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An amazing school, but the facility buildings aren't the best. The social dynamic is amazing and I felt at home immediately. They just need to fix up certain buildings and get better food!
A well respected HBCU with a dire need for growth in a more sustainable, positive direction. Howard is the "Mecca" in the community and offers the complete atmosphere of a black centered school, with adjustments made to improve the community. The financial focus and budgetary discrepancies made a large impact on the student life and health of the Howard student. Overall it is possible to receive a great education only if accepting full responsibility over the areas of mental health in which the school will not directly support.
This university is amazing, I had an awesome tour at Howard University. I actually applied there because it ended up being my dream school.
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My experience thus far as a transferred student at Howard University is that I have very little time for my social life. I feel like I am a number here. Professors, I had so far, learn to tell me not to worry about my grades, but when my grades come out, they are lower than what I worked for. Also I find myself walking everywhere on campus, the mini-college bus doesn't run often and it gets very cold here. A campus train with an airtight schedule that runs every 10-minutes would be nice to get me to and from my destinations. College students here are somewhat friendly and comes from many backgrounds. They, like me, are constantly told to take out loans because the university don't want to give out many scholarships. I would like to see more scholarships offered to transfer students like myself at this university and other collegesuniversities.
Howard University, also known as the mecca, is the epitome of Black excellence and a pillar of Black diversity for our country.
Howard University is the Mecca. While there are some drawbacks, they've all been outweighed by the positive aspects in my opinion.
Howard University is enriched with history and legacy. There is an unspeakable pride that the university seems to exude from its students as well as alumni. Though, the university is not perfect and has its challenges, many seem to be content with their experiences overall. Academically speaking, the school does well in educating students in various fields as well as in courses catered to one’s major. Student life is very active and there is always an opportunity to get involved on campus. However, the university can improve in the areas of student services, housing/dorm accommodations, and cohesion amongst different departments.
I am a freshman at Howard University. I love it so much. It has already taught me so much not only in the classroom, but outside of the classroom as well.I love the surrounding DC environment because it offers diversity and fun. I love my on campus dorm and it is close to my classes. Howard University is a place you come to grow and gain knowledge on who you are and find who you want to be. I would recommend this school to everyone and anyone if I could! It is like a big family. The networking oppurtunities are endless. I love the culture because it is very rich and diverse. I am always meeting new people from so many places around the world. I have had good experiences thus far with all of my professors. I can tell they really want me to succeed and be the best that I can. Often, my parents ask me if I made the right decision. I am absolutely sure that I did and I could not be happier to have chosen to attend Howard University.
Howard is very diverse and is filled with amazing people. The professors are great at their jobs and students here seem to genuinely care about their education
Howard University is full of opportunity and people that will change your life. It truly is the Mecca but there is a lot more to it. You have to have a certain level of endurance and patience to attend the Mecca. It is not a school for anybody and everybody
Great hbcu experience that opens to up the vastness of black culture. Your professors and fellow classmates actually vow to uplift you and make sure that you do well in and out of the classroom. The faculty and organizational skills of registration and other offices can be improved.
My experience at Howard so far has been amazing. It’s not the perfect school, but the good definitely outweighs the bad. The faculty is amazing, there are all kinds of people, so finding a group of friends that you really connect with is inevitable and the education you get is absolutely incredible. I could not imagine myself at any other school.
Howard allowed me to experience a whole different way of life. The culture and overall experience is amazing. You just have a drive to excel as well as keep up with your social life because the two play hand in hand.
Howard University is a great place to be if you know how to balance partying and studying hard when it's necessary. They definately need to work getting better food in the dining halls and cafes.
The racially diverse people that come together to learn and cooperate in the both academic and social activities concerning the school is responsible for the high standards of the school. I experienced great research the school conducts and this is geared towards improving the lives of people. I was able to join organisations that stirs me towards achieving my academic goals. The professors and students organised a resume clinic and workshop which helped me build upon my resume and apply for internships in my designated areas In my opinion I feel the university should take students complaint about professors strictly. This will help ensure the school does not loose dignified students due to the actions of the professors. Also, the school should improve on the safety status of the students. The skills and experience gathered at Howard will help me impact the society positively and become a productive student.
I love Howard so much. The campus, the culture, the student body, the opportunities. Everything about this school is just great. I could not have chosen a better place to continue my education.
Howard University is a great college . It’s name and long history of black excellence speaks for itself . You’re guaranteed to leave this college reaching your full potential nothing less. If you’re looking to be great and you are a minority I highly advise you look into Howard University.
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There is an accepting environment at Howard and you meet some great people at Howard. But the administration and buildings can be troubling at times.
I'm a freshman at Howard going into my second semester. Howard is a school of passionate, hardworking students that truly want to make change on campus and in the world at large. However, despite being full of dedicated and intelligent students, the school itself has a long way to go. The administration is frequently unresponsive and ineffectual. The quality of teaching varies widely from department to department and the facilities leave much to be desired. But Howard's vast network and storied history can make up for what they lack in other areas. There's no experience like a Howard experience.
great professors, great classes. great social scene, lots of parties. administration needs some work along with updating some campus facilities (dorms, buildings, library)
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