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Howard University was definitely a life-changing experience for me. I made life-long friends and was given many opportunities to be introduced to experiences that interest me and what I may want to do in the future. Although Howard has its ups and downs when it comes to things like housing and financial aid, it really is one of very few HBCUs that holds a certain prestige and legacy to attracting a plethora of amazing Black students that are destined to do great things. I do not regret choosing Howard at all and believe it was one of the best decisions I made in my life so far.
I love Howard! My first year at this university was full of challenges academically and socially, which have helped me to grow into a stronger person. I've made many friends at Howard and I see them lasting a lifetime. They say that this is a party school, but Howard is what you make it. You can go to parties every weekend, or you may never go to any!

While there are those students who never go to class, there are also students who take academics very seriously and have high GPAs. Howard is full of versatile and talented students.

A common complaint is that there is a large proportion of female students. I would not let this deter me from attending HU because the women here are AWESOME. You CAN find a bison guy.

I give my school 4 stars instead of 5 because there are areas that can be improved such as, a more transparent administration, better facilities, and handling sexual assault reports better.
First year is tough. You won't have a major right away. Just study, do your work, find loyal friends, and get involved. Take time to get to know yourself.
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I have a friend who went there and she loves it! She loves the atmosphere and social aspect. The only thing she dislikes is her dorming situatiuion.
It was a really big campus but because its historical it looks the same since it opened. People are really polite and its in a bad area when it comes to traffic. Right next to a 24 hour McDonalds lol.
I love Howard. I graduated in 2013. Although you may run into hiccups with the administration (lost paperwork, etc). Overall I enjoyed my time at Howard.
Howard is a dream school for anyone young African American kid who wants to learn their heritage. I recommend for everyone looking at colleges to check out Howard University. It an awesome school.
I did not know how I would like Howard University before I visited. My brother attended the college and it definitely wasn't as nice as it is nice. The whole city is so much nicer than it was 10 years ago. The buildings have been renovated and the community is so supportive, I fell in love with this school the moment I walked on campus.
Howard is a really great and diverse school. It has the best people in the theatre department and has a lot of opportunities available to you across all majors. Get ready to get a job while at Howard!
My experience with Howard University was difficult and disappointing. Although it is easy and fun to get swept up in the social activities the university has to offer, the academic programs leave much to be desired. During my first semester I went two whole months without a teacher in my math class. I felt like my time was being wasted, especially as a first time college student.
My experience at Howard has been incredible. I mainly love that it is an HBCU and that there are so many people of color from all walks of life. I experiences so much about other peoples cultures, and lifestyle, an language. I have learned so much outside of the classroom, and I think that is the true reason for college. To learn more than just what's being taught in the classroom, and Howard's is a place where all there and more happens.
Its been very difficult working with the financial office. I think they need more experienced people that can follow through
I loved Howard because I got to make some of my greatest friends there and really got to propel my life as a good student on a post-secondary level; I struggled with college level work after leaving high school, but eventually I caught onto the new work ethic and got really good at what I did. It was atrugchoolych a rewarding experience.
Overall, I love the people that I have met. The networking scene is phenomenal here. It may take speaking with a few people to get whatever you need completed, however, it still gets done.
The campus was breathtaking, I never thought I would be walking on that campus. I loved the atmosphere of the campus and the food was great.
Howard University is the best HBCU! The environment is great; from the people to the campus in general. Of course, like any other school, there are issues with some of the staff, among other things, but overall, the Mecca is amazing!
Howard University has been nothing but a positive experience for me. Howard allows its students chances to grow not only academically, but personally. It provides its students many opportunities to enter the professional realm, and create a strong network of influential professionals.
Review Howard University
It's an amazing school. The culture and history of it are so rich. But, it can be pricey and financial aid here doesn't help much. Most of the on-campus housing is fine, except for some older buildings. The food is not very good, but they have different options for meal plans.
The school is one of unique experience. It is a nice place to go and learn new things and meet new people thus broadening your mindset of the word diversity.
Howard University is the mecca when it comes to educating and uplifting African Americans. It is rich in culture and heritage and charges each student to carry on it's great legacy.
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