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Indiana University - Kokomo Reviews

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Nice college campus, the professors are encouraging and helpful! It is the perfect college for the working adult. There is a diverse student body, you have high school grads as well as older adults trying to further their education!
love this campus and its atmosphere. they're always looking for ways to improve and I adore them for that. they are very professional and have a variety of classes available.
I would highly recommend Indiana University Kokomo for those looking to get an IU or Purdue degree without the high cost. Indiana University Kokomo is also good for students who like going to a commuter college.
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This school is a small campus, however it is growing at a very steady rate. The faculty are kind and eager to teach and there are growing opportunities for students to connect with one another.
I personally have never seen any sort of drugs here at IUK.
Personally haven't had any interactions with any of the greek life.
Sports aren't a huge deal but the facilities are up to date and fairly new.
Very helpful, caring professors who want nothing but the best for their students.
The jobs around there are good because it is not in a "dead town". In turn, the internships go on and on because of how much work there is. The employees on campus all seem to work together really well, making every student feel important and welcomed. People that work on this campus seem to care more about the students attending than themselves, which is a nice change.
  • 8 months ago
  • Value
There are many different courses offered, but few professors to teach them. The class sizes are normally pretty small, however, I think that approach works well, unplanned or not. The quality of the courses and the professors who teach them is very good. I would say the professors here put in a lot of time into their teaching careers.
I've never had an issue or felt unsafe in any way walking to my car. The parking lots are decently close and are all lit up. The people I go to school with are friendly, and there are cops patrolling very often.
I do not live on campus, but there are few apartments across the street. They seem nice and pretty affordable and they are also very close to campus, being directly across the street.
  • 8 months ago
  • Housing
IUK has one fraternity and one sorority, which is very low compared to most colleges. Nobody really pays attention to Greek life either because the campus does not have a high rate of Greek members. There is not much housing on or around campus, so they just meet at the school and that's it.
Golf, cross-country, volleyball, and basketball are the most importantly recognized athletics at IUK. Student involvement is average, but the team performance is average as well. The fan support for such an "average" team is pretty well actually, along with the school spirit. All in all though, most people don't pay much attention to sports at this campus.
I transferred to this school from a larger school and was slightly worried what to expect. However, so far, my professors have been phenomenal and much one-on-one attention is taken into deeper consideration. I love the way the courses are set up and how organized all the material is. I actually feel more confident at this school than I did at my last.
It is really a great feeling when you can tell someone that you have a degree from IUK rather than a community school. In your field you should be able to get internships and they work really well around your schedule.
  • 8 months ago
  • Value
Professors are great and the classes are not too big, it is easy to ask for more help when you do not have a whole bunch of people in your classroom.
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Not really too sure about it but I am thinking it is not too bad considering I have not heard of anything.
We do have a building right next to IUK that is supposed to be just for students and it is hard to get into because it is cheap and no one ever wants to move out of them but some people are out of college and still live there.
Just have to talk to the right people in order to get into the houses to become one of them.
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