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The college definitely is great for people who are interested in the science fields. They have programs that allow the arts & science students to travel abroad and receive education from others that are linked with Howard. Not only that but also have internships, which are great!!
Howard University is very diverse and is a place here future leaders are nourished, given sound education, and also taught personal and interpersonal skills that prove useful to the students even before graduation and mostly after graduation. Howard University has taught me to always reach for the highest points and never undersell myself.
Howard University is home to a collection of different types of students. Students who aren’t afraid to be themselves, who speak their mind, who learn from their peers, and who most importantly, create an environment for success. I believe this to be the best part of Howard. The academics will be as expected, but it is the students who make this school so special.
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Love the overall experience of the university and what it has to offer. The diversity of students and scenery of the campus is amazing.
I like the diversity , the academic prestige , the rich culture , and the higher education . One thing I would change is the administration / registration process .
Howard University has an amazing student body and many people will the hunger for change. There’s many ways to speak your mind or your opinion and many clubs to join so you’re not alone. Many people voice their opinion to be heard and demand answers. I wish the school’s administration had a bit more consideration when it came down to the answers we all seeked when it came down to financial aid. Communication is important and also the way the students live. I would personally never want to live on campus just because of all the horrible experiences I’ve heard about that students have had to deal with. Overall, academically it’s an amazing opportunity and can be very beneficial to one's future.
Howard University is a great experience. I spent my undergraduate studies here and now have transitioned to the graduate level. I am excited to see the changes already taking place as well as what is to come in the future.
When I visited Howard it was pretty good. However before you make a decision on attending you should visit because some parts are different from what you might think in person.
My first time going to the campus was great. Everyone was respectful and helpful. They truly made me feel welcomed.
Howard has a wide variety of students. This is something that is very important, especially at an HBCU. We take pride in our plethora of ideas and dreams. The wide range of students allows you to experience African-American culture from every angle and corner of the world. Howard is the origin of black excellence. However the administration isn't so excellent. It lacks organization and funding which can cause some students to leave. There is always some part of their job they won't do and you have to go after them trying to get it done. Sometimes it can be a breeze , sometimes is difficult. Despite the Howard run around and lack of support of administration. The teachers, students, and the DC atmosphere in general will provide endless opportunities.
Great social scene, good environment for networking. Housing in need of renovations. Laid-back, easygoing professors (as long as you do the work). Food from cafe isn't terrible.
Howard University is such a great school to attend. Academics, sports, and greek life are three of the most prominent things at Howard. Being less than 10 minutes from
the white house is also a perk as well.
Being able to explore D.C. has been one of the best things that howard could offer. Although it has it’s downfalls Howard is and will always be the real and only HU.
Beautiful culture and amazing staff. I really felt at home here and made amazing friends. I thought that I was going to have a very hard time since I wasn't from there, but I truly learned a lot about myself, about life, and about my craft. I wouldn't trade my experience for anything in the world
I had a great undergrad experience at Howard University. Howard is a place to go on a deep exploration of self-discovery, and create lifelong friends. It was situated perfectly in the city where there are plenty of options to explore the surroundings.
Howard University provides a multi-cultural experience among young and intelligent black youth. With the thrills of Howard Homecoming, soul food Thursdays in Blackburn Cafe and enlightenment from professors like Dr. Gregory Carr, HU is truly the Mecca of American culture. I would suggest that any student that is interested in a multi-cultural experience and a home away from home. Howard University is the school they must attend.
Though there are financial disadvantages shown throughout the school there is still a great experience that you can find nowhere else
Nothing compares to The Real HU. Diverse amongst the diaspora. Fortune 500 company magnet. Great schools of business, arts, communications, sciences. Many great organizations to be involved with.
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The most positive atmosphere I have even been involved with. It is like a family at HU. You can spark a conversation with any random person. Everyone looks out for one another.
cool school, very good academics, average campus food, great party scene, good professors, a great school in general, and average financial aid
My experience at Howard has been okay. The administration is unorganized and doesn't really listen to it's students. They done do well with following through on written policy. Everything else is pretty alright though.
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