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What I like about Hudson County Community College is the amount of different classes available for my major. For example, there’s Bio-230 and Bio-115, the latter I Recently completed. I would like nothing to change in the school.
Hudson County Community College is a very friendly and student focused , that makes the environment very confusing for students to pursue their goal while in college. I love the way the staff and faculty are students centered and go the extra mile to see that the needs of students are met. Student are regularly educated on the possibilities and transfer options into four years colleges in the area.
This college provides a good platform to showcase your capabilities and helps you to develop leadership skills.It has a really friendly atmosphere with helpful professors and students.I would like to see more qualified professors in this college as the classes of the good professors are always occupied and students are forced to opt for professors not good at teaching.
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Hudson County Community College is an affordable college for students that plan on transferring to a four-year university.
Hudson County Community College is an awesome college. Affordable, near the path station and very safe. The stuff members are very helpful and always there to answer all your questions in person or through phone and at any department. The first year I was not involved in student activities and I regret it once I did. All the activities are fun and very educative. It will teach you so many values and skills. Furthermore, the student life is a great experience there. The classes are very well equipped. The professors are very friendly and helpful and provide all the information needed in the classroom. I strongly recommend this college.
It is a quiet community college. Not really the fun college experience that one might hope for. However the small classes make it very easy and engaging when it comes to learning.
Hudson County Community College is very affordable. It is good for the community. HCCC is very diverse. The new building is very nice and clean with the latest laboratory equipment. I like the smart boards in class. The professors are good. The events are not very interesting. The library is okay not so quiet. I hope there is another quiet room in the library. The foods are okay there is not a lot of choices. The other buildings are old which should be remodeled and change the old chairs. I like that they offer online classes for the students who cannot come in person to school.
I am pursuing a A.S.S. in Culinary arts. I am entering my second year. My professors are resourceful and I have found each to be beneficial to my academics as well as my skill set in the kitchen. They are willing to work through various recipes and techniques. My questions are always answered to my satisfaction.
Do not come to this school! No one is helpful and they destroyed the GPA I worked so hard to keep. This past January I was planning my classes but I had financial problems and I couldn’t register. In the beginning of March I got a bill for around 570 for a psychology class. I tried withdrawing from it online but I couldn’t. I then called the school and a lady told me I had to write an appeal letter to “enrollment services” it was denied and they did not give me a reason why. I then contacted the Dean CHRISTOPHER WAHL via email .which wasn’t helpful at all!! Do not ask this guy for help try finding someone else.
I’m now stuck with an F. And a $570 bill. These people don’t help their students succeed.
Hudson County Community College is an excellent 2 year college. High Quality Education with affordable tuitions. Professsor's are very helpful and dedicated towards students academics.
Hudson county community college is a great community college with affordable prices. This school is conveniently located and the professors are wonderful, very knowledgeable, fair, caring etc. One thing I would like to see change is the security, I believe the security should be tighter.
The college is close to transportation! The teachers try their best to assist you with your course work.
over the two years studying at Hudson County Community College. I have experienced a lot. I have attended many events and met many people who helped me navigate the school. the staffs are extremely kind and they help you solve any problems you come across
Hudson County Community College is a very convenient school, the tuition is affordable and the level of education is high. this college has excellent commute services for students that assist to its both campuses, also the public transportation is very cheap is you have to travel from other towns.
Overall HCCC is a great school to start your educational journey. Although it's in the middle of Jersey City's Journal Square the advisors and professors try their best to make sure that you are comfortable. The admissions was quick and easy so anyone can further their education. Class sizes are fairly small so the professors gets pretty familiar with their students. So, So far so good.
Hudson county community collage is very diversity school. The staff and the professors are very helpful and friendly. It's clean and safely campus, the students life is great. there are little talent shows and other awesome activities to enjoy on campus.
It’s my first year here and it’s going pretty well. I have more to expect and create at this point and I’m looking forward to see what I have in store with all the help I’m getting here at this college.
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I loved my experience at hccc. The staff is very helpful and the course offerings are great. The only thing I would like to see changed is to have metal detectors installed throughout the school to provide more safety for the staff and students.
Overall, I think this is a great community college. I had some excellent professors who really cared about their students. I also work in the college and the staff care about the students and their employees. The school work at the college can be challenging, especially if you take science courses. But, it is worth it. I would recommend this college to anyone.
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