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Huntingdon College is a great Institution, that my family and I fell in Love with after our visit. I am going to play Football for Huntingdon and Coach Turk and the Coaching Staff had been great.
What I like most about Huntingdon College is that I am more than just a number there. My professors know me by name and are more than willing to go out of their way to help me succeed. The student body and its staff are close-knit. Huntingdon College is basically one big family!
What I like about Huntingdon, is all the people are friendly and will interact with you to make it fill like home.
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I have been on two college tours. Huntingdon College is by far the friendliest group of faculty and administration that I have met. The college is small enough to not feel overwhelmed but still has the full university experience.
The college is okay but the woman's soccer head coach 2017-18 season is a total disaster. He over recruits, has anger issues, and acts like a dope. If you have a general question or need help, don't expect it. Instead, prepare to be insulted, called names, and belittled.
My experience at Huntingdon College so far has been absolutely wonderful. The teachers are extremely helpful. The college all around is a place of diversity and prosperity.
Listen and listen closely. HUNTINGDON COLLEGE IS A WHOLE JOKE. Facilities are falling apart, most proffessors aren't even PHD certified, most sports besides football are awful, the classes are so easy they are a joke, nobody outside of Alabama has even heard of huntingdon. The tuition plus room and board is over 30,000 dollars a year?? You can't live up off campus until you're 21 and you pay over 8,000 dollars a year for housing when apartments are around 6k. The food is awful, the people are even worse. There is little to no diversity in most classes and you see the same people EVERY DAY.
Huntingdon College is a small liberal art's private college and it was the perfect fit for me. Everything is very hands on and the experience is very personal as it is a small campus so all the administrators and professors know you and always welcome you with open arms. The campus has a great home feel to it and overall is a great place to be.
School officials are incredibly nice, the buildings are beautiful, and everyone is welcome. The campus is old and some of the facilities are more outdated than others. The campus is small which is good if you do not care for larger schools or long walks to class. They work with everyone, so no matter your grades or financial status they will do their best to make sure you get the college experience you've always dreamed of.
very good school. all of the professors are friendly and do all that they can to help each individual student excel and succeed in their studies. the athletics are very well done as well. every sport goes out to support each other in their own event.
I came to spirit camp and honor band this year and really enjoyed the campus. The food was great. The housing was good and the over all atmosphere of the college was amazing.
Overall Huntingdon offers the best professors. They care equally about students and would do anything to make sure students succeed.
Not the best housing but very decent!
Greek life is a huge part of Huntingdon College. Students who participate have a higher GPA than those who do not!
I love the school, and the students. I feel at home every time I am on campus!
Sexual assault is not a thing on our campus.
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Being at Huntingdon you will love each and every person there
The dorms are great. It gives you that closeness environment that everyone needs. We have a chance to know each other on a personal level
Everyone gets included in this on campus and there are so many to choose from.
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