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If you are looking for a small school with lots of opportunity, Husson University is the right place. Because the school is so small, class sizes are small, which means teachers and students can get to know you by name. The staff and faculty are also extremely friendly. I was roaming around, just lost one day, and a random professor asked if he could help me--so, as I said, the staff is super friendly. The campus itself is quiet and close to town, which is great when you need to run to the store to pick something up.
The small class sizes allowed me to interact more closely with my professors which allowed me to learn better and improved my success.
Husson has overall been a good experience. The campus is quiet on the weekend but there's a lot to do in the area. There are plenty of places to go if you enjoy being outdoors, fishing etc.
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Husson University is an amazing school. My favorite part about it is the student to teacher ratio. Every class I have had, my teacher knows my first and last name, and even knows other things about me. My biggest class was around 35 students, but the teacher still knew every student’s name in the class. The professors and all of the staff at Husson University are always willing to help you with anything, whether you need help finding something around the campus or if it’s help with homework, they will help you even if they do not have you in class.

The residence hall I lived in at Husson was very quiet, which made it easy to study and sleep. I have heard about how other campuses are and I think that Husson is one of the quietest campuses. There is also very high campus security that will escort you from the parking lot to your dorm if it is dark, and they are always willing to lend a helping hand if it’s needed. Husson University is an awesome school all around!
I attended and graduated from the RN to BSN online program. Overall it’s was a great experience. Professors are attentive and grading fair.
I have not attended Husson University yet, but am planning on attending next year. I am currently in two of their online classes and the teachers are very helpful and organized. The campus is nice and most of the teachers are patient and willing too offer help when needed.
Husson University is a small private school, so you get a lot more one-on-one with professors. The smaller campus size also makes it so that you end up having classes with a lot of the same students which makes it easy to make friends and study buddies
I love Husson University as an entire campus. They are just like they are during the tour as they are during the school year. if you want a small school and do not mind the cold, then I would recommend Husson.
Husson University has always been a school I dreamed to attend after high school. The staff and kids are great, and the program I am applying for is the best at Husson.
I've never been so happy. In the past I struggled to have people in my life that I always loved to be around and I would always know would support me. Then I got on campus for preseason and I found these relationships almost instantly. I found people on my team and on campus that I really wish to be a part of my life forever. I've had so many incredible experiences in the first two weeks and it only took about two nights for Husson to feel like my second home because of all the amazing people here. The professors try so hard to help you and see you succeed. The security is incredible and they are always ready to help anyone in any situation. The campus is beautiful and you never have to go that far to get somewhere. I love just about everything about this University except for one thing that really isn't that big of a problem. I'm on the track team and this school doesn't have a track to practice on. This still never made me think that Husson wasn't the perfect school for me.
I absolutely love Husson. I have had the best experience here, amazing professors and advisers. I love having the flexibility to have online classes and being able to meet with my instructors via Zoom and the understand their students have different needs and will help them along the way.
The physical therapy program, along with the other health related programs are exceptional. The grounds are clean and the buildings are nice and relatively new. The campus seems to be expanded. The only issue is that some of the population seems to be unfocused on college and succeeded.
The classes are small so you can form a nice relationship with the professor and its a small campus as well. Just a nice school.
I absolutely love everything about Husson University. The professors and staff are beyond helpful and kind. The campus is extremely well taken care of. My favorite part about Husson is the dining hall.
I went to Husson University multiple times for sports. Their campus is amazing; very nice field, dorm and school.
There are some living things that need to be taken care of but other than that it's good. I would recommend a visit if possible to see if the school is right for you.
As a first-year student, Husson University is just what I hoped to be. The tight-knit community and the cultural diversity are very prominent the minute you step onto campus. Whether it's Cultural Diversity night, or other on-campus activities such as Karaoke or Bowling, it's always a fun time. Not only is the cultural diversity prominent in the community, but in the dining services as well. The dining hall specializes in expanding our tastes in food. Each meal they incorporate a new "foreign" dish, such as Gyro sandwiches, along with other Chinese, Indian, and Western meals. It gives me an incredible insight on other cultures other than my own. Not only this, but the staff here are incredibly helpful as well. When I first applied, I was so set on Psychology as my major. Upon self reflection, I realized it wasn't for me and Occupational Therapy was calling my name. My advisors, professors, and peers helped make my transition incredibly smooth and easy.
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At Husson University, you are more than just a number. The professors are always willing to help you with anything you may need, and the class sizes are small so you are able to get to know your peers. There is always something going on around campus, and everyone encourages you to get involved.
Attending Husson has been a life changing experience for me. I never thought I'd be able to fit in so easily and enjoy what I'm learning. I don't know what I would do if I did not meet the people I have or make the connections I did. It's the perfect university to attend if you need the one on one contact with professors and other students.
I like the overall environment that Husson has all over campus, it is very friendly and open. The courses are all pretty great and most of the professors are good at what they teach.
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