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All of the staff/employees at HCC are very helpful and positive. They always provide a safe, fun, and effective work space. They also really breakdown the material for each class, which really helps understand the content! This is the second college I have been too, and it is the best so far. I wish I did not have to leave.
Howard Community College is an enticing option for any local alumni who intend to pursue higher education. The college campus is very modern and visually appealing while most staff are both friendly and helpful. The college offers classes throughout the entire day and even online options.
I love this college. It was my first choice as a community college even though I’m out of county. They’ve been fantastic. 99% of the professors are helpful, they have great tutors available, their coinciding services focus on each student as an individual rather than another student. The cafiteria is always good and there’s always something to help de-stress the students going on somewhere.
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Howard Community College has been a great place for me to gain the knowledge and experience I need to change careers. My department works to support us as students and to provide job opportunities once we complete our program of study.
The campus is really nice and is located close to the mall. The professors I have had are reasonable and very kind.
Education wise, Howard Community College is a strong school. It's easy to follow a degree path, or just take general education courses that build a strong foundation on which to transfer to another university. The majority of the professors are enthusiastic about their field, which makes classes interesting to attend and participate in. The student services are punctual and east to work with. The one drawback is the social atmosphere, of which there's a lack of, but overall, I'd say HCC is a good contender for a beginning school.
The classes are very challenging and are very small, so the classes can be very interesting. The food is decent for an okay price. The campus is small, so it's not very hard to find classes, and it doesn't take long to get to the classrooms. As long as I've been here, the school has been renovating all their buildings, and when they are done, they are beautiful. The campus is very clean, and every one is pretty nice.
The theater department I am a part of is tremendous. The professors care so much about their students and it's genuine. You don't get that just anywhere. I love it here.
If you want to enter the dental hygiene program, know that it is highly competitive. Only one person who lived out-of-county has ever been accepted, and all of the “co-requisites” are actually pre-requisites.
I've had my shared experience at HCC. I've learned a lot and had some really good professors. I wish some of the professor cared more when you fall behind because no one wants to fail. Then again, I had some good times, making friends, eating the good pizza, working on campus and of course learning.
The course load is manageable and fits in any schedule. The facility is great to work with and willing to help. The buildings are newer and will established programs make learning fun.
Great school if you want to learn more after high school. Some professor are tougher than others, but that is expected.
I like this school. I met great professors. I still contact with my professors. This school is simple and small. So that students can get earn variety good resources without money.

It has an English Institute program for an international students who do not speak English well. The most I like here is professors and neat location.
Excellent teaching staff, wonderful study labs, intelligent student body, welcoming atmosphere! Parking is easy, and class options are varied.
Howard Community College provides as a great stepping stone to new opportunities and a learning experience for students of all backgrounds and ages.
I have heard a lot of rummer about how bad the school administration was and how the instructors did not respond. I find all to be false. My over all experience with the instructors and the administration staff have been very awesome. I am very happy that I choose Howard Community College as the institution to complete my Culinary Management Degree.
Overall great experience. Most teachers are experienced and really care about what they do. This school does hire temp/part time teachers who are first time teachers to teach very difficult subjects.
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I love Howard Community college as a dual enrollment student. All the staff and professors are very friendly and nice. There are many interactive activities on campus along with many places to study.
Very open and relaxed with what happens. Job opportunities here are somewhat rare, but the classes are cheap enough and staff always wants to help.
Howard Community College is a very diverse welcoming college. The professors are extremely understanding and helpful towards the students. It offers a life changing program known as Howard Pride where men are able to gather new experiences to prepare them further in life while also helping them as college students as well. The athletics are great and the players play with heart and great sportsmanship. Howard Community provides a great educational system in preparation for university attendants or for people just looking to receive their associates degree. It's highly recommended.
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