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The staff is very friendly & helpful towards getting your paper work processed. I'm really liking the school and its features.I'm looking forward to the spring class in which im enrolling.
I visited Howard University with my High School in October of 2017. Our visit was during homecoming weekend. When I arrived on campus I fell in love! The campus environment was very welcoming, the students and administration were very helpful. Howard is located in the D.C. area, so there everything was near by. The specific colleges within Howard are excellent. The school of Business overs hundreds of interning opportunities to its students. Also, during my visit I attended the greek step show. It was Phenomenal! Howard University has the divine nine. The participating groups performances were fantastic. My visit has compelled me to want to to attend this university.
More transparency from administration and financial aid. Improvements in housing, more affordable tuition. Better accountability of administration employees.
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Socially Howard is great but so far in my experience besides that, I have lots of problems. Financial aid is slow. SO slow that the school year can start and students will not have the packages they need to pay their balance so that they can register for classes without getting dropped. Housing is inadequate and in many places unsafe. There are lots of places on campus that don't have sufficient temperature control. You would think with how much money tuition is there would be fewer problems that will directly impact the students. Although admittedly Howard's tuition is not the part that really might get you. Because the gag is there are so many different things to pay for that are not encompassed in the base tuition that the number that should really be considered is the even more outrageous total cost of attendance which is mostly fees. The wifi is deplorable for the simple fact that good 75%-80% of the time you can't even use it. The food is gross. This is only my first semester.
The best thing about attending howard is the campus culture. Even though it's a HBCU the campus has such a diverse and open student body and faculty which I really enjoy.
I love my short time stay at Howard University. Unfortunately I had to take a medical leave a month into the semester, due to me suffering a brain injury while on campus. They took a while to get together my paper and financial aid. Attending this university was blast but it is very expensive. I do not suggest attending with out a scholarship because students have to pay for every event.
I currently go to Howard and it's my first year. I love it so far but administration is not best at answering calls or handling situations before they become big.
Great amount of diversity and you learn a lot while you're here. It can be difficult dealing with administration which can only add stress to an already stressful time.
The Howard University experience is not like any other HBCU or PWI in the world. Being surrounded by like-minded, intelligent and outspoken African American people has to be one of the most excellent educational and social oppurtunities there is.
My first year at Howard so far has been great. The energy is great, I'm able to learn a great deal from my professors, there are a number of activities every week to keep students entertained and it feels like a home away from home.
Over the summer, I have visited Howard University. I loved the entire campus from the school to the campus life to the people. People should definitely visit the school at least once in their lifetime. The best HBCU ever.
Howard University is a beautiful HBCU that cares about you! It's basically Harvard by black people, for black people.
My experience at Howard University was amazing because it was a true demonstration of the campus on a regular day basis. The people are extremely friendly and they answer any questions you have. Seeing the band and dance teams really caught my eye because that was something I wanted to join in college. I think the only thing that could have been changed was a more detailed tour of the campus.
The campus is great! The academic programs are above standard because the staff and faculty are dedicated. The school is very diverse.
Going to be honest and cut through the BS. If you're looking for a party school with good looking and fashionable people and lots of events this school might be for you. If you're actually looking to get your education and not play any games, AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Every person here has a story of how the Administration tried to screw them out of financial aid, classes, etc. I'm convinced at this point the administration does not care about the students well being (looking for that paycheck). The buildings are run down and in disrepair, the internet never works and when it does it so slow it makes you want to gouge your own eyes out. The only reason I even gave this 2 stars is because the students save it. The culture is amazing, unfortunately the actual school itself has become so god awful it survives on name and federal funding only. If any of these seem like a no-go to you, then you probably will have a love-hate relationship with this school like most.
Howard University is an excellent university. Like all universities, it needs some work around the edges. But I couldn't picture myself being anywhere else than the Mecca.
I have not been at Howard University long, but I am looking to transfer after this semester ends. The academics can be superb, but other classes are relatively poor. The professors are often extremely arrogant and boast about their achievements instead of instructing classes. In terms of safety and the local area, two students have already been robbed and lost their personal belongings.
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Howard University is a school where all of the students are driven to further their education as well as to positively impact the community and to extend their hands out tonothers.
Oops, I was writing with every detail I could, but didn't realize only 1000 characters are allowed!!
Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, I was not enrolled in class, (the semester hasn't started yet) so I can not properly rate the academics or professors. (Also sports aren't for me, so I can't rate the athletics department fairly either.)

From my short stay, I can say that Howard is an...interesting school.
They move you in extremely early, but that's so you can get used to walking around the large campus and meet new friends. Take advantage of it, it's a free three weeks with no classes!!

Freshman stay in dorms with one or two other students (mostly two)
The dorms are really nice, probably the nicest dorms I've ever seen.

The food was pretty good, and in my opinion, worth the long lines.

One thing I have to critique is the management. Mostly every office closes at 3pm. They should at least extended the hours for students.
Howard has its goods and bads. Great place for networking, discovering opportunities, and research. Hence, if you are the person who knows how to ask questions, research, and go after what you want, then it's the perfect place for you. I enjoyed my experience at Howard, it helped mold me into the person that I am today.
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