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Professors are great! I love how Hult designed their courses to be very practical and on top of that, they carefully chose professors who are business professionals as well. Not just teachers. This way, their real world experiences really add up to my whole learning experience, and they are not out of touch with current business trends. Quality of courses are sometimes somewhat questionable. I've taken a freshman course that is way more difficult than my senior course -- this probably also depends on the professors. There is not a lot of choices for professors, sometimes you would only get one professor per course, so you can't really choose your professor. Class style and size is perfect! Usually around 15-30 students, a small classroom is optimum for an immersive learning experience, we would do group works in and off campus, and sometimes field trips to our instructor's company, etc.
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Many of Hult's professors have been business professionals or are still active business professionals, bringing the knowledge to the classroom. Guest speakers are common and some professors go the extra mile trying to organise projects to work on with clients. The courses offered have a good variety. There are general education courses as well as the business courses, focusing on accounting, finance, management, marketing and entrepreneurship. There could be potentially be a greater variety throughout summer, however, it's still great. The class sizes are amazing, allowing easy access to the professor. Most of the times, the professor will know your name. Classes I've experienced have been between 15 to 55 students.
As Hult is a relatively new school most recruiters have not yet heard about the school (although this is slowly getting better). However this made it extremely hard to find a job/ internship and in my case (and many others) jobs or internships that were found were not due to connections made during career fairs, etc but self-sponsored. Hult has lately started to have career fairs on campus, but if you're looking for big multinationals you will be disappointed (if you're looking for a smaller company or start-up the school might be able to help you better). Campus recruiting is unfortunately non-existent. There has also been a series of speaker-events last year, and even though this time there were multinationals such as pwc it did not seem as if they were particularly interested in recruiting from Hult.

Generally speaking, it can be seen that Hult has put a lot of effort into improving its careers team and career opportunities for its students in the past year. However this process takes time and for many students who are graduating now this improvement has not been early and fast enough.