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I'm a freshman there and this is my third semester, overall its a pretty upstanding school. It has many resources that helps students achieve excellence, the teacher are available and willing to work and help you with grades and assignments, and diverse in every way.
I've had a very pleasant experience being a student at IRSC. I've gotten great professors and met a lot of great people. They have a lot of resources for their students that have come in handy for me. I like the fact that they have so many events and fun stuff on campus for students too.
I just started college at Indian River State, it's a very small, local college. I have had good teachers that actually try to make students succeed and make class interesting, yet others that do not. Overall it has been a good experience.
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At Indian River State College you are given help along your education. They make it easy to ask for, and receive help.
The stench of the campus always smelling like rotten bananas when walking around, they could hire some people to enliven the place. It's starting to get better, when I was there they did not enforce the parking decal. I enjoyed the teachers,their enthusiasm made the class more enjoyable. I think this is not really the teachers fault but the students were not expressive and would rather go into their own circles so... it was better than my high school at least
The staff are great and every one there are friendly and helpful the dorms are set up great each section has. A kitchen and 2 bathrooms and 4 bedroom .there always something going on I love it
I like this school a lot. When I first moved to the location It was mid January but the advisors worked with me to get me started so I would not miss a whole semester. They were great with communicating with me. When I switched my major they advised me of exactly what I needed to be able to get in my program of choice. They really showed me that they care.
Inexpensive tuition, great campus, and awesome professors. My only complaint is that you can never get anywhere with student aid. Whenever you talk to any of the administrations, they either don't care or just never get back to you. Pretty sad considering a lot of students depend on student aid.
It is small, so it is easier to locate everything. The teachers and resources are helpful. The only thing I change is their counseling. They do not do a proper job with alerting me how many credits I need to graduate.
I am about to start my first year at IRSC. I have explored the campus through orientation and I must say the campus seems quite nice. It is small, yet spacious.
I love IRSC! I started going here in 2014 on dual enrollment for high school. I recently graduated in 2017 with an Associates in Theatre. I really wish IRSC had a Bachelors Theatre Program because I would continue my eduction even further there.
A good school that is slowly but surely improving. I went here as a dual-enrolled student and it was definitely a experience that helped me when for college life once i transferred.
Great that it is a local college that is connected to the community, but it is not spectacular by any stretch of the imagination.
Great Teachers. Wonderful community. Really good swim team.
I believe if you apply yourself at IRSC, you will find success at your fingertips. The resources provided are exactly what the college student needs. Go Pioneers.
I loved my experience at Indian River State College. My favorite part would be the tremendous support I received from the Student Support Services program. All the advisers there truly helped me with tutoring and even college counseling. Thanks to them I made the decision to transfer to the University of Central Florida, where I graduated in 2014 with my Bachelor's in Hospitality Management. I intend to return for a Bachelor's in Accounting at Indian River State College this Summer 2017. I would recommend this college to everyone looking for a college who cares about how well you do and what you to succeed.
I am currently enrolled in the Landscape and Horticulture Technology program and it is truly great the professors for this specific program have a great way of explaining the material and they want to see their students succeed. This was my first year attending Indian River State College and so far there isn't anything I would change.
Indian River State College is where I started my educational journey! The teachers were phenomenal and I received a top notch education. You would think Physics would be unbearable. I received an A in this class BECAUSE of my professor! They are dedicated and passionate about our education and I would recommend anyone considering this school before transferring, you found the one!!
Review Indian River State College
I attended classes at the St. Lucie West Campus. Teachers and faculty members were great. Advisers were very helpful and prompt at replying to you. Overall a great experience with this college.
IRSC is a great school. The administrators are here to help the students with any question. They are easy to contact and they will respond to your calls or email within 24 hours. The professors know what they are teaching and give you a real life experience.
I began attending IRSC when I was a junior in high school. I'm now a senior and almost done with my AA. I have yet to have a bad experience at IRSC. My one complaint is the location of the Pruit campus is right next to a stadium and the traffic is always awful. I wish there was a location in traditions.
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