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Huntington Junior College Reviews

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They are one of the few that offer state test for MA's. They offer job placement.
The financial aid advisor is the best thing about aid here. They are straight forward with it.
Pretty much all the students knows each one and get along good in and out side of class and really help each other out.
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The classes offered are keep on track with your degree.
The professors all let you know what they expect in class and also give you a type of schedule for what to expect in class.
There is a lot of one on one with the professors, small class size.
So for my experience with this college is good.
They have you basicly right on track and try to keep you on track to graduate on time with your degree.
They have a computer lab for used through out the day as well as after class plus they have a library. Plus they are right across from the Cabell County Public Library, where the librarian at the college will help you get a library card.
The have available cupters to use all the time. they even offer computer usage during weekends
Overall Expereience at School So Far. I give Huntington Junior College a C+ for my overall exeperience so far. I had two bad grades and they wouldn't give the higher learning education grants because of those two bad grades. I' ve had more good grades than bad grades. I known of
others students had flunked out one semester and still got the higher learning education grant.
Life After College – At Huntington junior college, they do help you find a job, after you graduate, and there is a required course to take on resumes and getting ready for an interview.
Computer Labs – The computers are always available at school, they have several computer labs and a library, all of the printing is free. There is always a computer tech on duty to help with any problems that we may have. I think we have a wonderful system set up at Huntington Junior College as far as computer technology goes, there are plenty of computer classes to help those that wanna a learn how to use computers.
I have went to a large campus school before and there just wanted any one on one training, and that is one of the things that i love about Hunintington Junior College. The staff is great, the professors are even better. Everyone tries to do what they can do to make the students feel at home all while teaching them. they have seminars to felp the students they also have a job placement program to help the students find a job after graduation if need be. They have hands on training, courses to prepare you for the outside world, getting you ready for job interviews. All in all I think I attend a wonderful school.
Academic Experience at HJC – Overall experience has been positive. There has been times I've faced difficulty receiving technical assistance with my speech recognition software required for my degree. It is a new software, new to the school as well, and I'm unsure if they do not have the answers I've needed or what they problem may be. I am currently satisfied with my school and look forward to graduation.
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