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I could not be happier with my decision to attend Illinois State University. So far, my experience has been nothing short of amazing. The school does a great job of assisting transfer students as they make their transition to the school. The professors and academic advisers genuinely care about the success of their students and are always available when students need help. ISU does a great job of engaging with students and hosting various events on campus. There are many student organizations to choose from, so it's easy to find people with shared interests. Additionally, the campus is beautiful and easy to navigate, with the majority of the buildings being located on the quad.
My experience at Illinois State University has been excellent because they have met all of my expectations. I took the time to go over everything they offered and they pleased me. I looked at what majors they offer and what the campus is like. I recommend going for a visit because it is worth it and they go over everything you need to know. This is why Illinois State University is the place for you.
Family friendly campus. Gives students the liberty to find themselves and be part of the community. Illinois State University makes it easy for students to find different ways to be successful and prepared to move on to finding jobs for their chosen career.
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This is my second time at ISU. Take time to really think about what major you are going into. Don't be afraid to change it. Great resources available here. Safe community.
A lot of things came to mind when seeing Illinois state university for the first time, as it was something completely foreign to me. However, the college gave me insight into the future and prepared me for the world ahead that i was entering in a few short years. Only thing I would change is the organization of things by seeing how things ran.
I have loved my time here at Illinois State University. I have made many wonderful friends and had many wonderful professors. I am a part of the Gamma PhI Circus which I would suggest to anyone looking for a way to spend their time.
I could not be happier with the university that I chose. I am surrounded by new experiences and new people. There is a diverse community and there is truly something for everyone on campus. Housing and dining are great, the community is outstanding, and the campus itself is perfect.
Illinois State University is a beautiful campus, and they keep classes for certain majors close together on campus, making student life more convenient. The student life itself is amazing; everyone wants to know you specifically and find out what you want to do with your life as well. There are numerous clubs that one can get involved in, from the American Chemical Society to the hammock club that literally hangs out in the quad on sunny days. The teachers are genuinely working towards creating successful students to pioneer the future.
I took a campus tour and fell in love. I would like the tour to include a little more information about the town and how to get around, but overall it was great!
Illinois State University is a really great school for business majors. The price really cant be beat either for the average student. The party scene is intense here. If you have great academics, I would chose a more credible school to reflect where you earned your degree.
I love ISU and its student life. Lots of stuff to do outside of studies. Everyone is nice and helpful when you need it. I would strongly recommend this school.
ISU was a great experience. The campus is not so big you need a bus to cart you everywhere but big enough. Bloomington-Normal is the quintessential college town, offering the best kind of food, stuff to do, and future employers ready for the college graduates.
very cliquey. good professors and beautiful campus. nice dorms and food. average workload. cops are very present.
School pride is great! Dorm life is clean and fun and food is great. The quad and campus are well kept and in my experience, the teachers really want to see you excel in their class
During our first visit, our family really liked the campus feel, the introduction presentation, and the Computer Science presentation. My parents were not impressed by the Freshman dorm. The elevators only went up certain floors, and you had to walk up the remaining floors, about two or three floors.
My experience at Illinois State University is beyond amazing from the education to the student life. Illinois State is an extremely diverse university in which everyone is well represented. The student life is amazing there are so many opportunities for you to get involved on campus from dancing, singing, sports, club's, etc. Something's that can help improve Illinois State University is the food varieties. The could use a lot more different kinds of food for vegans, vegetarians, and the overall food choices. The also need improvements on making sure every dorm has its own dining facility. Overall Illinois State Univerity is an amazing university.
A school with a healthy atmosphere, and a welcoming staff. There are plenty of student and faculty run programs to choose from, as well as UPB planned events almost every weekend.
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Absolutely beautiful campus, excellent VA office, student body not too big - not too small, great community and town to be a college student in, the campus has their own police as well as the regular city police, excellent recreation center/gym, and a high quality and competitive School of Music.
I like the curricular, the atmosphere, and the people here at Illinois State. We are limited on freedom here. The point of a college experience is to be free and make mistakes to learn from them. They make it almost impossible to mess up because the repercussions are really bad.
I really like the diversity and the atmosphere of the place. The place gives off a fun vibe with lots of cool people.
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