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Indiana Tech is a continually advancing school that strives to update the main campus constantly to ensure that the student body is provided the newest technology. The downside of such things is that tuition can get steep, especially for majors that accrue an additional fee to use such equipment. My personal advice is to be certain that the major you chose is one which you consider a strength of yours.
I love Tech overall! I have been there awhile and have seen it grow tremendously! Indiana Tech is diverse and has students from all different countries and states attending. There are athletic programs and education groups that increases your involvement around the school.
Loved how easy it was to get signed up and started on classes online! super convenient to have the books shipped to you, no hassle of a bookstore or rental fees.
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I love the small campus in a small town. The school is mostly athletes. Some of the classes are not very challenging. The WiFi is among the worst I have ever had to deal with. I am not a fan of the food offered in the cafeteria. Housing is very convenient and close to the classrooms. Tech can improve the diversity among staff and professors.
Honestly, Tech is a pretty small campus so people and faces become familiar quickly. There is a large portion of the school that commutes and a decent amount of people who take online courses. This along with small nearby home lead to a poor party scene. A large number of commuters also leads to poor parking situations for on-campus students who have to park across campus to avoid parking fines given by the school. Greek life is practically non-existent, however, Tech makes up for this by hosting various clubs such as NSBE, cyber defense, and an abundance of sports teams. Internet connection on campus is terrible because it either works really well or not at all. The education and resources that Tech provides its students are catered toward growth and professional development in their respective fields.
At Indiana Tech the people are very friendly and always willing to help. The students there are very active and nice. Tuition is a little expensive but the resources given and the scholarships will help. Overall, very nice and small school
I an a full time student and in my first year i was afforded the opportunity to study abroad which i thought was really cool. I am on the soccer team and i am super content with how the school runs the programs,
This school is a joke. I was bullied and harassed and it took the school 3-4 months just to take action and do something about it! I transferred from here after my first semester. Then they had the nerve to put my face on an ad sent out to thank the students for selecting Tech, knowing I was already transferring. They are not as welcoming as they say they are. I changes rooms 6 times within one semster. I was on the woman’s cross country team, and I was the only teammate of color. I was treated disrespectfully, too much drama, way too much rude behavior. Racially absurd. They put up a huge front. The school is entirely unorganized and does not care about their students safety whatsoever. There are completely better and much more comfortable universities out there compared to this school.
It is a small campus and the professors are easy to get along with. Student Life always has activities going on, so there is always something for students to be involved in.
I wouldn't like to see anything change. Everything at Indiana Tech is outstanding, everyone is so helpful and understanding with everything. The professors are open and willing to help out when we the students an for help. Excellent communication.
At Indiana Institute of technology there are no fees for books, and you can go to class once a week in the evening and still be considered full-time. Very flexible schedule, small classrooms and great teachers.
I am an online student, so some things don't apply. When I signed up, the financial aspect was not very clear. However everything else has been great.
This might be one of the best investments you will ever make.

Professors honestly want you to succeed but it's your future... if you don't believe in you, don't expect anyone else to.

You are smarter than you think. Set high goals then shatter them!
I love this school! It is the best college I have attended in Fort Wayne IN. I have attended a total of 3 different colleges and I have found that Indiana Tech is the best when it comes to classes, scheduling and tuition. The staff is great too. They are very helpful when you are in need.
I have been currently enrolled in online classes with Indiana Tech and see no problem with the program. This is an excellent way for working adults to finish their education.
I am a current student at this college and my experience has been great. I love my online classes and the professors are very helpful and knowledgeable when you have questions. I love the resources they have, especially the online tutors for math and essay review they are GREAT! Those tools are awesome for online students. My adviser is great and retention team is great as well. Any questions you have you can call or email for assistance; email is a great option for busy students that work during the day such as myself. I love this school, the book delivery system is also another bonus. Not having to worry about having the book or being able to afford the book is a great tool, they simply mail it to you with a return package and you drop it off at UPS once you are done. Everything is great with this school and they make it as easy as possible to get your education.
IIT Roorkee has a strong entrepreneurial culture, with many alumni who have moved on to found technological and social ventures in India and abroad, and have played an important role in the development of India
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I absolutely love Indiana Tech! I really enjoy the fast accelerated pace of 5 week courses! Makes it fun and exciting getting new classes every 5 weeks.
I have been a student at indiana tech for 2year taken online courses and it has been the best experience ever. Communication is great and easy to access.
Their online course staff is awesome. They care about their students. The wait to talk to someone on the phone is less than 5 minutes. Everything you need is hands one and available for you.
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