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I love this college, especially the Ag programs. The professors are there to help you and they care that you learn what they are teaching and they help you succeed in their classrooms. They teach you stuff that you actually need to know. I haven't spent much time in the academic side of the campus but from the classes that I have been in, it's also great and is they same as the Agriculture side of things when it comes to the Professors. ICC is a great college and I am Proud I chose this college instead of anywhere else.
Illinois Central College was a great experience for me. The educators there genuinely cared for their students and did their best to ensure that we got the most out of our time there.
The costs for the school are amazing. I'm getting the same education I would be at a four year school for only like a fourth of the price. The people are also nice. So far all of the professors I've had are great.
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It was an alright experience. I feel like some professor try to make you waste money on books even tho you won’t need them so there’s that.
So far, I have attended ICC for 1 semester. I have enjoyed my classes and teachers. My advisor has been very helpful.
I have had good professors all except one I had freshman year. School is clean and a good ransition from high school if you are unsure if you are ready to attend a four year university directly out of high school. It prepared me for what college was really like.
I have mostly enjoyed my school experiences at ICC. Most of my professors have been good for my educational goals. I have been supported by my adviser when I have struggled with classes or program direction, including changing my program when it was obvious I was not succeeding. The campus facility is updated and conducive to my educational needs. My fellow students have been good to work with. The bookstore is helpful with the supplies, books and resources I need. Parking is easy to work with and free which is helpful. Overall I have really appreciated my schooling at ICC.
Illinois Central College has a great student to teacher ratio, with flexible scheduling, and many opportunities for scholarships. I enjoy attending Illinois Central College, because I believe that the level of education is on par with most other universities, for a fraction of the price and it encourages me that I will be able to achieve my goal of going debt free all of my college career.
I loved visiting the campus and learning about all their programs! And cant wait to go there next Year!
everyone here does their best to make sure you succeed if you want to. the advisors take into consideration what you’re looking for and try to match you to classes as best as they can to make sure you are on the right track
I love ICC, they have some really amazing professors that actually love teaching and helping their students succeed. However, I have personally ran into some issues involving a few bad professors and advisors. A few professors I had didn’t work with you or answer your questions that were necessary to understand the material being taught. Another is an advisor I had who did not care about your success until you started slipping. They overwhelmed multiple student’s schedules just to get them through as fast as he could.
My professors have been excellent, and the campus is beautiful. ICC is both affordable and a great place to receive an education!
ICC is a pretty good college. The professors are hit or miss but that's pretty much at any school. student life is alright as long as you want to be there until the evening. living off campus is probably the best because I've heard many horror stories about the dorms. All in all, you will get your money's worth out of it. They actually try to save you money on textbooks. The only time I spent way too much on a textbook is when the professor doesn't require the online material.
I believe that ICC is a very average community college due to the professors being somewhat average. Some teachers go above and beyond while others lag behind. The facility is very nice for a community college. They have many areas where you can sit and study, they also have many places to eat!
I like the professors, they are very kind and willing to help. Although there are almost NO activities at ICC.
I enjoy going to the college. It is a great place to start a college career. Not only is it more affordable than a university but it is also a great way to get used to the college world. The class rooms are bigger than the normal high school classes but they are not huge lecture halls like they have in university. I like that the classes rooms are more independent than high school but you still have some guidance from the teachers.
Illinois Central College makes education affordable. I am able to get my degree by attending school for two years rather than taking out a lot of student loans and attending a 4 year school. They offer the Physical Therapy Assistant program that I am currently enrolled in and will help me to achieve my goals when I graduate.
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I like that it's easy to be independent while attending this college. What I would change is how difficult it is to get information via email.
I enjoy going to Illinois Central College. They offer a wide variety of classes that fits everyone’s needs at a moderate price. This community college, however is very independent. The advisors staff have so many programs offered to students that they do not always have answers for the questions being asked. Sometimes the advisors will even provide the wrong information. Besides this issue I believe this college would be a great fit for anyone in this area looking to get a head start at a community college before transferring to a 4-year University.
Overall I really enjoyed ICC. It has prepared me to transfer to get my 4 year degree at OSF college of nursing. ICC has really went above and beyond to make my transition very smooth. They have great professors who really want you to do well and succeed. The financial advisor their were amazing also. They wanted to help you and listen to your needs. ICC is a great school and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't know what they want to do with their future. They have many courses to take that allows you to think what you want your future to be like.
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