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This school offers a diverse array of courses in a stunningly scenic rural town that is unique from any other. With a focus on diversity, tolerance, environmental issues, and sustainability, Humboldt State is a hidden gem.
Visited the campus and was welcomed by friendly faculty and crisp clean air. They have an outdoor program competition which involves students and gets them motivated to go explore the vast surroundings
Humboldt State is a unique college with a lot of potential for any students. It has a lot of hands on when it comes to the sciences and liberal arts and gives people a chance to go outside their comfort zone in a safe way.
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So far my experience has been good. There are tons of services that help students and the staff/faculty try to help each student individually as best as they can.
I come from an urban city environment. So imagine the culture shock I experience with residents being so friendly. The teachers are very helpful. They only wish to learn new skills and put them to use. Humboldt State provides enough activities for a student to accomplish anything they desire. Also, it is a charming place to live in. This college really cares about their students.
Great campus. Very beautiful. Loving everything about it so far. Food on campus is great and fairly priced.
the things that i like about Humboldt State University is that it's an open campus that is looking at the current social and racial issues and is taking steps to improve the thinking of the students. The campus is also surrounded by the beautiful redwood forest.
Honestly not a great school for the money. It's cheap, but even then it leaves much to be desired. The science programs are alright. They advertise small class size. The flip side of that is - all of the staff and professors are absolutely slammed and will struggle to find time to help you.

They have labs before lectures...professors will teach multiple classes using the same content (slideshows, quizzes, midterms all pretty much identical between the two different classes). PSCI 101 and PSCI 112 may be different on a transcript as well as in the course catolog - but they may very well be the same class as far as content goes.

There's a reason only 1/4 of their freshman class graduates. They don't advertise this. I really wish I didn't waste time and money here.
Humboldt State University is a great school. The campus is beautiful and the weather is great (if you like colder weather). There are many things to do such as go to the beach or take a walk in the community forest. Humboldt is perfect for environmental science majors. Everyone seems friendly.
Great school for outdoor sciences such as botany, forestry, fisheries, and wildlife. Very hands-on with lots of field trips. Many of the professors here are working on interesting and inspiring projects with opportunities to work for them. I would recommend this school for these types of sciences. It's also just an amazing place to live while you are in college with lots to do and wilderness to explore.
I love Humboldt State University . Coming from sunny San Diego it's very different when it comes to the weather. But I love the rain so this is a perfect school for me. You will fall in love with the forest .
Humboldt will always hold a special place in my heart. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and moving to a small town like Arcata California might as well been the middle of nowhere. I joined HSU's Women's Rowing team, was a walk-on athlete, and continue to row today. Joining a team gave me a supportive family, and a little bit of drama; It taught me discipline, and challenged me. I thank HSU, for running amazing programs, teams, and clubs just as such.
The surrounding radius of the campus is home to amazing redwood forests, cold beaches, farm acres, and happy local business/community. A 15 minute drive north or south will bring you to nearest Starbucks occupied town, but step out of the dorms and your already in the community forest.
Although some of the buildings could be considered out dated, HSU is home to some of the most amazing teachers and professors you'll ever meet. As an elementary education major I am so lucky to share my past experiences with my future students.
The school does what it can to reach as many potential students it can in northern California. There is a large selection of classes and many other things.
I am currently enrolled as a freshman and when I went to visit I didn't really know what to expect because google doesn't have the best pictures but wow. The campus is incredibly green and beautiful and I am so excited to move ins next month
It's been a great experience at HSU. The campus is beautiful and I love most of my professors in the English department. If I could see one thing change it would be to get more parking options for staff and students.
Students are open minded and care about social issues and the environment. They continue to accept more students, but do not make the much needed room for the growing population. There is hardly a parking spot past 8AM and yet they continue to sell parking passes. Dorms need to be updated, especially Campus Apartments. The local area has no apartments to accommodate the growing student body. Meal plans are expensive and the cost of food without a meal plan is also very expensive. Classes are cramped due to overcrowding. Professors care about their student and there are a lot of opportunities for hands on study.
HSU was a great outdoor, hand-on, environment-friendly school. The class sizes are typically 15-30 with the exception of a few large core classes having upwards of 150 students. Most students show up to class and get involved in discussions, adding to the small town friendly atmosphere of the campus (and town). There is plenty of activities to keep you busy when homework is burning you out and you can always find at least a few people to connect with on your own level.
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Humboldt State is the place to go! I loved the experiences and people I met there. It is an open minded school with a student oriented atmosphere. Further, the school is locked between the beautiful ocean and vast, historical redwoods. I lived all over Arcata and was still only a 30 minute walk to campus. Fun facts: the town only has 4 bars, the center of town lacks electric stop lights, and on a summer night, one can literally lay in the streets and look up at the stars. This is a school to truly experience life at.
Humboldt State University is an exceptional school surrounded by forests making it one of the most beautiful schools out there. The only thing that I would like to see changed is the weather, it rains a lot.
Unless you come here for science it's not worth it since that's where they dump all their resources. On and off campus housing is terrible. It rains all the time but I personally enjoy that part.
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