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Need to Go Greek in order to have fun here. Freshman year was not a good experience. Not much to do on campus other than stay in your room. Not a ton of inviting ways to get involved. Girls usually have a great time at thi school but if you are a guy not interested in joining a fraternity, forget about going to any social functions. They do not exist.
We love it! I will be attending in the Fall. We have visited several times. We have friends that attend also. I can't WAIT to attend!
I really like the environment of Illinois state university. All the classrooms are on what we call the quad so you do not have to travel far for classes. The people are super friendly and most people that go here are from Illinois so you all have something in common. They offer many classes and specialize in the fields of nursing, teaching, and buisness.
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I have had a wonderful experience at ISU thus far. All faculty I have taken classes with truly care about how well their students understand the information presented. Faculty and students are all very helpful and friendly. The campus is well taken care of and very compact, making it easy to get to class in just a few minutes.
Like at every college there are professors who are good and others who do not have big impacts on students but at Illinois State I have gotten lucky with some great professors who are passionate about their work and are dedicated to their student's success. Illinois State could be more diverse.
I am so glad I chose to complete my undergraduate degree at Illinois State University! I feel very prepared to take on any speech pathology graduate program after receiving my education at ISU.
It was fun. I ate on campus and followed a student that goes there. I was able to attend two of that student's classes as well.
It is a wonderful university to attend and has plenty to offer. I would recommend this school to just about anyone! There are countless ways to get involved here to truly experience the college life. You will never be bored here and you will learn so much in and out of the classroom. Great place to attend if you are into a big social scene as well, always things to do and places to go on the weekend.
I absolutely love it here! It's so easy to make friends because of how lively the quad is and how many activities there are. Classes can be hard, but all the teachers give you as many resources as they can to help, no matter how big the lecture is. The doorms are friendly and the RAs do their best to make the living space tolerable. The only downside to me would be the food at the dining hall. It's not bad, but can sometimes have a repetitive food selection.
I dont have any experiences with this school but Im interested in attending because of the business. I have a sibling that attends this school and it seems like an overall enviorment that I would be comfortable in
Illinois State University does host a large variety of backgrounds ranging from die-hard locals to international exchange students. Aside from the usually atrocious book prices, the curricula are usually easy to follow and it isn't impossible to succeed. Because many of the professors are quite helpful, the only way you could fail is if you don't show up to class.

Plenty of people complain about the food, but they're usually quite finicky about everything. I would not recommend living in the dorms or other on-campus housing because there is a lot of noise from neighbors and the potential for landing an unbearable roommate is very real.

Personally, I never involved myself in athletics or parties so I couldn't speak for those areas.
I like the quality education that the University has provided me given the fact that the professors are studiosly teaching you a variety of subjects you would definitely learn not only in school but also in life. All of which have an impact on how well do you apply all of those subjects in order to fully nurture your mind with knowledge and most probably, wisdom.
This school has the best atmosphere. Its so easy to get comfortable her and really enjoy the college experience no matter if you start here or transfer in. Its so diverse and the classes are good. The campus overall is beautiful with so much to do, its never a dull moment here.
Illinois State University has a great campus with tons of opportunities to get involved. The dorms provide a great way for students to get connected and also for students to study together.
I absolutely love ISU! The town is so cute and pretty and has multiple places to go shopping and eat food! Everyone in the town of Bloomington-Normal is so nice. It has a somewhat suburban feel for being a large town in the middle of nowhere. I have considered staying here and finding an apartment/home in Normal after I graduate. ISU has a lot to offer and the students here are really fun and friendly!
I absolutely love Illinois State University. The diversity of people, food, places, and things to do is amazing. I come from small town USA, and coming to this bigger school completely changed my life for the better.
Overall I've had an amazing experience with Illinois State University due to the fact that my sister attends the school. I recently applied and got accepted into the nursing program for the fall of 2018. One thing I'm anxious about is waiting for the scholarship applications to open up in mid January.
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Not exactly the right school for me! It is small and easy to get places on campus, if this is what you want then it is perfect. Not too much to do in Normal but if you make great friends then you will love it and actually really job it. Not too much diversity around, but you tend to get used to it. The one thing I love is the flex dollars.
I don't really enjoy the placement of the dorms but other than that I love campus! I've met some incredible people and the academics are outstanding! My professors love getting to know their students and are always so helpful with helping me in any situation.
ISU is very welcoming and has a little something for everyone. It is easy to get involved. It is a big campus with a small campus feel. Most professors are helpful. Dining Centers could improve.
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