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I want to like this school, as I am graduating from it and have met life long friends here, but I have had numerous bad experiences here with the faculty. They have been less than helpful on many occasions, hypocritical, and even sketchy. I’m not talking about the teachers, they’re pretty good. Myself and 4 of my friends have had terrible experiences with financial aid, and through our experiences they never offered help, they basically just said “oops sorry” and that was it. Right now they’re also going through a lot of weird political moves that will bite them in the butt and im happy to say I will be nowhere close when it does.
This school is great if you are in sports if not then you may have an average experience. The food is the same stuff every week. The professors are very helpful for you succeed in their class.
I absolutely love Independence University! The course content is not extremely difficult and is relevant to my field of study. In addition, the instructors are very helpful, and the entire university staff seems to want to see me succeed at my endeavor. There is nothing I would want to see change!
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I like Independence community college because it's small and professors are focused to teach students. Local area should be a little bit better.
I like the professor, the college programs and its support to students. I think the college advisors should help more the students to take good classes for their career and make clear from the beginning what they need to graduate, so they don't take classes they don't want and need.
It is a nice college. The food is alright. The town has lots of eating options. The doorms are nice.
Classes are made so you can pass and do well as long as you show up and try. The teachers are incredible and really work to help you succeed. The food is sad but what can you expect for a small town college.
They dont help at all
Dont trust them most are rasist
They dont care about you.just the money
you will not get any help you will just be degraded and when to report it they will do nothing about it and on top of that the EMT classes do not teach out of the state but she makes up stuff for it out of her head
A lot of the classes are scheduled at staggered times of the day, so if classes overlap, it's most likely offered another day or at multiple times.
Honestly, it is a really good online program, however, I know that I personally am not very good with online courses because I get easily distracted when on a computer, so that is why I prefer to not take any online courses.
A majority of the classes I have taken, I learned something new in and liked the professors, for the most part.
I'm sure most places would be completely okay with a degree from ICC if they only require an associate's level of schooling.
I say the Education major program is not very good because the teacher (yes there is only one) that teaches the education classes does not seem to want to go according to an agenda that would prepare me for when I transfer to a university. She seems to only go to her own agenda, making everyone take specific classes where we either do not learn much, or that probably will not transfer well.
I would definitely choose the school I go to again because they are incredibly affordable and I will be able to complete my associate's degree without any debt.
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My school has all the classes I require for my degree available to me, and they try to be flexible for everyone's schedule and help you get what you need.
It's okay if you don't want to go to a really big school with a lot of students and you want to have a small class size. Also this school gives you a chance to connect with people from different parts of kansas and other states also
My online professor unstand about the online students availabity to take our lectures at the time of the live class lecture.they offer video classes. I like the e books instead of real books easier to look in to
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