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Students are open minded and care about social issues and the environment. They continue to accept more students, but do not make the much needed room for the growing population. There is hardly a parking spot past 8AM and yet they continue to sell parking passes. Dorms need to be updated, especially Campus Apartments. The local area has no apartments to accommodate the growing student body. Meal plans are expensive and the cost of food without a meal plan is also very expensive. Classes are cramped due to overcrowding. Professors care about their student and there are a lot of opportunities for hands on study.
HSU was a great outdoor, hand-on, environment-friendly school. The class sizes are typically 15-30 with the exception of a few large core classes having upwards of 150 students. Most students show up to class and get involved in discussions, adding to the small town friendly atmosphere of the campus (and town). There is plenty of activities to keep you busy when homework is burning you out and you can always find at least a few people to connect with on your own level.
Humboldt State is the place to go! I loved the experiences and people I met there. It is an open minded school with a student oriented atmosphere. Further, the school is locked between the beautiful ocean and vast, historical redwoods. I lived all over Arcata and was still only a 30 minute walk to campus. Fun facts: the town only has 4 bars, the center of town lacks electric stop lights, and on a summer night, one can literally lay in the streets and look up at the stars. This is a school to truly experience life at.
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Humboldt State University is an exceptional school surrounded by forests making it one of the most beautiful schools out there. The only thing that I would like to see changed is the weather, it rains a lot.
Unless you come here for science it's not worth it since that's where they dump all their resources. On and off campus housing is terrible. It rains all the time but I personally enjoy that part.
Small student to teach ratio. Easy to get in contact and meet with professors or advisors. Lots of hands on experience for science majors including wildlife, biology, zoology, and more.
Coming to Humboldt State University is a very overwhelming impact due to the fact the location is within the environment. Humboldt is a perfect place for someone to branch out to new experiences for example hiking, surfing and many more. Professor in this school will always make themselves available just to help you strive to your potential. There are many academic resources like tutoring for science,math and English. This school makes you see a whole new aspect of the world.
HSU is very diverse and focuses on the success of all students. Students push each other to be the best they can be and also support growth.
When someone says you see something new in Humboldt everyday, they are not joking. From the ever lasting redwoods to the fresh ocean smell, you will automatically feel happy while walking around campus. The communications department is truly family and have some of the best communications advisors that I willing to help you with personal or academic struggles. Once in Humboldt it feels as though a little part of you will always miss it.
Humboldt has an excellent exercise science program and several fantastic sports facilities. All types of people can be found at Humboldt, and each has something different to offer.
My life was forever changed from going here. I am the person I am today because of this school. It is not for everybody and I HIGHLY recommend you visit before you commit to going. If you take initiative and get involved you will go places.
It's a beautiful campus with friendly people. The local community is small and everyone knows each other. There is nowhere else on earth like here.
They have an amazing science program. The professors and instructors are more than happy to help you. The labs are hands-on and they make sure that you have the tools to learn in their class!
Humboldt State University is all about its location and the people that are drawn to this amazing place. I have been in a few conflicts with the higher ups about bike security and allowing water polo players to use the college pool. The many hours of effort ended with me and my fellow students and athletes being pushed aside as if we don't deserve even a fraction of the resources that other groups get. This is why the school is getting 3 stars from me and not a full 5 stars.
Very liberal and inclusive campus. It is very eco-friendly and vegetarian-friendly. The science department is very well established, as this university is known for having a very good environmental science program. Students are almost all very friendly, courteous, and easy to get along with. The campus overlaps with the Arcata community forest which students can use for recreation or research. The university is located in a very small town with only local businesses, but is not far from Eureka which is the nearest big city.
When I arrived at Humboldt I saw trees. The trees were pretty cool, I guess. They hug the campus like a nice sweater. You know, the kind you get from your grandmother, the nice kind. It adorns the sweater like the students do on rainy days. Warm...welcoming...that's Humboldt.

P.S They have Piece Tea so life is good.
The area of Humboldt State University's campus is absolutely breathtaking. There are few places to take in the glory of Redwood Trees and HSU is planted right next to them. Not only are the sights wonderful, HSU also has a great student life that is greatly diverse and inclusive. They take the time to set up programs and talks towards people of every background. I'd also like to stay that the academics are very fruitful and allow students for a range of options, but also options that are unique to HSU.
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My experience at Humboldt State was absolutely amazing. I loved the people, I got tours of the whole campus, and I loved the views of the redwood Forrest and the ocean. The location of the school is just absolutely perfect.
I transferred to Humboldt State after my first semester of my first year and I do not regret my decision one bit. I joined the Women's Soccer team and am taking classes towards my Kinesiology Major with my emphasis as Pre-PT. I have met so many genuinely nice and knowledgeable coaches, students, and staff in both the sports programs and classes. The education here pushes you to try your best to succeed. Not only is the education great, but the location of the school is phenomenal. The university is surrounded by giant redwoods just a couple miles from the Pacific Ocean. I've had such an exciting experience in just the year I've been at Humboldt, therefore, I would recommend anybody to attend HSU.
Humboldt State University is a beautiful campus. It sets on the edge of an ancient redwood forest and has plenty of clean air. The layout of the campus has a great deal of stairs but what is good for the body is good for the mind. Their forestry and biology departments are in the top of their league as well as environmental studies. There is a well diversified campus and every ethnicity is somehow represented. The school of business is an amazing experience there is a great staff and a good culture. I love the campus and the people are beautiful.
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