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I like that my major has a very small class size, so my professors are able to know everyone personally and they genuinely care about us and how we do in their class.
I have researched them online a lot. They seem to have amazing dorms and a beautiful campus. They are a CAE, which is very hard to achieve and that is very impressive to me.
Illinois State University allowed me to find myself and discover a group of people that aloted me to feel at home and comfortable in the environment. Most of everyone at the school is friendly, caring, and respectful. On the other hand social aspects and club involvement play a huge role on my happiness at Illinois state. They establish these organization so that students can complete their work but also have a amazing time.
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The campus is beautiful and thats why I fell in live in the first place. However, it was always a HASSLE dealing with student services, housing, student accounts, etc. They aren’t good at keeping you in the loop or staying on top of things. Professors I’ve had so far are pretty average and don’t seem to really care much. It’s a pretty average school but good for a state school.
I have been attending Illinois State University for two years. My education is everything to me, so choosing the right college for me, was extremely important. ISU offers a wide variety of majors and minors to fit a large body of students. The professors genuinely care about the wellbeing of their students, which makes your learning experience one of a kind at ISU. Outside of classes, the university's program board does a great job of hosting events to get students engaged and have fun. Overall, ISU is a safe, fun environment to learn.
Illinois State has such a comfortable vibe that it makes going to college less stressful. There are many resources that can help in any way.
I really enjoyed the professors at Illinois State University. Every professor I encountered cared about the students and what they were learning. I felt comfortable and welcomed in their environment.
Illinois state university is a wonderful institution with great campus life and helpful professors. I am so glad I chose to go here!
Illinois State University is a great choice especially for students going into the field of education. I have had nothing but good experiences with both my advisor and professors.
Fun school, respectable academics, great price. House party and bar scene are both fun. All buildings are around the quad, making it super easy to walk to class. Greek life is definitely not necessary to have fun.
I really like how the Professors are really interested in their students’ success. I also like how all classes are within walking distance from one another. The campus always feels safe, and I always am comfortable walking to classes. There are great restaurants and shopping centers nearby as well, making it helpful for students living on campus.
Overall I like ISU and a lot of resources that it provides. However I would work on its core value of diversity. I would to see ISU practice diversity as much as it preaches diversity.
My experience is very good with this school because I love how it is a big school with a small school feel. The campus has something for every type of student whether that is a club or athletic program there is always some sort of fun to be had.
The future of teaching is in bad hands. I am literally retaking my high school precalc class for $25,000. The food is high school cafeteria food and the staff fails to recognize the need for clean tables. You have to choose between dirty and less dirty. As the old joke goes, ISU; I screwed up.
Best public college out there. Affordable and has great academic programs. One thing I liked the most was the setting. It's beautiful and open, which leaves you to be able to sit outside of campus on a nice sunny day with friends. There are also many students with different cultures and races. Everyone gets along with each other and hold out open arms to new and incoming freshman
I love Illinois State University. I refer so many people to this University for so many reasons. The education here is outstanding. Such understanding professors and many fields of studies for anyone. Not only is the education awesome, the athletics is outstanding as well. Illinois State was the best choice of college by far.
I like how easy it is to meet new people coming in as a freshman and I also like how my credits from my community college will transfer to the ISU.
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They provide a lot of opportunities to grow and learn. They have a diverse curriculum. ISU gives students a social life while pursuing academic success.
I enjoy this school very much. This is my 3rd college I have attended and this is my favorite by far. Very relax community and many things to do. Overall, I enjoy going to school here.
I have immensely enjoyed my experience here at Illinois State. All of the professors are very helpful and encouraging. The university offers a wide array of classes and majors to pick from which makes it easy to explore for your future.
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