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The university is great and it has impressive buildings. In terms of academics it is not easy if you are a party person but if you work hard and have a little nerdy in you, you will find it very impressive and never regret choosing IIT.
The educational experience at Illinois Institute of Technology is good for the most part. The engineering classes offered are very good and taught by very passionate professors. However, there are some professors in different departments are not very good, and I struggled to learn from the professor's lectures.
I just graduated from illinois institute of technology with major in information technology and management. The past 4 years I spent in this school were the best of my life. Learned a lot of things, met a lot of nice people. Everything was great except the food in the center court wasn't that good. Overall i had great experience with very good professors
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Illinois Tech is a small and underrated university that stretches every endowment dollar it gets. For a school of its academic caliber, I feel that it is certainly underfunded and undervalued. The professors are aware of the academic prestige of IIT's history, and work diligently to maintain the rigorous level study to turn out the most equipped graduates they can. Due to this commitment and a lack of necessary funding, the university suffers on most every other facet, from facilities and amenities to simple maintenance. As a result, IIT attracts students who value the academic and professional focus of the Chicago-based university, and students who either aren't concerned with the lack of investment in student life, or who are willing to make do with what they are offered.
My experience so far at IIT has been average. Academically, the school is great. The classes are challenging and they really make you work hard for your grade. I love my major and my classes. However, in regards to most other aspects such as social and campus environment, IIT is not the best. The campus has had many recent safety concerns regarding incidents occurring near or on campus. In addition, since a majority of the student community commutes to school, there isn't much participation when it comes to social events.
IIT is a great school for tech majors. It is very diverse with almost 200 countries represented in its student population. The campus is very safe, but the areas outside are not as safe. Professors are great and there is a lot of value in the school All students receive some type of scholarship.
I love the professors and the classes you are able to take! The community of people at the school are wonderful people to be around, but more importantly, the education you get from this school is fantastic. The only downside is that the campus is a little old compared to the time we live in right now. Overall, an amazing university.
According to my survey, of 500 students in Illinois tech, 455 students (91%) do not like food served here. 250 students participated in my survey are international students. 99% of them do not like food here. Therefore, I have requested to Illinois Tech's Resident Hall Association to change college's meal plan and food.
There's not a lot of the "typical college atmosphere"- after all, it is a tech school sitting in the middle of the third-largest city in the US, but if you want to study and get your degree it's not a bad place to be. I haven't had much difficulty with the administration, but some people do. As for the profs, it's a mixed bag, but I've had mostly good ones. The housing and food could be better, but they're passable, and again, you're probably not going to spend much time at home... you'll be spending most of your time in class/lab and in the library.
Illinois Tech has dedicated resources for looking into matter like these. It's pretty good on safety.
Overall experience at Illinois Tech has been great.
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If you're really interested in mixed cultures then Illinois Tech on campus facilities are one of the best places to stay.
Illinois Tech Greek Life is one of the most known things in and around campus and its awesome.
The coaches, the staff, the resources all are pretty good at their work.
It's a great school for your career. You can ask for any resources available, and the staff is equally helpful. You can always get research interests in this school and lot of career opportunities as well.
Horrible price for horrible living conditions
A close nit community of individual who are looking to better themselves, their houses, and the college itself.
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The athletic community is amazing but the overall vibe from the school towards athletics is that yeah it exist and that's furthest the care seems to extend.
Since the school is surrounded by a horrible and dangerous neighborhood I wouldn't spend late nights on campus. During the early morning and midday it is usually pretty safe, but at night I wouldn't be caught on campus.There are security and police officers working at the school throughout the day, so that makes the campus fill a little more safe.
Although I never lived on campus I know people that did and they say that it is what they expected. They didn't expect to live lavishly, but did expect to live comfortably and have space to themselves. They didn't complain to much about campus life.
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