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Indiana University is a very nice and well kept school for its location not being in the best area. I've came across very nice people at this school and everyone has been really professional.
My overall experience at Indiana University Northwest has been great so far. I have been attending school here for three years now and I haven't had any problems. I thought at first it would suck because I stayed home and didn't go away to school, but honestly I regret nothing. I have met some amazing people and awesome professors. Everyone on campus is there to help one another and its a great environment. There are many different clubs to join, classes to take, and people to talk to!
I like how the school is smaller. Class rooms are not huge lecture halls. I have met and connected with a few teachers that I know i can go to for help anytime if I'm in their class or not.
Review Indiana University - Northwest
Indiana University Northwest is a campus where students can feel they are at home where as on other campuses, students may often feel a bit lost or alone. Although it is a commuter college, there are many ways to get involved in the school such as sports, clubs, and work! Indiana University Northwest is committed to its students and faculty. Students have many opportunities to work with professors and coordinators on large projects that teaches students how to think critically. No professor, coordinator, or advisor will turn a student away if he or she needs help with anything. Everyone there wants the students to succeed and give them a sense of confidence when they leave IUN.
Indiana University Northwest is an awesome school. They celebrate the differences in students on campus, and the staff really tries to help students achieve their highest potential.
The Professors are nice, and willing to help whenever you need it. The campus police are always there to keep watch, and it feels safe overall. The student services help ease the stress, and keeps you focus.
I've only ever heard of people getting hit while crossing the road at IUN.
I'm not really too sure about this topic. I couldn't find squat for a job with my Art degree. At the same time, I don't think that was because of the quality of the name of the school I attended. I think that's a bunch of crap anyways. It should really be about the quality and intelligence of th eperson with the degree. I just believe it was because it was an Art degree.
You don't really hear anything about the teams that IUN has or about tryouts for the teams. The gum membership is a separate cost and, thought I've never been to the campus gym, I've been told that the equipment is always broken and is old and ratty.
I went to IUN from 2009 - 2013 and got a Bachelor's of Art in Fine Arts. I am not returning to the same school to get a Bachelor's of Science in Geology.
I really enjoy being a student at Indiana University Northwest. I feel like the professors really care about their students and challenge us to learn. It also saves me a lot of money and is very convenient so that I can have a job while I go to school.
The athletics at school are great because the coaches really stay on top of the athletes and push them towards great success.
I would have to say that my experience so far while at school has been one of a kind even though I have not been there along time.
I honestly don't have a good or bad review on our sports teams simply because I pay no attention to how well they actually do. Being a full time student with a full time job gives me minimal time to actually enjoy the recreational options that my university provides.
So far, I have had a great experience attending Indiana University Northwest. The staff including counsellors, teachers, tech help, office workers and cafeteria staff are all so friendly and very helpful. When i felt overwhelmed or confused about finances or homework or even how to work my laptop, there were always helping hands in that building who showed genuine concern for my future success.
We have campus police officers walking around the campus all the time, there aren't any dorms so I haven't really heard many issues about sexual assault.
I don't really attend the sporting events, but they always seem to have a good turnout on game days.
Review Indiana University - Northwest
I have had a great experience at my school thus far. It's close to home and most professors are doing a good job teaching what should be known. I have gained lots of knowledge from my professors and I hope to gain more. I will be returning to this school for my Master's degree because these professors want nothing but the best for us.
I honestly believe that I will have an advantage using my degree from Indiana University Northwest to obtain a job. IU is a recognized school throughout the nation, and I know that my GPA will remain high. A high GPA from a recognized school will give me an advantage over others when I am looking for a job and eventually applying to Masters school.
I have reasonable class sizes. I always feel I can ask a question at any time. I can get to know my professors easily
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