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this school as some diversity, mainly native Alaskan Eskimos then a few white people, a few Samoans, and a few Asian/Filipinos. every student is different, dorm students take a minimum of 12 credits, some have full time jobs with a full class load while others don't work but have a full class schedule.
most teachers understand if a student is a little late to class because of the van runs, but if a student cant physically come to class the school has set up teleconferences for all classes or live video feeds for students to participate in classes.
there are computers and printers to use when necessary, but the internet speed, wireless or hard wire both are terrible, it is partly because the campus is so far away from town, but it takes forever to load a page for online classes
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there are not really athletics but there is a gym/rec room for students to go in the evening to work out. there is no library on campus that i know of, students would need to go to town to rent a book or movie. and student services and government try to do activities for students.
it is nice that the college has a van/shuttle for the dorm students to be able to get to class and to town when need be. i like that our college tries to incorporate the Inupiaq culture in the school and the activities we do. the staff is friendly and warm and willing to work with a student or help them if need be
the classes and teachers are good,but the meal plan set up is terrible. I work so I am only able to eat 9 out of 20 meals a week but i still have to pay of all 20 in the week. I like that it is a small school and the staff and faculty and students are like a family and will help each other when needed. My only issue is the meal plans, why cant we be charged for the amount of meals we eat?
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