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It is a very informative school, they have professors that work in their field. It is pretty awesome to get insight of the real world experience, in the classroom. The professor a very professional and care about the students.
I love the atmosphere and the teachers are great. Although I am in the night classes to finish my degree, everyone is very helpfully on campus.
Great school, easy access, flexible schedule. financial aid department is amazing to work with. great instructors
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I live in elkhart and have to drive an hour to attend engineering courses in Warsaw. They are not serious about my education. They do not promote learning. I have come to far to quit but i feel they have wasted my time, stolen my money, and i fear my degree will be worthless.
Indiana Tech's adult learning classes program is very helpful for working adults. You are able to study on your own time and they make it so that you are able to keep up on your classwork while still maintaining your everyday life.
What I like about my school is how caring the professors are and how diverse but together the student are. One thing I think my school can improve on is more activities involving the students and professors to build a stronger connection.
It offers the traditional classroom setting and online blackboard setting for an student to learn and excel as a person. But, you do have to keep an eye out for your financial aid if you are trying to pay for school.
I go to a satellite campus in Louisville,Kentucky. The main campus is in Fort Wayne,Indiana. I like that they loan you the books. I am in the college of professional studies. I like that all of my classes were five weeks accept my accounting classes they were ten weeks. I love the small class sizes. The professors understand that you work full time and attend evening classes. The professors value you as a person.
I was doing online classes with this Institution and they teachers kept failing me. They charge the same price for every class and just kicked me out. I am left with so many loans it is crazy.
Indiana Tech is a great university for all students. I have loved meeting all my professors, admissions counselors and coaches, they are a great group of people who are always looking out for you and have your best interest in mind. I would reccomand this university to all who want a good education to prepare them for their dream career.
Great scholarship opportunities. All classrooms and buildings very modern, only the best technology available in the world at the moment. Great university spirit and sports and clubs organizations participation in the community. Great professors with focus on small classes.
It is a friendly and fun place. I enjoy being able to feel like myself and make new friends. The staff is friendly and willing to help when you ask for it. Lot of activities and resources at your fingertips for free.
Course learning is Great. Financial aid seems not to be very knowledgeable, do your own financial research prior to registration.
I love the advanced, accelerated classes that are part of the College of Professional Studies. It has helped make obtaining my degree more feasible and foreseeable in the visible future. Indiana Tech has done a great job at making this experience easy to learn and navigate as well as being hands-on. My biggest complaint is they don't offer some classes at their Indianapolis campus, which for any students that have those classes (not offered) as a degree requirement, that could be a setback. I had to change my degree and drop a concentration that I was looking forward to due to the fact that the four classes I needed were not being offered in Indianapolis. I feel like maybe they shouldn't offer these concentrations for Indianapolis students if they are not going to offer the classes to see it through. Aside from that, my experience was well.
Great for adults wanting to take online classes. The classes are only 5 weeks long and one at a time. It is easy to maintain a high Gpa with a class structure like this. Typically homework is due Saturday at midnight so you have all week to work on it
I am a student at Indian Tech. I hold an Associate's degree, and I'm working on my bachelor's. The teachers work with you, they understand that you have a life outside school, and they help you the best they can. They offer online and on campus classes, day or evening. No matter what your schedule is, you can find time to go back to school. This school has a friendly staff of associates waiting to give advice. I have never had any problems and i graduate next year.

I highly recommend contacting Geoff Grace.
Indiana Tech is a continually advancing school that strives to update the main campus constantly to ensure that the student body is provided the newest technology. The downside of such things is that tuition can get steep, especially for majors that accrue an additional fee to use such equipment. My personal advice is to be certain that the major you chose is one which you consider a strength of yours.
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I love Tech overall! I have been there awhile and have seen it grow tremendously! Indiana Tech is diverse and has students from all different countries and states attending. There are athletic programs and education groups that increases your involvement around the school.
Loved how easy it was to get signed up and started on classes online! super convenient to have the books shipped to you, no hassle of a bookstore or rental fees.
I love the small campus in a small town. The school is mostly athletes. Some of the classes are not very challenging. The WiFi is among the worst I have ever had to deal with. I am not a fan of the food offered in the cafeteria. Housing is very convenient and close to the classrooms. Tech can improve the diversity among staff and professors.
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