and the beautiful campus. Every time I walk around the campus, and when leaves change into different shapes from season to season, it holds a unique, yet beautiful presence which gives me great happiness while studying on campus. Whenever I feel depressed, the beautiful landscape carved by this campus gives me motivation and thankfulness.
Although I am not enrolled at Indiana University (Yet!), I have had family members attend. This summer, I attended the Young Women's Institute at the Kelley School of Business. I interacted with Kelley's world class faculty members. The program was very organized and engaging. It convinced me to apply and hopefully attend Indiana University.
The campus is beautiful, the staff is incredible, and there are always activities to do. The residents of Bloomington support thr university and vis versa. Restaurants are great and there is a variety of all types of food.
IU Bloom is a very pretty campus. Not as diverse as it makes it seems, but you can find yourself a home here.
Some of the area of academics feel odd. There are certain classes that are required for you to take if you want to do a major but are also meant to be incredibly challenging as a entry level course.
I loved the diversity and how beautiful the campus was. Bloomington had a lot to offer including some mountains near by to go hiking. There was truly something for everyone in this college town and it helped me becomes the nurse I am today.
I went on a Open House and the school looked great. They were making new buildings and their technology is up to date. It is beautiful. The scenery are really breath taking
Indiana University has limitless opportunities. If you want to study it, you can find it at IU. There is an overwhelming number of majors, minors, and concentrations to choose from, and you can even create your own major. But, the campus is very large, and academics are usually not the focus of the student body. You can find your place here, but it's a lot more difficult if you are serious about school and getting a meaningful education. With very high acceptance rates come a lot of dumb frat bros. The Bloomington community is full of passionate people, and it's a great place to do volunteer work. There are delicious restaurants with cuisine from all over the world.
You are just a number here - No one cares, and it's nearly impossible to get help from advisors, professors, anyone. It's vastly overpriced considering the majority of your education is sitting in a lecture hall with 300 other kids for an hour twice a week. I received my Bachelors here and I make more than $10,000 less than my husband who only has a H.S. Diploma. The frat/sorority scene is very big there as well - that's not my scene personally. The only frat party I attended, I was constantly groped and basically treated like a piece of meat (this is not even a joke but an exact quote: "Hi, what's your name? Wanna go to my room and f***?"). The campus is beautiful, though, and there are so many amazing forests and parks nearby to enjoy.
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Great campus, beautiful all around, great community, very diverse. Great place for college students and families as well. Lots of events to go to, great places to eat at! Overall a very open and no judgmental community.
I transferred from Purdue University to Indiana University and i definitely enjoyed IU a lot more. I wish it was more diverse as only about 4% of IU is African American compared to 67.5% being caucasian.

There are many opportunities at IU and athletics are really good. Some professors are great and some are terrible. A lot of class sizes are larger so you have to go out of your way to be noticed by the professors.
My time at Indiana University was unforgettable! With a wonderful campus, the school provides diverse opportunities for every student. I loved the atmosphere, the people, and all of my experiences. Bloomington and IU truly create a home for each and every student. Classes are informative and engaging, the culture is unmatched, and the opportunities are endless.
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