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I loved Howard because I got to make some of my greatest friends there and really got to propel my life as a good student on a post-secondary level; I struggled with college level work after leaving high school, but eventually I caught onto the new work ethic and got really good at what I did. It was atrugchoolych a rewarding experience.
Overall, I love the people that I have met. The networking scene is phenomenal here. It may take speaking with a few people to get whatever you need completed, however, it still gets done.
The campus was breathtaking, I never thought I would be walking on that campus. I loved the atmosphere of the campus and the food was great.
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Howard University is the best HBCU! The environment is great; from the people to the campus in general. Of course, like any other school, there are issues with some of the staff, among other things, but overall, the Mecca is amazing!
Howard University has been nothing but a positive experience for me. Howard allows its students chances to grow not only academically, but personally. It provides its students many opportunities to enter the professional realm, and create a strong network of influential professionals.
It's an amazing school. The culture and history of it are so rich. But, it can be pricey and financial aid here doesn't help much. Most of the on-campus housing is fine, except for some older buildings. The food is not very good, but they have different options for meal plans.
The school is one of unique experience. It is a nice place to go and learn new things and meet new people thus broadening your mindset of the word diversity.
Howard University is the mecca when it comes to educating and uplifting African Americans. It is rich in culture and heritage and charges each student to carry on it's great legacy.
I like the opportunities, interactions, and connections available at Howard. They could improve the wifi service, the security on campus, and the quality of food in the cafe. I wouldn't trade my Freshman year at Howard for anywhere else.
I love Howard. It had it's issues like every other school but I am happy with the decision that I made.
I love it because it's an HBCU, how I was able to interact with everyone, just wish I had the opportunity to stay on campus.
Howard University is the college for people who want to go on to do great things. I am not different I want to go on a become a sport agent so I can go on and make the world a better place for the next generation. Howard can help me with this dream. I want to have it where young people look at how I came from a terrible beginning to great end and have it where they will believe that they can get out of the ghetto and make the world better for everyone in the world. I want people to go on and come together so the ones that have the chance to make it could. I’m tired of this crab mentality that is going on in the black community. If I am accepted to your university I will love to gain a sport management degree. When I gain a sport management degree, I wanted to do something with sports and I'm glad I finally found it. I want to have it where people can look at my life and see that a boy who life didn’t start out so good can go on go to college and do something great with his life.
My Howard experience has been filled with a diverse bunch of extremely creative, motivated, intelligent and talented people. However, the meal plan is not a good return on investment for individuals who are "picky" eaters. If you are vegan or vegetarian or you do not eat pork, options become scarce. The dorm I stay in is spacious and functional, the communal bathrooms are good on most days but bearable on a few. Student life is never boring there are plenty organizations to join and a discussion, forum or activity is always taking place. I don't know much about the athletics at Howard except that the swim team is pretty good.The campus itself is an open campus and that certainly helps you to feel and act more like an adult. I am new to DC and I haven't explored the local area in depth as yet but I have been to various museums, Capitol hill, the Library of Congress and the Washington monument. If you are looking to do Political Science or Business, Howard is definitely a good choice!
I really appreciate the history of Howard University. The positive reputation is also another major quality that the school holds. I would definitely refer prospective students to take a tour of the university in order to get a sense of everyday campus life.
I love the academics and the black excellence that exist at my university. But like most HBCU's it is very hard to receive money from this school if you don't qualify for a scholarship as a freshmen coming in. I would love to see more scholarships set up for all class levels, and a better, more concerned financial aid department. Basically your typical HBCU problems, but I love Howard!
I've been in love with HU since 8th grade. I am now a senior in high school, anticipating my acceptance package. I also visited the campus my sophomore year in high school. It is absolutely perfect for me.
I love the cultural classes offered to us that allow us to learn about history with no filter. Our professors give maximum effort to make sure we enjoy our courses and learning experience.
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I am apart of the Lincoln Upward Bound Program and we went to Howard University July 1, 2016. I loved the campus and how involved the greek life was .
Howard is a diverse and inspirational university to study at. Their values and concepts on campus are amazing.
There are programs in place to help us students feel safe.
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