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One of the best community college to earn associate degrees. Also, when you talk about saving money, it is one of the cheapest ways to earn a degree. I love the atmosphere of the college. There are many students from different areas which makes its diversity.
Houston Community College has a lot to offer including to international students. The environment it is really great because it is one of the colleges with more cultural diversity in the United States. You can make amazing friends, and have a good college experience.
Houston Community College is a great college not only for its well-distributed campuses over Houston but also for its affordable costs for most of the students. The HCC campuses offer everything a college student needs on a good scale. The professors are well-experienced and professional in doing their jobs. The student life is fairly good. Libraries, bookstore, food courts are available. Diversity in students is reasonably due to each campus' location. The edifices are very well structured with high-quality technology. Around my Stafford campus, a beautiful landscape of grass with a lake in the middle is really a good scene. Food courts is the issue that needs to be enhanced with more restaurants and fast food kiosks.
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Houston Community Collage provides students with affordable learning opportunities, and awesome working skills.
It is good but they put people who already know English to an English class and i is hard to go away from the class and they teacher good and i enjoy their classes and the ESOL classes is not good because it is so small pease take care of that. And place give the sudents foods.
Teachers will be willing to work with you one on one. Classes are small, schedules are very flexible and classes are incredibly affordable. Diversity is well, diverse. I am not sure about their atheltics team. If they have one it must be truly small as Ive yet to hear of them. The locations are safe, the location I attended did not have housing assistance but it is a small college so this was not a problem for me. I attended the northline location. Campus has been renovated so everything looks well kept. They have a small cafeteria in the campus and a small corner store.
It was interesting and the professors that I met were awesome. I did not like the campus environments. You hardly found food at cheaper prices
HCC campuses are ok and the great majority of professors I met so far are great and helpful (with the exception of 2 of them, who barely show up in the classroom and barely explained the stuff to the students, making us to have to learn everything on our own). During my 2 years studying at HCC, I never found a problem with the safety. They're excellent dealing with that, especially when some crazy students tried to bring homemade bombs and guns to the campus and when this happened the police immediately instructed us what to do until everything was solved. Also, it happened many times of the classes being cancelled because of flash flooding and tornadoes severe warnings. HCC for sure cares about its student and staff's safety. It also has a great diversity of students. I'm an international student from Brazil and in ALL my classes I found other international students (from China, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, Nigeria, Angola, South Africa, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and so on)
I went to Coleman Campus for Surgical Technology. The school is really nice, and the people working there are awesome! I wish there was a library or a study area, but other than that I really liked the campus.
When I first enroll in to Houston Community College they was very nice and help me with every question or concern I had. I felt safe there and I did not mind leaving my car in the parking lot becuase I know that my call will be safe. I will say that need a little improvement will be some of the professors need to work with the classes they have. I mean as far as them answering question if we as the students does not understand something. But overall Houston Community College will get five stars from me.
Hcc is a great school. I love that Hcc has some many different locations. Diversity is a plus when it come to Houston community college.
HCC has a variety of options to choose from and they have a lot of classes to offer because they are a basic school, they have a big campus as well.
This is a good start for people who are looking to transfer to a university or for people who just wish to learn or explore a bit. The classes are quite small, but that may be a good thing. The professors you find here may be great at their job or inept. I would advice anyone that is looking to study here to look at sites such as before enrolling in a class. For the most part, the staff is fine and is getting better. It's been an overall rewarding experience.
I have been studying here for 1 year. This is a good school for international students as they have a lot of chance to communicate to other friends from all around the world.
they have great people to help you for fafsa and they are so easy to talk to. You get to meet alot of freandly people there that will be there with you as you go on by with life
I attend the Southwest Campus. It's located in the Stafford area which itself is very diverse. I take most of the bulk of of my classes online since I do work full time. I do, however, like to take some classes in person to get some of that professor interaction. Overall the campus isn't particularly lively, but it does what it's there to do- provide an affordable education.
My freshman year of college has been wonderful because of HCC. I like that the professor are very passionate and will assist you in help in area you find really difficult
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Being in my first term, there are still a lot of resources I have not come to find just yet. Overall, my professors are serious about helping students, my academic adviser truly cares, the campus is easy to navigate, and generally, things are pretty smooth sailing. I rated four stars to note the shortage of extracurricular activities compared to a university, but that's just the way things go.
I enjoyed the professors at this college, the student body is diverse & you feel comfortable around everyone.
Houston Community College is a very diverse school which is what I love about it the most.The hours are very flexible especially when you work and have a family.The faculty and staff are very friendly and will work with you on any situation that comes up.You can bring your children to class if you have to so that you can continue your education.
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