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Deciding to go to Hunter was the best thing that I did for myself. I learned valuable skills that I use every single day at my job. Every person truly cares for your success. I’m so grateful for Hunter.
I'm currently attending the CTNS program to study and learn about the CompTIA A+ certification. The workload is tough, but I'm gaining valuable experience for the IT field. The teachers are great and work with you to help you learn the best you can. Many students come in with learning troubles and the school works with them to help them, instead of passing over them. I personally have been excelling in my classes due in great part to the school and my fellow classmates working with me.

I paid a great deal of money for this education and I definitely feel like I am receiving my money's worth and more!
Hunter Business is the best school I have attended! The financial adviser's and admissions are so helpful through out your whole journey at Hunter. All of the teachers are so helpful, caring and great ; they all give extra help when asked. I took the Medical Office Assistant program it is exactly what they said it would be when I went to look at the school. The classes are great and the students too, help each other when needed.
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Terrible place to send your kid. They dont learn in this school and a waste of money, its not a college.
I want to warn people about the recruiters, i went to this school several yrs ago for medical assisting , they lied to me. Told me the classes could transfer to REAL COLLEGE since my plan was to attend a real college. They charged so much PELL $ and other for this cheap class, it was NOT worth it since I got hired based on my other experience not this school.Just want others to know to protect themselves and not be foold.Also i have a learning disabilty so they took advantage of me, i kno better today. They are all about making $ so save yurs for a real college its much cheaper.
According to the hospitals - this school does not qualify in medical assisting quality so they DO NOT hire these people from this school and don't be fooled by the recruiters or other. This is "not" a college it's a business to make money off of you.
this is a technical school and is not good for anything medical, no jobs just money spent and they deplete your govt funds so the future has no money for real education.
BAD NEWS, the instructors are not teachers, they are the worst. Stay in college no dr wants certificates and you'll never pass the national tests in this dump. they talk about personal things of themselves and you will never pass the certification exam at this school for medical assistant or LPN. If you complain to the owner he is more interested in his bank account. the pay is very low, they lie, waste time, smoke too much, and say doctors teach when the instructors seem right off the loony bin. No updated equipment. Not to CAAHEP standards & very unprofessional. More like a computer business school and not medical. No real lab. very expensive, no updated equipment, no supplies, not a medical environment. Waste of time.
Y experience has been amazing cause I was one of those students who just gave up the teachers at hunter really want to see u succeed any question you have they answer
School is a great school.
The classes are when the classes are, but I knew what I was signing up for.
Once you're in the building that's it. No view of the outside world.
The financial aid team at Hunter has been extremely helpful to me.
They offer career placement assistance for life.
The school has a very diverse group of students.
The program is currently in its second year at Hunter and the first group of graduates have just started taking the NCLEX-PN and so far all have passed. The workload is heavy, but not more than expected. The curriculum is very "by the book" but there is a lot of time for hands-on practice and teaching. In January we begin clinicals where I feel I will learn the most.
Everyone in the program at Hunter Business School takes the same classes at the same time with the same professors. I enjoy it because it's easy for us to bond and form friendships and study groups.
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Job Hunting Skills – I learned a great deal from my time in Career Development. I feel that my confidence has increased tremendously with regard to going on interviews and interacting with potential employers. I learned how to turn down my intensity during my mock interview and try to come across a bit softer. I also learned how to market myself and treat job hunting like enthusiastic! I feel prepared for any type of interview setting because I know all of the different types of questions an interviewer could ask.
Professional Professors – My experience at Hunter Business School was nothing like I ever expected. It was better then what I ever expected. My teachers were amazing. Both Trish & Donna never lost faith in me. They always believed in me, most importantly the never gave up on me or on any of their students. They saw more in me then what I saw in myself, and pushed me harder & gave me courage. So I'm truly grateful for that and always will be. Thank you Trish and Donna for being more than just my instructors, but my role models as well.
Changed My Life – As a student attending hunter business school I have learned many things though out the course of becoming a medical assistant. The teachers and staff have been wonderful and helpful to prepare me before going into the field. My teacher Donna Deluca has prepared me for hands on clinical in an excessive way where I am confident enough where I don't have any uncertainty myself. Also my other teacher Kathleen Quinn has prepared me for my administrative skills where I'm able to work behind the desk where I'm able to file, billing coding, medical management. I know I received a well education where I can come back for LIFE to refresh my self where I can always have the confident that will get me ahead in life.
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