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The school is really great, but there are a lot of professors that don't seem to care about the students.
I love Idaho state university. They always have activities that get students ivolved, and everyone is caring about a hotter. The teachers and staff care about th successof their students.
The turn over was awful in the advising portion of the college in general. Classes were good size, and most Professors encouraged your best work. I personnaly did not fit in to the life on campus due to the fact that I have a family and am not single. There is a lot to do on the campus for people who want to stay busy and a lot of free things that are available to the students. MY favorite was the gym.
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Idaho state university had the best study environment for whoever want to stay focused on academics and school work. There is less distraction. It’s environment encourages lots of outdoor activities and can be really cheap for college student. Lots of platforms are provided to help their students successful mentally and academically. You want to be successful as a student? Go for Idaho State university.
Professors are great as well as the students. The housing staff and facilities are HORRIBLE. Sports teams are a joke, with virtually zero school pride. If you go to school here do NOT get a meal plan. The food is by far the worst I've ever seen on a college campus. In conclusion, everything is sub par except the professors. Like i said previously, the housing staff are absolutely terrible people and down right mean. Live off campus if possible!
The grad school program at Idaho State is amazing because there are only 7 people in my cohort and we get amazing individual training.
Professors are incredibly helpful and truthfully care about the growth and success of the student. Lecture / classrooms are very accommodating and provide an intuitive space for learning. The campus itself is not lively in the slightest, and school pride appears to be extremely low when compared to other schools. The dorms are absolutely awful and not worth the money and the required meal plan for many of the housing options. My particular dorm has no AC, so the room felt like an oven for 5 months out of the academic year. For being an online-centric university, the campus Wi-Fi was awful in many spots, most notably in my dorm, leaving me to not be able to work on homework for a room I pay thousands for per semester. Overall, Idaho State Univeristy is an average school with average options to accommodate students with average degrees.
The teachers are interested in your achievements and are willing to help you succeed. It is an affordable school.
Idaho State University provides an excellent opportunity for all students with a desire to learn to succeed. The professors here are willing to work with students individually and reach out to ensure that every student has the resources they need to succeed.
Meeting new people around the campus will make you feel like you’re home. It’s a wonderful plays that makes you feel connected with everyone!
I really enjoy ISU simply because the university is small enough that you will be able to know your teachers, but big enough that you won't be able to experience everything it has to offer. The classes that Idaho State offers are amazing and very diverse. This university has really impressed me since I've been here and I haven't been disappointed. While the town of Pocatello isn't the most exciting, this truly is a place for outdoor enthusiasts. Rock climbing, hiking, fishing, and so much more are found just a few miles away from home.
its very nice school, the that everybody is very nice. professors are among always listen to you willing to help whenever you need help.
I have been highly impressed with the professors here at ISU. Every instructor I have taken a course from seems to genuinely care about their students. It has been a great experience.
Idaho State University is a good sized school that offers many options! There are tons of activities for students, and is in a great location in town.
Great place to live, affordable and very safe! I am happy to be living in Boise, Idaho. The school has a brand new osteopathic medicine campus nearby which I will be attending. I am excited to start a career in osteopathic medicine and I am glad to be doing so at Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine.
The college is open to all age groups, and have plenty of helping aids for advice. Majority of instructors are knowledgeable with their subject and helpful to students.
Idaho State University has a beautiful campus. If you're like me, you love small secluded spaces for studying, and ISU has plenty of them, inside and outside. The student center, The Rendezvous, has delicious food and tons of natural light.
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Idaho state university in Pocatello is so beautiful. Everyone really loves the campus. All the buildings and classes are easily accessible to everyone. The food choices there are great. There are so many little places to hang out and do homework and projects. All of the faculty is amazing and helpful. The housing is pretty good as well.
The school will often charge unexpectedly large fees. For example, to take one class in the summer costs about 4500 dollars due to their "part time student fee." That simply needs to be removed. Overall, the dorms are ok, the food is ok, the professors are great, and the programs are diverse and well taught.
Overall I really enjoy ISU. There are many opportunities for extra-curricular actives. Also all of the professors I have had up until this point have been very knowledgeable and helpful.
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