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As a senior in high school, looking for the best and most cost efficient school was our own community college. Imperial Valley College is a great school to go to. It saves loads of more money and are able to get an Associate's degree and even transfer within just two short years. As for improvement, there could be more sports available to students.
The professors are very accessible to the students and they show that they actually care about their students, here at I.V.C. the school sets out to help their students. They have different tutoring programs that help students pass their courses if they desire and are willing to put work and effort into the course.
Attending IVC is mainly for students that can't afford a university, despite it being a cheap college it is not a bad college. I've only been one year at IVC and it has had so many events going on that make the stay for current students very welcoming. The only flaw IVC has, in my humble opinion, is that it doesn't offer Chicano History classes, and given that our school is mostly Hispanic it doesn't make sense to me.
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Great college, the professors are there to help. I haven't had a single bad experience so far. There is tutoring for the students, the campus looks pretty nice, and the food is pretty darn good. Most of my fellow students are awesome people and the music department has everything a music major could ask for.
I loved how I was able to get my first experience right here at home and for a extremely low cost of tuition. I loved how you can get very personal with the professor's who are very willing to help you succeed in any way they can possible can.
It is a great college for students who are planning to transfer in two years! Very affordable! The class sizes are about 30 students per class so you can really speak to the professors and connect with them to keep up with your grades. The classes offered here are great and the professors are really sweet and caring!
I really enjoy it here because it is a local college where i don't have to rent for myself but unfortunately it is as expensive as any other universities
The campus food is not the best food that you will ever find, the campus does not have any dorms for students that want to live and study in campus, it might not be a big campus but it is a good one.
Imperial Valley college gives out many opportunities and it's very considerate about the health in the students. It provided help in many areas and it is a friendly abient. In my personal view of how IVC can be a great college is by looking at the library and the cafeteria. Most students are there studying and trying to keep up with there matterials and classes. Well of course this happens in many schools but IVC has those opportunity rate that helps students keep themselves on there feet. The help provided by a counselor, tutoring, health care, and many other helping areas that makes a student a successful student.
Great community college with great professors and beautiful scenery. The auditorium is large and amazing.
What I like the most about this college is it's easy to get around ams find classes. Ther isn't really a social scene but it has a lot of resources such as free tutoring for any subject which allows you to stay focused on your overall academic performance
Imperial valley college is a decent and affordable place to study if you are unable to go to a 4 year university. Some of the professors there have taught me valuable lessons that have helped me grow as a student and a person. One of the best things at IVC is that class sizes are small and that enhances the connection between student and professor making it a great learning environment. Some of the changes that I would love to see in this college would be a campus renovation because it feels like it’s a very old place except for the new building which makes us look like a progressive campus.
The college is a nice and challenging place to take courses geared towards transfer for me. While staying there leaves room to be desired, the college is generally a friendly place to traverse and partake in self expression.
I have met incredible people including most teachers at Imperial Valley College and learned a lot. I have met my best friends in this college, and i can say they are genuine, loving and caring people. I would want change is the student campus life. There should be better student lounge because we live in the desert with 100 plus degree Fahrenheit weather. Maybe even give the teachers lounge to students and make a new one for the teachers that itself would make everyone way happier. Also have more associate degree options.
It’s been a great college it offers different types of courses the teachers have been great and the hours for classes are very flexible especially for people like me that work and go to school.
I enjoy the campus a lot It is easy to find classes and very clean and pretty.I would like to see just a few more benches in shaded areas due to the heat it gets to be a 115 at times and waiting in between classes can get hot if we cant seats in the cafeteria. I think it would be pretty awesome if they had misters outside in the eating area to help keep everyone cool. Other than that I really like it
I love this school they are very helpful in many ways the give outreach services for disabled people
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I love IVC because I knew it was going to be better and easier than high school, I don't have to sit through pointless speeches from teachers about them being mad at us. It's a school filled with adults and many of them have jobs so they know they don't have time to waste. I appreciate the Mexican majority, coming from Calexico High School I feel right at home with all these people that are also bilingual. I don't enjoy the teachers that don't make you work or learn so you can just get the easy A. And also the teachers that try to make you learn but only put videos and link on Canvas. It's really sad to know people get their Ph.D. to just show me YouTube videos that I can see at home. But I do love it because it gave me a job in Education Talent Search that I really enjoy.
I have met some of the best professors I have had so far. This facility has made me excited for what is to come in the future.
Has been a good experience for me. The administrative staff is very caring, and the instructors are professionals
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