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I like the campus life here. There is a lot to do while I have attended this college. The professors here have taught me so much in and out of the class room. They go into so much detail and are willing to do what ever it take for you ta\o have an enjoyable time here.
I love ISU. It is a great university with excellent academics. Being an Idaho resident, the location of ISU is fantastic. I am able to live at home and easily attend college.
Everything has its own pros and cons, so does this University. I am an International student and i had high hopes with this college. The major setback for me was to complete General education requirement of 32 credits. It would take two semesters to finish them which meant loss of money and time. With some research i came to know that it is very much similar with every other college as well. Apart from this, other things are quite good. The college has economical tuition fees with the scope of multiple scholarships. The professors are also good. Pocatello City is also cheap and perfect for students who can survive with low hours of work and less money. Overall my experience at this University has been good.
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Idaho State University has the resources of a larger university as well as the closely knit feel of a community college. Everyone knows everyone! The professors go out of their way to be helpful and offer guidance. Would recommend to anyone.
My experience with Idaho State University has been fantastic! With all of the people I have met the atmosphere has been so friendly. All of my professors have been so helpful and making me want to achieve my goals. They push me to do my best and really give their own time to see each of their students succeed. My roommate is pretty great and the building manager in Schubert Heights is always available when we need him or someone is always available to help make our transition to college just a little bit easier.
Warm and engaging faculty and staff. I truly enjoy my time at ISU. I enjoyed that there are extensions locally which I can take classes that apply to my degree.
ISU is a school for those who really want to focus on school. It is not a party school, and many of the students are non-traditional; parents, returning students, seniors, ect. They offer a good education if you're ready to buckle down.
It is a campus full of kind, motivated people. The town is also a small friendly little place to live.
I have had no issues with this school. Going into my second semester and I’ve loved it. So far there is nothing I would change. I’ve had every class online so I haven’t had any experience with the campus yet but I’m guessing its good. I like how easy it was to get registered and get my classes that suited me for my life at the time. Working full time and being a single mother, going to the campus doesn’t always work.
Overall, it's a very good campus, it always seems safe and has many things to do for if you live on campus. ISU also has many degrees and programs to offer with great advisors that have helped me a lot. Some of the dining and parking throughout the campus could be better, along with some professors, but most of them are great and can help you at a reasonable time.
Idaho State University has a great campus and everyone is always there to help you with what ever you need. They offer many different scholarships and have a great campus life. There is always something to do there.
I love the campus and the people there. They genuinely want you to succeed and have a good time while you're there!
I was very impressed with the University campus tour. what I would like to see more of would probably more on campus student activities. Their isn't much for students to do for recreation. However, the school has an amazing football and basket ball team.
I love the campus it is very nice looking and not that far to walk from one side to the other side. The people are really nice. The location sucks because all the of my favorite place to eat or drink are 40 minutes or more away. The food is excellent. there is a lot of public safety on campus but if you go off then its risky.
I liked how the campus is set up and how the classes are not to far away from each other. The staff or teachers are nice and answer questions that allow me to understand the concept.
i would like to see change is some of the people that you have to talk to that work there. I got pretty rude and mean responses when i had to call in ask some things about my courses and other things that i needed help with.
I liked how the professors are really willing to help out with the students after class is over. I really liked how the class sizes were smaller than a bigger University because there is more interaction and participation with the students.
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I haven’t been in school for 17 years, I have 2 advisors that really care about how I am doing. All my teachers care and truly want me to succeed. The campus is beautiful. There are so many activities to keep the students engaged and happy.
Idaho State University is a good college to start out in. Best part of Isu is the the small class. My biggest class has 30 kids. So the proffers do really care about you. I recommed this college who is looking for a good start and wants to learn.
I have loved my college experience so far! If I could change anything it would by the parking because it's very crazy sometimes
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