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I think that Illinois Cental College is an average junior college. I did a CNA program at the college and I really enjoyed most of professors. They wanted to see me succeed and were willing to help me.
I like the academic aspect in regards to smaller class size & ton of tutor help. Also I like the campus, how everything was within walking distance.
They have a lot of hands on learning and have a wide variety of options to choose from in making a career decison.
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I am currently a student at Illinois Central College but plan on transferring to Illinois State University this fall. This will be my fourth semester at ICC. I enjoyed my time at ICC and attending here definitely saved me money and it was very convenient.
Illinois Central college is an exceptional junior college. The amount of resources and student aid at your disposal is extensive, especially for a community college. The course material is challenging and engaging. The majority of the professors are excellent teachers and are invested in their students' success. Overall, I recommended attending this college if you still retain the rigor of a 4-year university for a much lower price.
I took some night classes at ICC. I did not feel very safe leaving the college, it had some poor lighting. However, the classes and the professors were very good. They were willing to help all the students. The best part of the college was the tuition rate! It was very cheap and the education system was great!
I like that I get financial support and it’s close to home some of the professors are boring but I do like some of them as well
Illinois Central College was a great place to start my college education. The prices are unbeatable compared to regular university classes and when you're trying to get gen-eds out of the way as debt free as possible, it is in my opinion the best central IL option. The class sizes are much smaller than university and therefore you get to know your teachers more and can have easier access to one on one help. Despite being a community college I have made countless friends here. It is a very diverse campus and has many organizations/clubs and programs of study available. Most importantly, education is at the forefront of ICC'S priorities and they have a lot of transfer arrangements with local Universities. I would highly recommend ICC.
I liked that it felt welcoming. That there was a club for everybody to feel included. I think the school could work on the grading system and expand the food menu. Like most of the food contained either cheese or meat so more vegan options incase some have allergies.
ICC is a very good choice financially, tuition is cheaper than most other colleges. The teachers there are very friendly and helpful. The overall atmosphere is much like high school, you won't be getting the college experience here. However, if you want a cheap, good quality degree then ICC is a great choice.
I loved the programs and the staff. it well ran and I respect how the people treat other. They make you feel at home while your away from home.
My experience was very good. I was granted a Peoria Promise scholarship and saved a ton of money and still got a great education! The professors are very accessible, the campus provides many resources, and the education was just overall great.
Not a bad choice for a community college. The only thing is that it is located in central Illinois so there isn't a whole lot to do outside of the area. Also, many people know each other before attending so you want to make friends at the beginning of the semesters.
I believe it is a great college for the price, but the price also opens up less-than-valuable teachers. I have had a good experience overall however and can prepare you to transfer to other colleges very well.
I like that the college offers online classes for those who can not take off work to go to class everyday. One thing I would like to see change is how some teachers treat their student.
I enjoyed the classes and instructors. There are a variety of classes that are available. There are multiple courses available to learn different languages, such as American Sign Language, Spanish, Italian, and a few others. American Sign Language is taken as a course at ICC which isn't usually available for credit at other colleges. The only downsides to ICC are the seasons that are available for the courses. Some courses are only available at certain times of the year. I was unable to take a couple of classes because it wasn't available until the spring. Also, some improvements could be made on the staff. Some general counselors are not helpful in decision making for classes. I have felt offended with some of the counselors as they insulted me on my academics. I found it very discouraging at times coming to them for academic guidance.
Illinois Central College should be at the top of your list for a community college that offers solid academic courses for an unbeatable price. It is much cheaper than many other colleges. In my experience, there are some instructors which are not as preferable as others, but that is the case with most colleges. I am currently enrolled in their program for mechanical engineering (two years at ICC taking the gen-ed courses and a few engineer-specific courses before transferring.) They are well known for their nursing program, Cat diesel program, GM automotive program, engineering programs, and many others. In conclusion, for the price, it is harder to find a better two-year university.
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Illinois Central College is one of the best community colleges in Midwest Illinois. Professors and Advisers are wonderful and flexible for students with a crunch for time or resources.
I have been attending off and on for the last 9 years while raising my children. My professors have been very accommodating letting me reschedule proctored exams and even bringing my children with me to class when they were ill and childcare fell through.
ICC is inexpensive and the faculty and staff are friendly. Also all the classrooms are easy to find.
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