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Illinois Center for Broadcasting - Lombard Reviews

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Hands on – everything that is done at the school is directly related to the broadcasting field. we learn every aspect of the industry in order to be more marketable as graduates.
Hold Our Hand as Much as Possible – The school's sole purpose is to make sure we are placed in a job after graduation. We are always working on our cover letters and resumes. We are always being told of new opportunities of meeting people working in the field, new internship opportunities, how to land jobs, what to expect, etc.

There is an employee here who solely helps with internships and helping us get a job once graduation is near.
You Can Get Here Easily – Since the school is in Downtown Chicago, there is no way you can not get here. Trains, buses, cabs etc. There is no difficulty in getting to the school.

Instructors never decline when we ask for help, they offered their emails if we need to ask something outside of class. We are always face-to-face with the instructors as well as assistants here at the school.

Computers with internet access are available, numerous studios are always open for extra practice.

The staff always makes sure to stay on top of the student, so if there is an assignment or document needed, the student always knows what he/she is missing.
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Hands-On Experience – The instructors are actual professionals in the Broadcasting field so they are knowledgeable in what they are teaching us. The class moves fast, so from one day to the next, we learn something entirely new. The instructors provide truthful, constructive criticism that helps us attack our weaknesses and spot our strengths only to make them stronger.

The class does not drag, is always exciting and challenging.
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