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Illinois College of Optometry Reviews

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The curriculum is great but quality of professors is average. Good preparation for national board exams and practice after graduation.
The campus security is great and the security office is right in the college building, where the security is always available to staff, student, and the doctors. They have cameras all over the school and outside to monitor the residential complex so the students feel safe.

As far as personal safety, I recommend walking in groups because students need to remember that they are in a big city so it's always best to be conscious and aware. Sometimes I find myself feeling a little scared and paranoid at night, but for the most part I feel safe and that my well-being is taken care of.
Parking is extremely convenient for students and campus visitors because there is an attached garage to the school that only costs $1.00 per day. This is also across from the Residential Complex so it is not a far walk at all.
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The weather in Chicago is pretty variable because we do have the extremes of very hot to very snowy in the winter months. Generally though, the weather is fair and it isn't a gloomy place. The Residential Complex is right across from the school so weather conditions does not really affect the campus experience. Besides for April (when it seems to rain a lot), it is generally sunny and a happy place to live.
Chicago is an awesome town with a ton of things to do. There's never a dull moment here in the city. There a ton of local restaurants to go to, which are awesome, and a lot of theaters.
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