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I love IVC because I knew it was going to be better and easier than high school, I don't have to sit through pointless speeches from teachers about them being mad at us. It's a school filled with adults and many of them have jobs so they know they don't have time to waste. I appreciate the Mexican majority, coming from Calexico High School I feel right at home with all these people that are also bilingual. I don't enjoy the teachers that don't make you work or learn so you can just get the easy A. And also the teachers that try to make you learn but only put videos and link on Canvas. It's really sad to know people get their Ph.D. to just show me YouTube videos that I can see at home. But I do love it because it gave me a job in Education Talent Search that I really enjoy.
I have met some of the best professors I have had so far. This facility has made me excited for what is to come in the future.
Has been a good experience for me. The administrative staff is very caring, and the instructors are professionals
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Love this community college. Close to home with so many options. They are now offering classes to be able to complete your Bachelor's degree without leaving the area, if you are a current resident of Imperial Valley.
Imperial Valley College is a very well structured college that will provide their students a very solid schooling. Whether students are preparing to transfer out to a 4 year university or receive their associates degree, they will be well prepared to take on a challenge. I know that I have been challenged to work hard and I have been rewarded by doing so.
Imperial Valley College was a good starting point to attend a college. Most of the staff and professors were friendly and very helpful when I had questions.
Imperial Valley College has a lot to offer but is often overlooked. It is easy to forget the fact that it is a college and that the courses matter. They can feel rudimentary at times, making it feel more like a high school than a college.
Although the curriculum didn't cater to the English major as much as Nursing or Administration of justice, almost every teacher I had for English were very interested in the subject and really knowledgeable.
Also, there was a fair amount of activities at the college despite the area being small and not as financially well off as some of the other community colleges in California. The Student Government seemed invested in trying to bring something more to the campus.
IVC is helping me better prepare to further my education. However, I would like to see better teachers and more classes available. There are many teachers who get terrible reviews for classes that are required. Many times these classes are only taught by these poor teachers.
My experience here has been great. At first I was disoriented but, by asking I've got to learn and solve my inquiries. Its awesome how can this college help you succeed, and help you transfer for so much greatness. I have taken diverse classes and with many interesting and helpful teachers, and even some that advise you about how to deal with some circumstances and help you growth inside and out too. I will always recommend to apply here and have a great study opportunity. At here you can find programs that will help you financially and in your study difficulties, that is what I like the most. It has a great location for foreigners that are excited to study in here. The library is huge and has diverse types of books and computer labs too. The school is very organized and open to hear students.
The staff is very helpful and the overall student experience is good. The atmosphere is very peaceful.
My experience at IVC has been very good, students and teachers are very respectful. I would like to see the college expand more in the near future to provide students with more resources and opportunities.
great school with good teachers and staff. very economical and very big campus. if ypu live in the area it is much easier to go to school. great food and it is a safe enviroment for people
I like the fact that we have freedom and that we have resources available to us and that we have great professors that are willing to help us succeed and push us. I would like there to be more resources and maybe like an extracurricular building where we can have games and just chill and also a nap time station would be great for those students that are there all day. And also free lunch because some of us can't afford it and there isn't food at home sometimes to take with us to school.
Imperial Valley College was an amazing school to attend because it was very easy to understand what needs to get done and to do it. Counselors and teachers were also very involved but a lot of what students needs to do is self explanatory with emails and such sent. Safe as well and just an overall wonderful experience.
I like how open they are to taking as many students as possible , but definitely when registration takes places online the whole site crashes and it takes me almost an hour to get my classes.
The college has a great ambient vibe and also needs more funding through the Department of Education. Our school has a program that is called E.O.P.S. that helps with textbooks and meal tickets. I appreciate it's hard work and integrity that has been built with our hard studying and also with the help of tutors and instructors.
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I've had the opportunity to meet really wonderful professors that have taught me so much. One professor even helped me to get my foot in the door for my future. It's a good school.
What I admire most about Imperial Valley College is that even though it has many critics constantly stomping on the school's reputation, IVC's priority is not only to give students education, but for them to be successful. The community college does everything possible to ensure they transfer to 4 year universities and have a clear goal when it comes to careers. Counselors are extremely helpful. Professors do not refuse when students need help. Programs offered in the school surely improve student and campus life. Without doubt, it does have a great educational environment that can prepare me for a brighter future. Now that the school is expanding, I would like to see more courses offered like Veterinary Sciences, Biology, etc.
Imperial Valley College has a very unique atmosphere. It is surrounded by agriculture and desert. The people who attend are very humble and always trying to help and learn from one another. The professors are very engaged with their students and care deeply about their success. Because IVC is such a small school, they make it a priority to help every student accomplish their goals.
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