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I absolutely loved the ability to connect to faculty and become part of their research! It completely changed my life and prepared me for a career (the only reason I put four stars is because politics on campus can get annoying at times, but I also recognize that such is everywhere).
I loved the small college feel, get more acquainted with teachers on a personal level where they actually care about you. This environment has made it very easy to learn and a higher level of education.
I love that the admission counselor takes your circumstances when sitting down to talk too you about your college experience.
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I'm currently a freshman and Illinois college, and overall I found it to be a good experience. There is plenty to do around campus, but no so much outside. People are really friendly and it is a good fit for anyone looking for a small school. The biggest complaints are the food and the freshman housing. The food is very hit or miss, and the dorm rooms are really small and the bathroom showers are worse.
I loved Illinois College's campus. It was so beautiful and diverse. I love the welcoming environment provided there. It was amazing to walk into my advising meeting and have the professors and advisor know my transcript front and back. They knew exactly what I needed to take and what I had already completed. It was a very personal experience.
I love Illinois College. It's a small school and the teacher really helps you and wants you to succeed.
Illinois College is by far the best college that I've visited. It has that very home-like feel to where you feel very welcome. It's campus is located in a very safe part of Jacksonville and the campus itself is amazing. Nothing is too far of a distance to walk and faculty and students are willing to assist with everything you could need.
My overall experience with Illinois College is great. Illinois College is a high academic private college that offers numerous academic opportunities for students. The professors are always willing to help after class.It is diverse and the campus life is great. Illinois College is well known for the importance in athletics.
I had a great time my first year. I got to meet new people and try new things. Class sizes were small enough that I could get help if needed. The professors worked to help me be successful. I have met people from all over the world on this beautiful campus. The campus is not so spread out that I had to worry about getting from one class to the next. I was far enough from home to have independence but close enough go home if needed. We had decent choices for food and tons of different activities throughout the year. I can't wait to go back next fall.
It's small, and the professors know you personally. Everyone wants you to succeed. You're likely to run into professors outside of class, so try not to skip unless you're actually sick.
IC is exactly what it claims to be - a small niche liberal arts campus with Top-notch professors, and a flexibility that bigger institutions can lack. Its strengths are also its weaknesses. Size, dollars, and a niche community can make or break your experience - how you emerge from IC depends on who you are and how you fit. Make the most of it!
My experience at Illinois College has been life changing. It has opened me up to meet new people and try new things, and it has definitely changed my life for the better.
There has been more to do on campus through SAB which is good. There are some really good professors and others not so good teachers. The food was better this semester in the grill.
Illinois College is a good college where they help everyone to the best of their ability. Illinois College is a small campus so it's easy to connect with professor and make new friends. I wouldn't want them to change anything because I only can cover my experience with first semester. I am a freshmen at Illinois College.
Dont come here if you dont want to be treated like you are in high school. Res life and public safety will try to find a way to screw you over if you ever thing about taking alcohol in a dorm. Also there are a lot of over sensitive people here that believe that they are entitled. Teachers are great and the athletics program is great.
they're really strict about alcohol abuse.
Everything is great. Campus and studednts are really friendly and care about you. I'd recommend it to anyone.
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The liberal arts studies value a lot this school
They do an amazing job in helping the students understand any kind of problem/dangerous activitie.
I love it. Residence halls are really friendly and clean.
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