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So far, the curriculum taught is very insightful. The staff help you figure out where you need to go for your assignments when needed and where and how to get to different areas for use.
I am in the online Respiratory Therapy program. I am not in a position to move to a location where a traditional school is. I am able to do my school work anywhere and everywhere. Doing school online is really hard, but will be really rewarding once I am done and in my new career.
I love everything about this University. The courses are just long enough to retain all of the important information you need to know as well as having great class discussions and such a hands on learning process. The course instructors are kind, courteous, and knowledgeable about the course information and are always available to help you succeed.
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Love the staff and students. Very helpful. Classes are very enriching. Daily checkpoints keep me on my toes. I love everything about the online classes. Flexibility to work, and raise my family while studying.
I absolutely love this college. The faculty is very helpful and thorough. It is an accredited online university so my BS will be legitimate once I graduate. I am never alone here, there is always someone I can reach out to if I have questions or need help and they provide many recourses for me to access when I need to.
I love the support that the staff and facility has for us as students ,but I also love the amount of resources the school offers. What I would change how we can receive credit for discussion responses.
The staff has been extremely helpful so far! Very thorough with information. I will be starting classes on May 15, 2017 and just started my application process 2 days ago but they have gotten things emailed and processed quickly.
My over all experience of Independence University Online, has been GREAT! Instructors, Advisers, even the counselors are amazing. If your unable to connect to one person any of the others are there to help. I never thought that thru college so many people would care if I succeeded. Courses are not to easy, but just be prepared to put some effort into accomplishing an Associates Degree.
I love Independence University. The only thing that i think they need to work on is some of there employees need to learn to do there job better but the instructors are amazing and very helpful
Independence University has been a great college. The teachers are actually there to help you. I have never heard of a teacher willing to get up at 3am to help with an assignment before but the teachers at IU will. I have actually called my teacher at 3am which she had said was ok at the beginning of class and she really answered me. I’m so happy here and I’m really glad I made my decision for IU.
I love this school so far. They provide all of the tools, equipment, and support necessary to be successful in your academics and career. I have learned a lot since I started and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I am glad I went with this school!
I like how the instructors explain our work word by word so it's very easy to understand. We have lecture videos to watch if we can't join a live session. If I have questions, there is always someone to answer your questions, and make sure you understand before they hang up. They will call and respond right to any request. They show that they really care about their students.
The staff is excellent as well as the professors. They ensure that we understand all materials and assignments.
Loving so far accelerated classes and tutor at your finger tip...Everything you need to be successful is right there.
I just started in Jan, and i love it so far. The instructors are friendly and willing to helo you if needed. The assignments so far is fundamental as well as interesting. The instructors are postive and make you feel welcomed. The discussions are well explained and the videos really help alot when it comes to completing assignments. Live sessions are great as well, the instructors answers any questions you may have.
The classes are well laid out and the teachers are very interactive with each student individually. The school provides resources galore, including tutors and a huge library for research.
I like that you can go to school online. It is perfect for someone that has a busy schedule but still want to further their education. The teachers are amazing and they work with you to help you succeed. The discussion posts are great. Interacting with fellow classmates help to develop in a conversation that benefits all. We learn from each other as well from the teacher.
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Independence University is an online school with students and instructors living in various states. All scheduling is done according to Mountain Time. If you live in another time zone, you have to make the necessary adjustments to start lectures on time or turn in assignments before the deadline.
I didn't think I would like online schooling as I am quite a visual and hands-on person, but I am actually doing great. The University wants students to succeed and there is ample opportunity for doing so.
The teachers are very nice and willing to work with you. The students are nice. The staff are really very caring about you and your needs and future goals. i love attending this program at this school because when i felt like giving up the staff motivated me to keep pushing towards my dream.
Great school to attend with a busy schedule. I was a full time student, working full time, with a 2 year old and one on the way. The course work was challenging, but with the lay out of the due dates and the semesters I was able to graduate with my associates degree and a 3.98 GPA.
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