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Very tight knitted culture and support amount students and alumni. Great education and networking. Very fun atmosphere in a fun filled city. Many opportunities to excel in your field. Best homecomings ever, super fun and exciting. In the end it’s not about what you know, it’s who you know, and we have the best network of people.
I never went to Howard University but this is my dream school. Even though this school is out of state, I am trying my best to get as many scholarships as I can.
What I like about Howard is, how their in a city that is very close to New York City, its an diverse campus but most importantly its mainly people of my color. So I feel like if I get accepted to this university, I will fit in perfectly fine.
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Howard is a great school! Very diverse with great professors that care. The only downside is the financial aide office and reimbursing financial aide funds.
Howard Administrative issues are commonplace at Howard University. There are problems all around, but if you are looking for a place where you feel welcomed and can be yourself come to Howard. Howard is a safe space where you can develop into the person you were meant to be without the pressures of racism. A common misconception about HBCUs is that there is no diversity but that is not the case. Howard is a very diverse place
Howard university is an excellent school, although it has its flaws. The school is brimming with history and pride.
I love the culture of Howard university and the people that walk this campus are truly amazing but there are some problems with the school structurally that need to be fixed as soon as possible.
The environment of Howard, after you find your friend group, is very fun and filled with adventures. Howard is not for everybody, so I would STRONGLY suggest coming for ASD (accepted students day) so that you get a campus tour and can experience Howard's social life. The financial aid office is never on time with anything, or the entire administration for that matter. But once you look past that, Howard is a wonderful 4-year university
This is my second year at Howard University and I believe it is only going to get better. The best part to me is it's diversity and student life because you have students from different parts of the world sharing their experiences to this institution in a positive way. The only thing I want to see changed is it's improvement on dorms and class buildings. Otherwise, it's a great journey and experience to have.
Howard is a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very excellent and outstanding HBCU and I would recommend it to all the kids trying to go there. PICK HOWARD.
Howard has a great culture but administration is terrible. Many students are sold a dream and think it will be wonderful, but financial aid, admin, and dorm management do not care about students. There are many opportunities at Howard, and a huge network.
Going to a historically black college has been my dream. Being able to endure such an important time of my life at a university that has been through history is great.
I am a proud student of the illustrious Howard University. But with my pride I also recognize the issues within my beloved institution. Administration at Howard University needs to drastically improve in terms with its communication, organization, interaction with students and faculty.
The college definitely is great for people who are interested in the science fields. They have programs that allow the arts & science students to travel abroad and receive education from others that are linked with Howard. Not only that but also have internships, which are great!!
Howard University is very diverse and is a place here future leaders are nourished, given sound education, and also taught personal and interpersonal skills that prove useful to the students even before graduation and mostly after graduation. Howard University has taught me to always reach for the highest points and never undersell myself.
Howard University is home to a collection of different types of students. Students who aren’t afraid to be themselves, who speak their mind, who learn from their peers, and who most importantly, create an environment for success. I believe this to be the best part of Howard. The academics will be as expected, but it is the students who make this school so special.
Love the overall experience of the university and what it has to offer. The diversity of students and scenery of the campus is amazing.
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I like the diversity , the academic prestige , the rich culture , and the higher education . One thing I would change is the administration / registration process .
Howard University has an amazing student body and many people will the hunger for change. There’s many ways to speak your mind or your opinion and many clubs to join so you’re not alone. Many people voice their opinion to be heard and demand answers. I wish the school’s administration had a bit more consideration when it came down to the answers we all seeked when it came down to financial aid. Communication is important and also the way the students live. I would personally never want to live on campus just because of all the horrible experiences I’ve heard about that students have had to deal with. Overall, academically it’s an amazing opportunity and can be very beneficial to one's future.
Howard University is a great experience. I spent my undergraduate studies here and now have transitioned to the graduate level. I am excited to see the changes already taking place as well as what is to come in the future.
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