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The school itself is like any other: good professors, bad professors, there are administrative problems which are currently being worked on with the student. The older dorms need work however, the new dorms like CHS, CHN, Towers East and West are really nice. The food is okay. But the community is great.
The environment encourages you to be yourself and the professors (especially in the theatre department) are no joke. You truly become prepared for where you want to go in life.
Going to this University can be a great opportunity but unfortunately, issues in administration and financial aid make being a student here much more difficult than it needs to be. I am a student on a full scholarship and I love this University but if I didn't have a scholarship, I can't confidently say that I would recommend it. The teachers and courses and general student potential are excellent but the administration continues to fall short in supporting its students.
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The campus was great and it wasn't too spaced out and I think the buildings just needs birthday of improvement
They are an amazin campus filled with so many diverse students and the local community is beyond amazing.
I love the academics. The professors are creative and they make learning fun. I chose Howard because I wanted to experience an HBCU and I have no regrets. The diversity is wonderful. I am friends with students from all over the world. It feels good to be in place with high expectations and with others that look exactly like you.
My experience at Howard has been pretty good, mostly because of the people and not because of the school itself. I love how much culture there is throughout the university, from students to professors. The campus is very lively and there is always something to do, even on week nights. There are a bunch of different information panels held later in the day after classes that are extremely helpful to the students. But with everything good, there is also bad. Howard this academic school year has had quite a few problems. Many of our buildings have infrastructure issues, including the dorms which is not safe for students. Four buildings on campus where classes are held have been closed down due to extensive damage and as a result 500+ classes had to be located. The university is also overcrowded. They accepted 2000+ students in the class of 2021 and did not have enough dorm space to comfortably fit the whole class.
So far, Howard is providing the necessary backbone I need for the outside working world. There maybe glitches in the system, as with most institutions, but the education and skills obtained compensated for this.
I love the experience of being on a campus full of intelligent and beautiful people. Howard does a great job including issues about African Americans in most of the classes. It has been really informational and eyeopening.
I like the unity among peers. The brother hood and respect for others is awesome. The professors are awesome they are there to help if needed. I appreciate the dorms and the labs that they have on campus, the school is and awesome school.
Wonderfully sound and academically riqrious educational environment. With the right amount of student life and party scene to create a beautiful balance.
There is something unique about going to school at an HBCU. It's a thing of pride for many and I feel that it would be a stellar school if the organization of the administrative side of the school were more efficient. I was reprt to the cmusiccredit bureau for not paying my bill but they hadn't disbursed my loan so I couldn't pay the bill. There are a lot of unnecessary things like that that happen, and it is expected that things will not run smoothly. I don't think that is acceptable. If you truly want your institution to be the best, then it cannot confirm stereotypes about black run businesses not being up to par. Bottom ere are positive qualities like school spirit and how most people are very accepting and friendly.
Coming to Howard University has been an interesting experience. Adjusting to the city life and new weather has been challenging. So far, I enjoy being at this school regardless of the ups and downs. Having several buildings flooded, no heat, and no water at the beginning of my second semester has been an adjustment as well. The one thing I wish to change about the university is the lack of communication. The university as a whole struggles with this. One person in administration will tell you one thing, while someone else will answer differently. This cam cause a struggle when finding answers and immediate responses or fixes to a situation.
I have enjoyed my time here at Howard University as both a student and athlete. My time here thus far has been enjoyable. My only problem is that they limit visitation for freshman and can take it away at any time.
The campus is incredibly diverse, ethnically not racially (all black people aren't the same.) The professors are incredibly active in the community and charismatic.
I am in love with Howard University. It is an experience of a life time that I wouldn't trade for the world. The culture and history is so rich and is worth more than words can explain. HBCU provide a safe place for diverse black student from all over the world. It also allows you to learn about all of the different black cultures from around the world, while the professors push you academically.
I had ups and downs with different aspects of Howard University. I wouldn't want to be at any other school or get my degree anywhere else.
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Life changing for me! Academic challenge was much stronger than the state school I transferred from. In addition to the formal education, the social and cultural enlightenment is hard to find at another institution. Graduating from Howard is much more than a college, it’s a lifelong membership to a legacy.
One of the things that I like about Howard University is the fact that I am able to immerse myself in culture.
I was reluctant to come to Howard, however, it has grown on me. I love being in D.C., the activities on campus and the professors are great. The not only teach but ensure you expand your mind and learn the subject. As a HBCU school they face many of the same problems others face when it comes to money. It is an excellent investment of money and time and I know I will be as prepared if not more prepared than others when I graduate.
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