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My college experience related to accommodate my classes because to been void since the university gives me my classes and my schedule and I can not choose it openly unless you ask for some personal reason and that interfaces with the schedule they set me. I have not had experience with credit transfer so far and about my online classes prefer to be in the classroom.
The online courses are easy to register and search courses and tasks but are not my favorite because I prefer a classroom where better to discuss certain issues and that there may be of variability of opinions.
According to what I have understood the ICPR Junior College students have graduated excellent that today are excellent professionals. Study at this institution gives you the opportunity to practice what they learned in the classroom as this university has ultrasound machines.
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My experience with teachers been excellent, since they are well qualified and we'll explained and how students can understand. Sonography classes are incredible, seeing the human body inside is a pleasant experience. Knowing each of the organs and pathologies, the anatomy of different patients and know you can help health of others I love and despite my financial difficulties want to be health professional.
I choose this career I personally think I can get a job as have many of the graduates of this university. My greatest wish is to graduate and become an excellent professional sonography. I would like to have access to good health care.
My experience as a student of sonography has been unmatched. Studying this profession is a unique experience, ultrasound diagnosis of diseases is one necessary to help our society. I do not regret having chosen the ICPR Junior College as a university because their facilities and excellent teachers have been the basis of my profession and especially my desire to study despite my lack of economic resources.
The university where I study is an excellent, very we'll qualified. But what I like is that you have the equipment to practice what we study, as is the sonography equipment. ICPR Junior College has excellent teachers and good facilities.
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