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Humboldt State is so, so beautiful. The students and faculty members such as the professors/ instructors are so friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Being here allowed me to understand more about the current social, political and environmental events. I am most definitely exposed to the world we live in.
I transferred to Humboldt State as a Junior in the Psychology and Early Childhood Development departments. During my five semesters there I participated in clubs, on and off campus events, and later graduated with a bachelors in Psychology. Humboldt state offered amazing professors with unique experience in the field and within the local community. Class sizes are so small that professors know all their students' names. The University offers both on campus and online courses. Taking classes in-person means you get to stroll beside the redwood forest, whose trails often get students across campus quicker than hallways. Humboldt State's campus is a magical place to be at sunset on game day for Lumberjack Football games. What feels like the entire town fills the stadium and the sound of chainsaws fill the air. There is no University in California quite like Humboldt State. This tiny school nestled in the redwoods is a refreshing break from the big bustling cities down south.
Humboldt was my first option, the closest school to home, the natural environment, and the animal science program they have available.
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I love the scene at this university it's a beautiful campus with lots of eager and helpful professors that make class enjoyable, what i think this campus could work on is the amount of diversity, but do believe its doing so this year seeing the amount of new comers.
M experience so far at HSU has been excellent. I have nothing bad to say at all. The campus is beautiful and i love it here.
My experience at Humboldt state has been great. The teachers are very committed and passionate about the fields they teach. The campus is absolutely gorgeous, its surrounded by a luscious forest that has been the backdrop to various movies like Jurrasic Park and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. They offer various styles of dorm living for freshmen; the hill, cypress, and canyon. Best advice for incoming freshmen is to apply for cypress hits more of apartment style living. However the other dorms are suitable as well. If you like the coastal cloudy weather, Rain and a very eco conscious community Humboldt state would be good for you.
I love the area in which the college is located in! There is so much nature around us. It is almost a completely new world compared to my previous hometown. The people here are also amazing! A vast majority of the people here are really kind to one another. It is no surprise to me anymore when someone simply walking by smiles and says "Hello!" The educators and staff members are very involved in student's education. They care about them and help them succeed throughout their experience at Humboldt State. This is definitely a one of a kind college that I would recommend to anyone, especially those from Southern California!
If you're a city person I don't recommend attending this university due to it being isolated. Fun things to do are hiking or going to the beach, that's it. However, Humboldt offers multiple hands on courses.
I have really grown to love this campus, it was something that I have always wanted, a small college town where I can really showcase who I am and be true to myself. My experience so far has been amazing, I made completely new friends that I love so much. My journalism classes are great and I am very excited to learn more about it. The professors that I have are so nice and really easy to talk to. I love everything about my environment, I think this is what I really needed if I am being honest, being surrounded by nature makes me feel better, I honestly feel so refreshed every time I walk outside. This is a wonderful college with a diverse community and excellent student life.
beautiful campus, and very connected to the environment! Their students are high achievers and im looking forward to going there next year
The pricing is good, the opportunities are great, and the campus is beautiful. You make great connections and have amazing networking opportunities.
The outdoor life and communication of this university is unbelievable. There are many connections between the students. You are also very close to many great resources such and the ocean, which is helpful to students interested in a major toward marine life.
What I like about Humboldt State University is the opportunity given to me to complete my BA degree 100% online. So far I wouldn’t change anything.
It's lit. There's a lot of people there. HSU has a great campus. It offers a variety of majors and opens up many paths. It's not too hard to get into and it's a great experience.
I've had a great experience so far. It's a bit odd but it's valuable to me. The teaching and curriculums are a bit lacking due to young staff, but if you work hard, it's a good education.
This school offers a diverse array of courses in a stunningly scenic rural town that is unique from any other. With a focus on diversity, tolerance, environmental issues, and sustainability, Humboldt State is a hidden gem.
Visited the campus and was welcomed by friendly faculty and crisp clean air. They have an outdoor program competition which involves students and gets them motivated to go explore the vast surroundings
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Humboldt State is a unique college with a lot of potential for any students. It has a lot of hands on when it comes to the sciences and liberal arts and gives people a chance to go outside their comfort zone in a safe way.
So far my experience has been good. There are tons of services that help students and the staff/faculty try to help each student individually as best as they can.
I come from an urban city environment. So imagine the culture shock I experience with residents being so friendly. The teachers are very helpful. They only wish to learn new skills and put them to use. Humboldt State provides enough activities for a student to accomplish anything they desire. Also, it is a charming place to live in. This college really cares about their students.
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