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My online experience at Indians State University has been great. We currently use a program called Zoom which allows us to see and hear each other as well as share screens. Using Zoom makes it feel like you are in person because you can do almost anything like you would in person. Online classes at Indians State University have been great.
I am a new transfer student here at Indiana State University and my first day was great. We had some online classes because of COVID but it felt just like in person because we used a program called Zoom which allowed us to see and hear our teachers and other students. Going to Indiana State has been great.
I love Indiana State University's campus. It is beautiful and everything is in walking distance. They people here are great as well. Everyone is extremely friendly, including staff.
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All of the classes I have taken online have been through blackboard, which is super easy to navigate. Professors are pretty clear on due dates, however, you'll always have to pull up the syllabus to find them.
My overall experience with ISU is life changing. Starting college was big step in my life. I was nervous before starting my freshmen year, because I was about to live in a new environment. But ISU I personally believe was just right for me to grow as an individual.
My online experince wasn't the best. Due to covid, the change in learning was personally difficult to adjust to. I prefer in class engagement or learning than prone to distraction in my dorm room or home.
I was fortunate enough to not have any online courses this semester! I did have friends that had plenty and they all seemed to run very smooth!
My experience at Indiana State University was amazing. From the day I had my first visit I knew it was where I needed to be. The atmosphere is so warm and welcoming from the moment you walk in. Coming into college as a freshman is nerve racking enough, but adding a pandemic is just the cherry on top. My first semester was nothing but amazing. The university did everything they could to make the year as fun as possible while following all the social distancing guidelines. I truly can say ISU is my home away from home and would recommend it to anyone!
All of them were very well taught instructions were very easy nothing was too complicated it was a nice experience
I like the school just how it is there’s lots of things to do and the school is very diverse it’s a really good school all around
I myself don't like classes online. I just don't feel like I'm learning and it is just so awkward. I will say that the teacher try to make it a good class the best they can.
I'm. Indiana state university is a beautiful campus. It also has places you can go to, such as the writing center, career center, etc. It has a good selection of food in the commons. A freshman at Indiana state university currently.
The online learning has been great at Indiana State University. It was a challenge for teachers and staff to get used to but things have progressed. The courses are well run and the technology supports the class work. I have enjoyed the online experience.
I love my college! They really care about me as a student. The courses are great event with COVID-19 and having to do things online. The teachers challenge me with great classes and offer important feedback to help me grow. I a so thankful to be a Sycamore!
My experience with ISU was average, I have just come to realize it may not be the school for me. I took both online and in-person courses. It is a beautiful campus.
My experience with ISU was average, I have just come to realize it may not be the school for me. I took both online and in-person courses. It is a beautiful campus.
The classes were nice and a lot of the teachers there were nice as well as understanding. The campus is a medium size which is good for when people do not want to go to big schools and feel like they will get overwhelmed. The only problem is the advisors there do not do a good job.
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I have heard a lot of people say that the online courses offered there are really good and the teachers work with everyone at there own passe.
It's a good school environment if you're from a small town. It's not a small college, but it's not huge either so class sizes are good and it's not difficult to contact most professors.
I've taken two fully online classes. One professor communicated very well, and one barely communicated at all. It's a lot of independent studying.
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