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The school and surround area is very open and welcoming to all students. The community and people are very friendly and willing to help. I decided to live on campus and every time I had to go grocery shopping, people would offer to help carry my groceries. This was something new to me for where I came from, neighbors would not do this. The staff and teacher as well are willing to go beyond to help their students succeed. They are open and willing to meet outside their office hours to help students.
The school is very diverse but does not provide enough housing for students. The parking situation needs to be addressed and figured out because parking if nonexistent. However, the surrounding are is very beautiful and the people are genuinely nice and helpful. Beautiful community.
Humboldt State has small class sizes which means that the professors know all of their students and really try to help you in any way they can.
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My experience at Humboldt State has been fairly good. It is far away from home so homesickness is very common for students, just like myself. Humboldt has a lot of beautiful scenes but the community does need a lot of improvement. The town needs more street lights as a lot of students do walk home from campus. Finding housing can be very difficult with property managements and on campus housing is very expensive. I have not had any bad experiences with professors, all the professors I have taken a class with have been helpful.
It is a very nice environment with a lot of interesting people and weather. Everyone is very friendly and nothing is really bad.
The experience is amazing there’s a lot of fun opportunities available for students to have and professors are dedicated to helping students there’s also a lot of available resources for students to access
the atmosphere and small community are the best aspects of this school. There is only about 7k students, so the student:teacher ration is excellent!
Humboldt is an amazing school! You are surrounded by beautiful redwood trees and a beautiful coastline! The professors here from my own experience are very genuine and kind hearted individuals! It's considered a some what small university which benefitted me because with a smaller student population the number of students in a classroom is much smaller. Which benefited me because I was able to make a solid personal connection with most of my professors!
I'm a freshmen here and so far the experience is great. I have so many great memories with my friends. The students I met are nice. I've met a lot of students that are from The Bay area and southern california. The professors I had are super great. They will want to know your name and they want to help you.
I think HSU is a great way to get out if the city and the people are really down to earth but also besides school there really isn't anything to do around Humboldt.
Humboldt State University is one of the best schools for natural resources, environmental studies, and environmental issues. Out in the middle of nowhere, the college of hills and trees is remote but within walking distance of Arcata. The school does what it can to promote sustainability and environmental protection. Would recommend for natural sciences but not so much for other majors unless you are particularly interested in the nearby environment. Drug and alcohol use are high, but no more so than at other colleges. Parties are more private, off campus, while on campus there is more enforcement. Academically there is a variety with some professors being excellent while others work to push you to do better.
Humboldt is a great and cheap school! The school is on a big hill overlooking Humboldt Bay, surrounded by ancient redwoods and tons of wildlife. The area is beautiful and the tuition is the lowest of all the CSU's!
Humboldt State is so, so beautiful. The students and faculty members such as the professors/ instructors are so friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Being here allowed me to understand more about the current social, political and environmental events. I am most definitely exposed to the world we live in.
I transferred to Humboldt State as a Junior in the Psychology and Early Childhood Development departments. During my five semesters there I participated in clubs, on and off campus events, and later graduated with a bachelors in Psychology. Humboldt state offered amazing professors with unique experience in the field and within the local community. Class sizes are so small that professors know all their students' names. The University offers both on campus and online courses. Taking classes in-person means you get to stroll beside the redwood forest, whose trails often get students across campus quicker than hallways. Humboldt State's campus is a magical place to be at sunset on game day for Lumberjack Football games. What feels like the entire town fills the stadium and the sound of chainsaws fill the air. There is no University in California quite like Humboldt State. This tiny school nestled in the redwoods is a refreshing break from the big bustling cities down south.
Humboldt was my first option, the closest school to home, the natural environment, and the animal science program they have available.
I love the scene at this university it's a beautiful campus with lots of eager and helpful professors that make class enjoyable, what i think this campus could work on is the amount of diversity, but do believe its doing so this year seeing the amount of new comers.
M experience so far at HSU has been excellent. I have nothing bad to say at all. The campus is beautiful and i love it here.
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My experience at Humboldt state has been great. The teachers are very committed and passionate about the fields they teach. The campus is absolutely gorgeous, its surrounded by a luscious forest that has been the backdrop to various movies like Jurrasic Park and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. They offer various styles of dorm living for freshmen; the hill, cypress, and canyon. Best advice for incoming freshmen is to apply for cypress hits more of apartment style living. However the other dorms are suitable as well. If you like the coastal cloudy weather, Rain and a very eco conscious community Humboldt state would be good for you.
I love the area in which the college is located in! There is so much nature around us. It is almost a completely new world compared to my previous hometown. The people here are also amazing! A vast majority of the people here are really kind to one another. It is no surprise to me anymore when someone simply walking by smiles and says "Hello!" The educators and staff members are very involved in student's education. They care about them and help them succeed throughout their experience at Humboldt State. This is definitely a one of a kind college that I would recommend to anyone, especially those from Southern California!
If you're a city person I don't recommend attending this university due to it being isolated. Fun things to do are hiking or going to the beach, that's it. However, Humboldt offers multiple hands on courses.
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