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Overall I really enjoy ISU. There are many opportunities for extra-curricular actives. Also all of the professors I have had up until this point have been very knowledgeable and helpful.
I went to the early registration for incoming freshman. It was very well prepared and organized event. They were excited to have us there and made it fun for us to participate in the events of the day. All the staff that was their we so helpful. They had a great variety of booths that explained so many of the activities and opportunities that are available to students . The housing tours were well given and we had the opportunity to tour many of the dorms. They also had this event on three different days so that we could come at a time that was good for us.
Idaho State University offers students plenty of choices of study, I have seen nothing but successful graduates employed in the field of their choice, the tuition has no hidden agenda, and there are constantly opportunities to be familiarized with everything that is going on in the school and on campus!
Idaho State University also has a great reputation nationwide for the quality of education received! I am an individual studying psychology. in the state of Idaho alone, mental illness is the highest in the nation. Idaho State University is highly recommended in this field of study! It is greatly appreciated to have the opportunity to study at a school that is acknowledged for having a reputable course in a career in psychology.
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This is a fairly cheap college and you get exactly what you pay for. Pocatello is not a great city to live in. The campus isn't extravagant, Greek life and sororities don't exist. I only had one professor I actually liked. Pretty much the only people who go there are people devoted to a program or who can't afford to leave Idaho.
It’s been a great experience for me at Idaho State University, coming from Nigeria to the University has helped me meet a lot of individuals from all part o the world.
I've been to ISU a few times, and it's a cool place to walk around and check out. I've also heard a lot of good things about there Physical Therapy program
You can easily look at the academic stats of this university, with what programs they excel at, the aptitude and uniqueness of the professors from all around the world, the graduation rate, or what have you; but the number one thing that really stand out for me, as a junior, is the social community that you will gain from attending Idaho State University. no matter what program you are in, you can find reliable and friendly class mates and colleagues, that will help boost you potential. Along with a great social environment, ISU has a great tutoring force for any topic you need help in accelerating.
It has been a terrific experience so far. The teachers are very easy to get along with and are very understanding.
Idaho State in Idaho Falls was a good pick for me my freshman year. I wasn't ready to move away yet, and I wanted to save money. The professors have all been incredibly helpful and seem to only want what's best for the student. The campus is small, but provides a small taste into what the future will be like for anyone who may want to venture away like me.
Overall Idaho State University tries to help its students in everything from financial aid to social gatherings. Classes are fairly small and teachers are very helpful and accommodating.
Being a first year student can be and intense one. My experience at ISU has been informative. The Staff and Student Staff were helpful and encouraged me to come to them if I needed help. The classes are all within walking distance with an occasional sprint. I like that you have students from around the globe. I went and toured another University in Moscow, Idaho. Thought I had my heart set on that school until, I had the opportunity to tour ISU. Idaho State university had classes that I had been wanting to take. My minor is in Japanese and I am loving my class. I would recommend that High School Seniors come by and see what Idaho State University has to offer.
Idaho State offers a an appreciated and recognized education and degrees, however the "college experience" would otherwise be considered lacking. Although I enjoyed my time at Idaho State, it felt very similar to high school due to the absence of good sports teams, party scene, and campus events. My professors were all very helpful when needed and my classes were for the most part organized. The education aspect of Idaho State university is excellent, in my opinion, I believe I gained a solid education and I feel equipped to further my self in my studies. The university offers a very wide range of programs and degrees, making it a very well rounded school for students of all desires. I would recommend this university to others based on the academics, but when considering the college life and experience I would not suggest this school.
I like the campus life here. There is a lot to do while I have attended this college. The professors here have taught me so much in and out of the class room. They go into so much detail and are willing to do what ever it take for you ta\o have an enjoyable time here.
I love ISU. It is a great university with excellent academics. Being an Idaho resident, the location of ISU is fantastic. I am able to live at home and easily attend college.
Everything has its own pros and cons, so does this University. I am an International student and i had high hopes with this college. The major setback for me was to complete General education requirement of 32 credits. It would take two semesters to finish them which meant loss of money and time. With some research i came to know that it is very much similar with every other college as well. Apart from this, other things are quite good. The college has economical tuition fees with the scope of multiple scholarships. The professors are also good. Pocatello City is also cheap and perfect for students who can survive with low hours of work and less money. Overall my experience at this University has been good.
Idaho State University has the resources of a larger university as well as the closely knit feel of a community college. Everyone knows everyone! The professors go out of their way to be helpful and offer guidance. Would recommend to anyone.
My experience with Idaho State University has been fantastic! With all of the people I have met the atmosphere has been so friendly. All of my professors have been so helpful and making me want to achieve my goals. They push me to do my best and really give their own time to see each of their students succeed. My roommate is pretty great and the building manager in Schubert Heights is always available when we need him or someone is always available to help make our transition to college just a little bit easier.
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Warm and engaging faculty and staff. I truly enjoy my time at ISU. I enjoyed that there are extensions locally which I can take classes that apply to my degree.
ISU is a school for those who really want to focus on school. It is not a party school, and many of the students are non-traditional; parents, returning students, seniors, ect. They offer a good education if you're ready to buckle down.
It is a campus full of kind, motivated people. The town is also a small friendly little place to live.
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