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Hudson county community college is a great community college with affordable prices. This school is conveniently located and the professors are wonderful, very knowledgeable, fair, caring etc. One thing I would like to see change is the security, I believe the security should be tighter.
The college is close to transportation! The teachers try their best to assist you with your course work.
over the two years studying at Hudson County Community College. I have experienced a lot. I have attended many events and met many people who helped me navigate the school. the staffs are extremely kind and they help you solve any problems you come across
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Hudson County Community College is a very convenient school, the tuition is affordable and the level of education is high. this college has excellent commute services for students that assist to its both campuses, also the public transportation is very cheap is you have to travel from other towns.
Overall HCCC is a great school to start your educational journey. Although it's in the middle of Jersey City's Journal Square the advisors and professors try their best to make sure that you are comfortable. The admissions was quick and easy so anyone can further their education. Class sizes are fairly small so the professors gets pretty familiar with their students. So, So far so good.
Hudson county community collage is very diversity school. The staff and the professors are very helpful and friendly. It's clean and safely campus, the students life is great. there are little talent shows and other awesome activities to enjoy on campus.
It’s my first year here and it’s going pretty well. I have more to expect and create at this point and I’m looking forward to see what I have in store with all the help I’m getting here at this college.
I loved my experience at hccc. The staff is very helpful and the course offerings are great. The only thing I would like to see changed is to have metal detectors installed throughout the school to provide more safety for the staff and students.
Overall, I think this is a great community college. I had some excellent professors who really cared about their students. I also work in the college and the staff care about the students and their employees. The school work at the college can be challenging, especially if you take science courses. But, it is worth it. I would recommend this college to anyone.
All of my professors were excellent. Each and every course that I took was a challenge. I enjoyed all of the honor courses because it was an experience that made me want to excel. I'm a single parent with disabilities and I had my struggles. I am now going to transfer into a 4 year university. I hope that I will be able to graduate by 2021. It took me a few years to finish but I made it and who ever reads this essay I know that whatever you want to achieve the sky is the limit. I tell my children that they must study and no matter how hard it gets if you believe in prayer it will help. I'm 53 and in a few weeks I will be 54. If I can make it whoever is reading this essay I want to know that life is a challenge.
Going in as a Culinary Arts student I was very skeptical at first being the introvert that I am, but the more i familiarized myself with the campus the more open I became with my fellow peers. The classes are great with an easy pacing anyone can get in tune to. The admission and registration process is quick and easy as well as convenient for you as you schedule your class however you want and the staff is very accomodating.
I think this Community College is perfect for students like me who grew up in Jersey City. I highly recommend going here and for future college students to start here first if they have any idea on what they want to do. Also i recommend those like me who didn't know what to be or do in life to start here In Hudson County Community College because they have a wide varieties of different majors and many programs to choose. Going to this college will help you a lot financially and educational wise. The professors are very nice and well educated and the interactions with them during classes is perfect. They will stop and teach what they have to till everyone learns the subject of the day. The diversity is excellent; you will find almost anyone from anywhere on this earth attending the school.
The honors classes are fantastic if you can get in them. Small classes, great teachers and fellow students. The online classes are hit or miss. It's very difficult to communicate with the professors on there. But it's a nice institute and the new buildings are really great.
My experience has disabled student with different challenges my own at Hudson County Community College was good and challenging within transition. I would like more services for disability students to help them finish while getting a degree.
Good start for those who were away from school. The teachers are a tad mediocre. This is where you want to go as a stepping stone.
I attended Hudson for a total of 3 semesters. The professors I had were amazing other than a Spanish professor I had, she was terrible. I would recommend the Early Childhood Literature, East Asian Religion, and Film classes and professors (if they're still there). They were the most knowledgeable and kind professors I've had in a long time.
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There are some professors at HCCC that teach the curriculum in an understanding manner. Some of those professors also care for their students and only wish to see them be successful.
My experience at Hudson has been interesting. You get what you give, basically. There are some professors at that school that really care about you, and want you to succeed, and that's very inspiring. Then there are more professors who do not give a hoot. There are probably twenty people in their class, and they can't be bothered to learn all of your names.

Student life is what you make it. There are plenty many events that you can choose to participate in. So, if you don't make any friends throughout your college career, it is probably because you did not bother to put yourself out there. Hudson isn't a bad school, but it isn't particularly a great school. You get what you give.
Amazing diverse atmosphere. Professors give you grade A education, making you have an university type experience. They expect more from their students. Makes that Associates degree well earned and deserved.
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