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The food is AMAZING here. The dining center is top notch and includes vegetarian/vegan options, as well as a salad bar with a made to order sandwich bar (think subway), dessert area, a grill bar (hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken sandwiches), and two meal areas. They also have pretty sweet breakfast. I just wished the hours were open longer!
There's also an attached gas-station like store where you can buy things like cereal, ramen and to-go dinners with dining dollars. They even have a cafe and another marketplace in the Peabody building next door.

You could say I liked the food the most here. The teachers are here to help, and even if you can't skip a whole lot of classes, you will actually learn here. Office hours, people! The library has a fantastic system for borrowing scientific papers, too. They have one fraternity and three different sororities. tons of clubs and exchange student opportunities. You won't regret being here.
I would say Husson is really great in terms of academics as well as the friendliness of everyone on campus. It is very rare to find such a school with the faculty members and the students close to each other. Unlike other schools, you can just drop by any office and ask any questions or concerns if you see people in the office and they are always willing to help everyone.
I like the small community but the tuition is pretty high. The food is pretty inconsistent, someyimes something is good and then the next time it tastes totally different.
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I chose Husson because I was looking for a small school, and that's exactly what you get here. It's super small and it seems like there is never anything going on on campus. Not only that but though the food isn't very good either. I'm still glad I chose Husson. there are times where I wish I had chosen differently, but I think overall I was happy with my experience.
I love it! It really feels like a second home. Everyone is friendly and the professors are mostly down to earth. Great nursing program!
I enjoyed the small classes allowing for more one on one with the professor. I enjoyed the smaller campus and being in touch with the community.
What I really like about Husson is it's small campus size. Coming in as a Freshman I was very nervous but I met a lot of great people and made a solid friend group. The classes are relatively small, with most classes being only 25 students at most. The instructors/professors are really friendly and are willing to help you succeed in their classes. Another thing nice about the classes is that they can be very one-on-one with the instructor. Husson also has a really good financial aid program and are willing to help you in anyway possible with your bills.
Husson University creates a personalized and innovative community for their students. The campus is small enough to provide individualized attention to each student, yet are still able to foster a dynamic and diverse environment.
Great academics, great community, great people! Highly recommended. Could improve student communication with student accounts and financial aid, but in the end they get it done!
Husson University is a small private non profit University situated in Bangor,Maine. The university is a very peaceful one which is very advantageous to learning. Due to it being a small university, it creates a very friendly and active community. The teachers and professors are always ready and willing to help a student. For every sixteen students there is one teacher available. This facilitates communication between teachers and students. Plus, the food is good!
I have had a great experience here so far. The people here are super nice and the professors care about you. The college is located just minutes away from mall and other attractions. There are always a ton of student activities going on. During the weekend the various sport have games that are always fun to go see. I feel very safe here and security is super nice. On top of everything the food is also pretty good. They have a ton of variety and plenty of opportunity to try new things. The goal here is to be given a quality education at a reasonable price.
The professors are friendly and easy to talk to. The course load can be tough, but classes aren't too long so you have plenty of time to get things done.
Husson is a great environment for someone looking for that small, close knit community feel. They have variety of different majors to offer, with the advantage of small class sizes. The housing on campus is very good. At Husson you have the option to live in a single, double, or triple room. There is also the option to choose suite style living, and next year there will be townhouse apartments available on campus. The dining hall offers flexible hours, with a variety of easy, college style foods that many people enjoy.
The campus always has stuff to do for students that commute and live on campus. The professors really care about their students and are very helpful.
I am a college freshman at Husson University. I am a Criminal Justice Major and I love this school. They have a great staff, a fun student life, and great academics. Overall this college is a great one and I personally love it.
The campus is just the right size. The staff are very friendly and willing to help. The class sizes are good also. I would change the curriculum so that all classes are offered online and in class.
I am currently a junior at Husson University in Bangor, Maine. I am enrolled in the five-year Acccounting & MBA program. So far, I have loved my experience at Husson. There are plenty of opportunities for students to apply for internships and full-time jobs. The professors are very nice and they are willing to work with students to help them achieve their goals. A lot of the professors have connections with businesses in the real world, which makes it easier to find jobs. The campus is a safe environment and is located in the beautiful city of Bangor, Maine. I would definitely recommend Husson University to prospective students.
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The school is very inviting. The small class sizes allow professors to get to know you on an individual level, which helps the learning process. However, because the school is small and secluded you do feel a sense of disconnect at times.
I currently attend this school. As a veteran, they have been nothing but helpful. The small class sizes are better, giving you more personal interactions with your professors. This makes understanding the material much easier and less stressful.
Being a member of the softball team here at Husson, I would say it's easy to tell sports are a big part of everyone's lives here. The facilities are very well maintained, and respected by both athletes and non-athletes. Our football team has a great new turf complex, where baseball and track also practice. People are welcome to use any facility even if they aren't part of a team, as long as they are respectful to the surroundings. There's always a student section at any game, and people are supporting their fellow classmates.
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