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I am currently in my second semester at HPU as a freshman. I think the academic aspect of the school is great. The professors are not only extraordinary in communicating their lectures, but they are also admirable as people. They truly understand what it means to be a role model for the students. The academics are great, it is in the social aspect where it is not as amazing. The school is very small, just a few hundred more students than my high school, and there is not a lot of activity or diversity. I would like to see more random events and activities put on that people would actually attend. The safety here is fantastic, the DPS presence on the small campus makes you feel protected along with the services they provide. For example, I locked my keys in my car and they lock picked my door and had my keys to me within 10 minutes. Overall the school has great academics, but the social atmosphere needs improvement.
I love going to this school. The students and professors are so nice and welcoming to everybody. The professors only want what is best for students and so do the people in the financial aid office. This is a great place to further your education or start it up again.
My experience here at HPU has been one for the books , both academically and socially. Even though the town Is really small and not much at all to do here, some of the people here are still good people and care about you . The basketball at this school is top notch and very passionate about the game and sport.
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Howard Payne feels like a very tight-knit community full of people who genuinely care about one another. Professors are understanding and treat students as individuals and put more effort into helping them succeed as individuals rather than only preparing them for the next exam. I love it here. Howard Payne University feels like home. Department of public safety keeps us feeling safe with their constant patrols around campus.
I like that when I first stepped on campus I felt welcome and I felt at home. unlike every other campus I didn't feel that way.
It is nice small friendly university. It is a close family oriented campus. There is a lot of activities to do anytime on campus. I live on campus so that is real nice. Everyone is so friendly and nice. I was sacred at first leaving home but everyone has help with the adjustment.
Howard Payne is a wonderful school for academics, activities, social events, and grad school readiness. I would, without a doubt, pick Howard Payne if I had to choose again!
I loved the atmosphere of Howard Payne, everyone was extremely nice and I felt so welcomed the moment I stepped foot on the campus. The campus was very nice, and everyone I came into contact with were extremely helpful.
I love Howard Payne because the profs are like parents. They care about you so much and they feed you! They are really great teachers and they spend time getting to know you.
I like that Howard Payne is a small school and everyone gets to know everyone and the classes are small. Overall, I think it is a great school!
I want to thank this school for giving me a chance to further my education. I am also afforded the opportunity to play the sport I so love, football. Yes, I have to go to class and even though I did not score very high on the entrance exams, HPU said, "still you are welcome." Thank you!!! If I could change anything, I would ensure more athletes would come here. It is expensive and I pray that I am able to remain.
I love the school! It is a small campus and great fro people who don't like big crowds. I personally would tell everyone to go to Howard Payne, but I'm just biased. It is so much fun and everyone who love it!
There are a lot of alumni that help out students. The career center is also a great place to find out more information.
Class sizes are very small, it is the perfect atmosphere because students and teachers have the ability to know each other on a more personal level. A student is not just a number to a professor, it feels like a family. There is a large variety of course that a student is able to take.
The campus is very secure, cops are usually around driving and keep things organized. It is not common to hear about campus crime, so I do feel very safe. It's a small town University and feels very secure.
The dorms are spacious; however, the showers are a little too small and the shower doesn't always work well. The atmosphere of the school is great, there is a lot to do on campus. The housing process is easy, yet housing is very expensive.
I am not a part of the Greek life; however, I think that there are great groups in our school.
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Athletics are really important at the school, the school is mostly athletes so everyone supports everyone.
Howard Payne makes me feel like home. I feel like I fit in perfectly into the community and everyone is so kind. I definitely feel God's love and presence at this school. Thanks to Howard Payne I have grown in my faith. This university definitely shapes people and creates leaders.
It has it's moments
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