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The nursing program is excellent. The professors really engage & are active in your learning. They really want you to excel in your career path.
Immaculata University is great. Professors know you on a first name basis and even though it is a Catholic college the nuns on campus are amazing. It really is a great community here.
The campus is very beautiful, especially around the holidays. The professors are very helpful, and everyone wants to see you succeed. Teachers and nuns make an effort to become familiar with you. The campus is also very safe. The dining hall closes at 7 pm on the weekends, so the only places on campus to get food on the weekends is at the Immaculatté.
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My experience at Immaculata has been nothing but positive. Everyone's always ready to great the students with a large smile and offer assistance in this Catholic College in this beautiful community.
I love being at Immaculata! The professors go to extra lengths to make sure you do well and understand material. They set you up for success in the future.
I very much like the professors and the desire they have to help older returning students like me to succeed. I value the values of the University, the campus is beautiful and not too large, and people are kind and respectful to each other. I am getting a great education at my pace, on my terms and in my area of interest.
I could not have asked for a better college experience for my Undergraduate education! I came from a very small but rigorous high school and quickly assimilated into the community and the honors program. I was academically challenged by my professors but also had great relationships with them both in and out of the classroom. I lived on campus all four years and found the dorms to be modern and safe. I was very involved in everything from Greek life to the theatre department. I loved my fours years so much that I decided to return for my Master's and I am happy I did!
Awful experience so far, they get you with every penny and the teachers go by an old rigid method which lacks creativity. I have to listen to homophobic ideas in the religion classes and have even heard homophobic remarks by some of the faculty, really just awful.
Immaculata University is truly my home under the dome! IU is a small, Catholic University, where we have a small student body, but one big family. There are so many opportunities given to each and every student at IU, but it is up to the students to really take advantage of them. I have been involved in so much and have gotten to connect with faculty and get to learn more and more about IU. We have a developed Campus life that gets all of the students engaged and out doing something fun. The advantage of a smaller university like Immaculata is that if you cannot find something here that you like or want to be involved in, you can create it and create a long lasting legacy at Immaculata.
Immaculata University is a wonderful place to be. The faculty is wonderful and really cares about their students. They take the time to get to know with you and help you with anything they can. All the students know each other and interact with one an other. The campus is beautiful especially in the fall. The overall environment is very peaceful and inviting. I am really enjoying my time there and cannot wait to make more memories there.
The atmosphere at the school seems great at first. The reason I chose Immaculata was for the people: everywhere I went on my tour, there were people saying hi to each other. I thought it would be my home for the next four years, so I committed. I am now half way through my junior year, and I sometimes regret my decision. I am a biology major with a chemistry minor; both departments are small, underfunded, and can only run a limited number of classes, especially higher level classes. In addition, the school is having financial issues, so they recently laid off a large number of staff members and facilities workers. The next cuts will be to the teachers. If my degree wasn't almost complete, I would transfer.
I love Immaculata University. My major is nursing and this is a great college to get your degree in it at. Its a private school which means its student to professor ratio is smaller which I think is good because that can be easier to learn and get help. I have no suggestions for improvements so far in my experience here!
Immaculata University is a very small private catholic school. There are not many parties, there are strict rules on visitors in the dorms, and the food is not diverse. There is not a wide range of academics but if they have what you're looking for, you will be taught by amazing teachers and sisters. We do not have as much as large schools, but the things we do have are amazing. The small campus is beautiful and safe, renovations and updates are constantly being made.
What makes my school unique and different from others is the students. Every student is friendly and open to conversation. If you need help with a class, you get a student tutor who helps you through the class and makes sure you understand the topic no matter how long it takes. My fellow students are always willing to help out others.
There is a large alumni network.. Don't know of any employers recruiting though.
Like everywhere you have good professors and bad professors. I suggest taking as many adjunct professor courses!
A lot of students play sports.
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If you have an issue, don't expect to go to who you feel comfortable going to. If you go to one person about an issue, they will have the right person contact you and that person will be rude and will tell you basically to never contact them again! Admissions job in the CLL Program is to get you into the school so they can take your money and then never talk to you agin. And if you try, what I just explained will happen to you! Rather be going to a community college right now.
There is no diversity on campus. Everyone is white. Most people are Christian. Most people are heterosexual.
It depends on your program.

My program has a high workload and professors expect a lot out of you. Other programs, I hear, are different.
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