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Idaho State University Reviews

1,162 reviews
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My experience at Idaho State University is one I won't forget! The teachers are professional but easy to get to know. There are so many different activities on campus that happen almost everyday if not weekly - at the events you get free food and free Idaho State University wear.
Idaho State University is a great school for everyone! The professors are good to work with, the counselors are very helpful in answering questions and guiding you in your field of study. and there is free tutors as well as english, math, etc. labs available to everyone!
I loved ISU. The professors were knowledgeable and really cared about the success of all the students.
It's my first year at ISU and it's been an enjoyable experience so far. I've met a lot of new people and my classes have been good so far. I plan to be a dietician and look forward to getting involved in the classes for my major. I've really enjoyed my ShoShone Language class and learning more about my language and heritage.
I really like how willing and ready staff is at ISU but I did struggle in some of the biology classes.
Idaho State University is a great, affordable school. The school gives lots of scholarships and aid money. The area is quiet, but there’s plenty to do on campus, as well as in town. Those who love the outdoors will love it. There are plenty of places to hike, ski, etc very close to campus.
My experience so far has been great! Super nice people and professors. It is also easy to get a job here on campus and it is an amazing experience.
I have been a student at ISU for about 4 years. It has not been anything but a fun and learning experience. They offer about anything to help you achieve your goals. I am a proud student of Idaho State University.
I liked the many activities they had, but what I would like to see change is I dont feel like the students needs come first.
I like the area and all the people you get to meet. The professors are all amazing people and will help you get the best experience out of college possible
All teachers are very forward. If they care about your grade and how you learn, they make that clear. Same goes for those who don't care, because "your grades don't effect their paycheck." Whether interested in your grades or not, teachers do put maximum effort into their lectures and helping, if you ask for help. They know giving you a good grade won't help you if you don't work for it, but are not against a good grade if you want it and are striving for it. ISU also has amazing tutors who are fluent in many learning styles. Only thing to note, ISU officials, like anyone in life, won't help or see you need help unless you ask. I do not party, school is for learning and nothing else to me, so I am unaware of party scene. Food on campus or across the street from campus is great, and ranges from many well known resturaunts. Pocatello has clubbing and fun stuff to do if students get board or have time around studies. ISU was built with every type of student's interests in mind.
I have been taking online/ off campus classes from ISU for the past three years. I have loved the opportunity I have had to be taking college classes from my High School classroom. ISU has been great about sending down ISU representatives and students to talk about Idaho State University. I have enjoyed my experience with ISU over the past three years, they have helped me get ahead with helping me take college classes early.
I liked this school because my classes aren't too big which allows there to be close and personal relationships between the teacher and students. It is a god community within the campus and teachers really care for their students.
I love the sense of community Idaho State has. Overall, the university is great for higher education. However, many facilities are severely outdated. For instance, if they updated the biology building I would give it 5 stars. With so many students going into medical related fields, it only makes sense to have up to date pre med facilities
Idaho State University is an awesome, friendly, local school. There are so many resources to help you stay on the right track to success. It's also very affordable compared to other colleges which is very attractive.
My time at ISU has been educational and full of opportunities; as Pocatello is a college town, a lot of resources are available primarily to college students. Of course there are flaws but lots of advantages as well.
Idaho State University is a decent school. It is located in a quiet town with all of the essentials. Tuition cost is not over the top, and people are generally very nice. The campus is small enough that students can easily walk to classes across campus if needed. The classroom sizes are usually small enough that students can have more easy access to build a relationship with professors. It has excellent online options as well. On the other hand, parking is very limited.
Going to Idaho State, is not the ideal situation. It is not your huge party school, you won't get lost because the campus is too big, you do not have to give an arm and a leg to afford to go here. It is in a small town, so you see someone at least twice a day, or you might have a lot of classes with the same people. I do. What I do like is that the classes are smaller so there is more one on one time with the teachers and you are not just another student in their classroom. I like that the chances of knowing someone in your class are high. There are really great professors here, and they honestly and willingly want to help you succeed. The only thing I would say that sucks a little is that since there are so many degree options, it is hard to pick one because they offer a lot. But that is also what is great. I think some people definitely have to take some time to adjust to ISU, but once you find where you need to be, it is all worth it.
Overall a good sized campus with plenty of student activities. The town itself doesn't have much to offer, so much of the reaction must be done on campus. Most events for students are free, which is great for broke students. Not many food options, but the main cafeteria did just get upgraded. There are many hills, which can make it difficult to walk around campus.
The school itself is nice. It has all the different courses that can be taken for the major you wish to proceed in. There is help everywhere on campus.
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