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I've had a great time while attending. The professors I've had have all been professional , helpful and kind.
Close to home, good curriculum, low cost.
allows me to work part time and still achieve my education.
IUSB is a beautiful campus with highly sophisticated professors, and great students! I always enjoy walking through campus, or sitting in the library to study or in The Grille which is the campus cafeteria. The environment is refreshing and judgement free.
Review Indiana University - South Bend
I just transferred. The transfer process was confusing, but overall, I have been enjoying my first semester.
Commuter campus. Not much to do on campus. Some of the teachers know what they are doing while others need some more practice.
I love the diversity and how they allow people to be themselves. I wish more students would get involved in the activities around campus.
As a freshman that has just finished my first semester, I have to say that I love this campus and overall teaching. The campus is just big enough to where there is always something new to find out about and the teachers here as so nice and accepting. The academics provide students to push themselves to succeed and come out learning new things every day.
Let me start by expressing how underappreciated this school is.The housing is amazing, the professors (at least for business) are top notch, and the diversity on the campus is unbeatable. I met people from all walks of life and we collaborated so well together. There are tons of clubs, which really make the experience to me! The reason most people complain about the school is because they are not taking advantage of the resources.The professors are always willing to help, the tutors have taken the same courses so they know how to help you ,and any professor or many students are nice enough to assist you tool. I love this place and enjoy being near Notre Dame and the mall. There are 5 colleges in South Bend (not including Ivy Tech) so if you say this school doesn't give you the college experience you're doing it wrong. The SAC is amazing and Free to students! I really do not know what more you could ask for out of a school, at such an affordable rate none the less.
IU South Bend is great! It is a small sized university, but you are still achieving the same degree as if you were at IU Bloomington. The connection and one on one time with professors is something I cherish because that may be more difficult to do at a larger university. The people here are really nice, the courses actually help you learn, and the clubs/athletics are very fun. I would highly recommend IU South Bend to anyone!
Overall IUSB is a really good school. I know I will receive a top notch IU education here without the being far from home. Housing is amazing, the apartment style makes me feel like I have actually moved out of my parents home and like a 'real' adult. The size of IUSB allows you to have a personal relationship with all of your professors. At a larger university this wouldn't be possible. Even in my 100 person chemistry lecture I don't feel lost in the crowd because my professor actually knows my name. I feel this allows my education to be more successful. I am so happy I chose to attend IUSB. :)
I'm a freshman at IUSB and so far I enjoy the college. It's a little smaller than what I'd like to eventually attend but decided to take my first year of college locally.
The professors are all great to work with. Class sizes are small and personal. They were accommodating of my disability and service dog.
I love the homely environment. Everyone that I met there was incredibly nice and I can not way to become enrolled into that college.
I really enjoy the smaller class size. I like being able to approach the instructors with questions one on one. The area in which a change needs to be made is with the advisors. They need some guidance on how to be more helpful.
It is a well known school that educates half of our community, so its very credible.
So far I love my Professors. My math teacher is the best, as he is very casual but cares a lot about the personal and academic success of his students.
The school takes a lot of precautions and makes their stance against sexual assault known.
Review Indiana University - South Bend
The greeks are pretty nice and open, not snobby or clique-ish at all
I haven't had much experience with our athletics as of yet, but I did try-out as part of our dance team/cheerleading team. The athletic facilities are pretty nice with a wide variety of sporting options.
I really enjoy my school. 3/4 of my professors are fantastic and I am excelling. I really like our schools history club.
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