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Overall great experience. Most teachers are experienced and really care about what they do. This school does hire temp/part time teachers who are first time teachers to teach very difficult subjects.
I love Howard Community college as a dual enrollment student. All the staff and professors are very friendly and nice. There are many interactive activities on campus along with many places to study.
Very open and relaxed with what happens. Job opportunities here are somewhat rare, but the classes are cheap enough and staff always wants to help.
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Howard Community College is a very diverse welcoming college. The professors are extremely understanding and helpful towards the students. It offers a life changing program known as Howard Pride where men are able to gather new experiences to prepare them further in life while also helping them as college students as well. The athletics are great and the players play with heart and great sportsmanship. Howard Community provides a great educational system in preparation for university attendants or for people just looking to receive their associates degree. It's highly recommended.
The facilities and resources here can be very beneficial for those who know how to utilize them. The professors here can be tough, but are also understanding and the majority are able to teach classes well. There are plenty of clubs and activities in partake in on campus and the food isn't too bad either.
Howard Community College is a well rounded school that features small class sizes, a fantastic honors program (James Rouse Scholars), helpful professors, and an state of the art 80m dollar science and technology building (built 2016-17). My experience there has been a fulfilling one, and I plan to achieve my associates of general studies with a science emphasis. Since I also have an interest in art I was able to talk with one of the honors advisors to answer all my questions. Laura McHugh, the director of the James Rouse Scholars Program, has also been an influential part of my freshman year at HCC. She teaches a seminar that prepares us for our career, such as finding mentors at our dream job.
The professors and advisors are amazing. They really make sure that students are ready for transfer. The campus is clean and safe.
Howard community college is a great way to save some money and get your general study classes done before transferring to a 4-year University. However, if you are not on track with some kind of plan, it is easy to fall behind and get stuck there far longer than 2 years.
I am a Muslim woman, which means I have a lot of sociological barriers to face on a daily basis. Howard Community College has been a wonderful ally to people of different faiths, socioeconomic backgrounds, and many others. I have never felt more included and valued. I also appreciate that their academic courses are challenging and interesting. I value classes that push me to be my best, and then better. HCC does exactly that and I've grown as a student since I joined.
The staff is extremely helpful and go out of their way to solve your problem. They offer tutoring and extra tutoring for math courses. I have been able to improve my studying skills with the help of their staff.
Howard Community College continuously updates it's facilities, the classrooms are a bit smaller which is nice because faculty engages in a more personable manner.
It is a very diverse campus and most of the professors really care about your success. The guidance office is not as helpful as I would have liked and there was definitely some misinformation given. The appeals process for withdrawing from a class needs to have more than one person making this important decision. It was overall a good first college experience.
The howard community is one of the nicest places to live. Easy to find your way around town. Something I would like to see change would be the cost of living in this beautiful area, so everyone can experience Columbia!
Howard community college holds one the best Dental program, with the prerequisites that I’m taking now, is useful to my everyday use. I love the school because it has a diverse community that creates a beautiful centric location for anybody who is willing to put effort in their work. This school is perfect for those who don’t want to end up having an enormous student debt and have the same education as any other university.
The small number of students in the classrooms made it easier to interact with the instructors one on one. There are resources to help students, like the math centre, the learning assistance centre too. I built relationships with my professors which is really helpful.
This is my second year at HCC. It is a wonderful school with a great campus and amazing professors. I've been very happy here and plan on studying Nursing when my prerequisites are finished.
Howard Community College is such a great school to enroll in. Every single department at the school is well developed and organized. The school has many wonderful professors as they all want the students of Howard community college to succeed in their educational careers. The campus is beautiful and always clean and the food is always tasty.
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Howard Community College was the best experience I have had. Being a student athlete made it even more enjoyable. The advising staff, more specifically Lynn Voyton was not only my advisor but like a mother. She cared about how well I was doing and helped me pick the perfect classes for my major and for my work/athletic schedule.
It was hard to stay motivated since I was not always on campus. I feel like seeing everyone else always doing homework is studying keeps me motivated but that never happened to me
Small campus, great location, great value. As far as community colleges go, it is definitely better than most.
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