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Love the campus and the teachers. Wish the parking was a little more organized but there are several things to do on campus and the food is decent.
Really enjoy the atmosphere. Professors are great and teach very well. Great opportunities to further your education, meet new people, and have fun.
I have a lot of experience on the campus of Idaho State University, I grew up on campus as my parents (now alumni) went to this school. As young children my brother and I attended the "early learning center" daycare for children of students and now as a college freshman I appreciate how nice the campus truly is. It has a wonderful gym complete with exercise equipment of all sorts, a pool, courts of all kinds and a rock wall. The student union building is also an excellent place on campus with food, games, a theater and bowling. There are always people on campus enjoying the grassy areas playing volleyball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee the list continues. I've always lived off of campus but the dorms seem pretty nice, though they are one of the more expensive experiences at Idaho State.
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I started going to the Idaho Falls Campus and the faculty and satff there were excellent. They are prompt when you need help with academics, setting up class schedules, and answering other questions. The overall ISU atmosphere is welcoming and I know I can make it to my goals with their help.
Idaho State University is close to family, and provides a welcoming atmosphere. The campus has a great flow. Many of my classes are often in the same building. The diverse group of friends made at ISU are always eager to cheer each other on to face each challenge as it nears. It is easy to call ISU a home away from home.
My older sister is currently going here, and all the stories she's told me are amazing. That is why I will applying to go there in the fall of 2018. She said all her professors are really kind, and helpful when she's confused. The staff is so kind. If she doesn't feel safe they are there to protect her, and they really do care about the students.
Working in the Anthropology department for a number of years was quite enjoyable. I had so many good experiences with the faculty members and also enjoyed my classes immensely. There are several things about the University that I would change, including the lack of school spirit and the lack of challenging courses. Compared to other Universities, I felt as though I was not encouraged to be the bright academic I know myself to be. There was minimal encouragement from the University to participate in school events or activities. Other universities I have toured and visited have so much school support and comradery which brings the students together and creates a closer student bond with others.
Idaho State University has been a great experience. The professors show they really care about you and your learning, and the school works with you on so much and gives so much back to the community. I am proud to say I attend Idaho State University.
I go to Idaho State University at the Meridian campus. So far all of my professors have been great! They are great instructors and genuinely care about the success of their students. I have learned a lot of things that I know I will be actually using in my career. Great education. Their online class fee is a little ridiculous though.
I enjoyed Idaho State overall. I was an athlete on the women's basketball team and the family community was amazing. No matter where we would go the community supported us. The diversity was very limited though. The majority of the diversity came from the athletics program. I was in the mathematics program but did a majority of my undergrad classes here. The professors were extremely nice and always willing to work with my busy athletic schedule. Overall, Idaho State is a good college but just lacks its own special flare.
Idaho State University has lot to offer to students in looking to earn an education. The campus is set up and taken care of nicely. The professors are some of the best in their field and are very engaging and fair in grading. The student involvement is well organized and there are many things to do for a student life. The housing is a little outdated and slightly overpriced for what you receive but it is convenient.
I love the people in the Political Science department. They really are there to make sure you succeed. Dr. Stoutenborough and Dr. Kirkpatrick find and encourage students in outside activities. Dr. Eckert is an amazing professor who make his classes interesting.

What I do not care for are the things that go on at the administrative level of the University. They let go of all of the adjunct professors and then hired people who, I believe, should not be working as professors.
Great campus, small and quiet. Most of the faculty is willing to help and meet during office hours. Compared to other colleges, most things are not overpriced. Overall had a good experience during the 5 years of my undergrad.
When I visited I was really impressed with the cosmetology program there. I would love to go to school there.
ISU has a lot of fun activities to do on campus. I wish they would invest in better teachers. They don't have a lot of places, they need updated. Their food options are poor. Safety is great, they are always there for you. Parking is the absolutely WORST! Overpriced & no space!
Habe been at Idaho State University for 2 years now and am almost done with my bachelors. Will be applying to graduate school next year. It has been great being able to get classes done fast while sti lesrning all the necessary things.
My experience at Idaho State University is one I won't forget! The teachers are professional but easy to get to know. There are so many different activities on campus that happen almost everyday if not weekly - at the events you get free food and free Idaho State University wear.
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Idaho State University is a great school for everyone! The professors are good to work with, the counselors are very helpful in answering questions and guiding you in your field of study. and there is free tutors as well as english, math, etc. labs available to everyone!
I loved ISU. The professors were knowledgeable and really cared about the success of all the students.
It's my first year at ISU and it's been an enjoyable experience so far. I've met a lot of new people and my classes have been good so far. I plan to be a dietician and look forward to getting involved in the classes for my major. I've really enjoyed my ShoShone Language class and learning more about my language and heritage.
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