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1,051 reviews
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Overall I like the college here it is very affordable and the only thing I wish would be more classes tailored to veterinary medicine since it has a pre-professional track. Very involved and fun student activities.
I loved Indian River State College. I pursued my Associates degree there and achieved it! Everyone was so helpful in wanting me to finish my education.
One thing I like about Indian River State College is whenever I needed help there was someone there to assist me no matter what the situation was
IRSC is the best state college in the country, especially when it comes to technology. Since it is just a state college, employers would rather see UF, MIT, Stanford, or other universities, since the academics might be better. The tuition is cheap, so you'll get good bang for your buck. Every college has both good and bad professors, but the professors at IRSC seem to be very good in general. Be sure to use RateMyProfessor when picking classes. Most classes are at the main campus, but there are also many classes at the 4 branch campuses. IRSC's main mission is Student Success, and there are many resources available. Despite the main campus being in Ft. Pierce, crime on campus is very low.
Sad, sad school not at all about education. Absolutely 100% about state funded money ONLY. Hell....... I had teachers that never even showed up to class, that's right teachers that forgot they had a class, students had to go find the teacher and remind them they had a class. Students are held to what this school calls a academic standard. However, teachers aren't held to anything, I often wondered what were the requirements for working here 'breathing?' You get what you pay for! Save yourself much heartache, drama and grief by finding another school!!
Indian River State College campuses are locally convenient. What I like about this particular school is that it's so diverse and down to earth. The professors are excellent and wants to see the students succeed. To add to that IRSC made it to Top Ten on the Aspen Award, to me that speaks volume.
I went to this college for dual enrollment. The school is on its way up as one of the most affordable colleges that still offers decent education. Both I and many of my friends have taken classes here and they were all awesome, besides the occasional bad professor. If you are going into nursing, GO HERE. IRSC has one of the best nursing programs in the nation, and its affordable.
My experience at IRSC has been amazing. The school is all about the students and their success. I would never want to go to another college because they treat all the students the same.
I love my time at Indian River State College; it has been a great learning experience. It is a very diverse campus, at least the Main Campus is. I really like making new friends at the campus cafe which is a popular hangout. The cafe has amazing food and fresh items, along with baked goods as well. I would honestly not change a thing; it is a really good school for the price and location.
The professors range from very caring to sassy and rude, but if you be sure to look on ratemyprofessor you'll be fine. The swim team is very accomplished and much of the student body plays some type of sport. It's easy to get lost in the crowd here because nobody really wants to be at school and learning. The campus activities aren't really publicized a lot and you never really meet new people unless you talk to someone next to you in class. Besides all that, the education is still pretty good and you do learn.
I like that they have a campus close to my home. I like the variety of programs they offer. The staff is friendly and knowledgable about the area in which they work. I am excited to receive my degree from Indian River State College.
This campus seen to be really helpful to anyone that decide to study here . I would love to see more opportunities for the students to be able to pay their classes in such amazing school like this
IRSC is an amazing college with fantastic teachers. As a dual-enrollment student, they do not treat me differently than any other student. The classes are amazing and informational. The environment is friendly and inviting. This college is a great choice!
I was able to chose my classes to work with my work schedule not the other at around. I find morning classes convinient and there are always great teachers to choose from.
I'm taking a blended English class. It's part time online and we meet in class once a week. There are many tools online and the textbook can be found there too. The workload is reasonable. The registration process was simple. I can email my professor with any questions and the websites have links to answer common questions.
There is career centers, advisors can help, the post job opportunities, and they help prepare you for the interviewing process.
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  • 6 months ago
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Most professors are on ratemyprofessors.com. Honestly that helped tremendously. I chose teachers who got great reviews and that what I got out of it. Knowledgable, caring teachers. The class sizes vary.
So far, so good. I am paying my tuition and IRSC makes that possible. They have a variety of classes and class times which is helpful so I can work with the hours of my part time job. Indian River State has many tracks and an advisor is always more than happy to help you out.
All of the online classes that I have had were a breeze and very convenient.
I don't have any experience with career services however according to what others have said, the school is very helpful in finding a job.
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  • 6 months ago
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