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HCC has been the best educational experience of my entire life. The professors truly care about their students and make sure we are challenged. We are prepared to go out into the world professionally and scholastically. I recommend HCC to all!
HCC has given me an opportunity to begin my collegiate studies. The system is in place to help you succeed. They have many options that tailor the student to find the area of study they would like to pursue.
I previously attended Texas Southern University so attending college isn't new for me. Houston Community College is definitely a different experience though. The classes were smaller and there's a lot more access to help from tutors and professors. I just finished my first semester this past spring and it was a challenge to get used to so many assignments. Most of my professors were helpful and the homework wasn't too difficult. Overall the experience was good. I would suggest to never be afraid to ask for help because the professors are there to help you. School should be your first priority because it can get hectic if you're not focused but I suggest those who want to get an experience with a college that is not too expensive, Houston Community College would be the place to go.
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63% of students agree that it is easy to get the classes they want...360 responses

67% of students agree that the workload is easy to manage...... 360 responses
Large structure and very modern and preserved. What makes the difference is the method of teaching education that is very important and great. It has the competent and ready staff to be helpers for students in general. It has its own parking and access for wheelchairs. Without doubt one of the best universities in the city.
I am a freshman in high school, yet with a twist. I am also taking courses through Houston Community College to earn my associates degree by the time i graduate high school. I had a sociology class that was dropped, yet I was able to get educ and continue gaining credits.
The things that i like about Houston community College are the cheap tuition, a class at Houston Community College costs about 200$ which way cheaper than paying at a university. Instructors are very clear with their directions and will offer additional assistance if a student does not understand something related to the subject. Advisors are also in their offices Monday through Saturday so if a student is unsure about anything related to what classes they need to take or about TSI test scores the advisors are there ready to help out. In addition the college provides a cafeteria area and a student lounge for students to eat, take a break, and study if they need to do so.
The community is great, I personally feel like I fit in even though I may be younger than what a person should be while normally attending college.
The experience here at The Houston Community College, was somewhat stressful, when it came to registering for classes. When I would go to the Financial Aid office to speak with someone, the process was a very long one. To add to the long wait, it seemed as though the counselors helping out during this time, was a bit short tempered. As I came closer to graduating, the process did get a lot quicker. Hopefully the future students will have a much better success rate at registering in a flawless environment.
I like the library and the academic counselors at the college because they are very friendly and helpful.
What I like about Houston Community College is the different courses they offer, how easy it is to navigate through the school and the environment!
This is a welcoming college for anyone from anywhere. Affordable and friendly. It has tutors and enough resources if you are willing to do your part. Overall has good professors who are willing to help you succeed.
The teachers are there to teach and help guide. They are very helpful and support the students. Flexible and caring.
When I started studying at Houston Community College, I had just arrived at the US in search for a better education. HCC made me feel comfortable and lowered the level of overwhelmedness I felt when thinking of starting school in another country with a foreign language. Professors and staff made my transition as smooth as possible and I am grateful for that. One thing that I would suggest to improve is their advising service. I did not have many meaningful appointments with advisors. Sometimes I left with more questions than answers or not satisfied with the information provided. Overall, it is not so bad but there were times I did not feel the support an advisor should manage for the students.
I really like that Houston Community College wants people to succeed. They give you all the tools you need if you want to change your life. This school is extremely diverse because it sits in the heart of one of the most diverse cities in this country. One of the most important aspects of Houston Community College is the affordability. One can get the same courses and some taught by the same professors that work at other Universities in the area. If you want a good education you can get one at this school for much cheaper than the 4 year institutions.
My name is Michael Members. Currently I live in Kansas City, Mo, but I will be moving to Houston in July 2018 for school. I have already taking a courses online at HCCS and I absolutely love the way the school operates! They provide all sorts of resources for even a distance education student, so that he/she can be deemed successful. This school is one of the top community colleges in Texas and I am honored to be apart of it. I cannot wait to further my education while attending my first semester as a “credit” based student at Houston Community College.
Houston Community College is a good place to start. It is highly affordable and has lots of good professors. Just make sure you check them in rate my professors before signing for a class.
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I feel like a lot of the teachers are just there for a paycheck. Some of them are not clear on what you should study, some don't even teach. My most recent professor has students grade his tests and doesn't teach. Instead he tells you to Google the answers while he eats and listens to music at his desk. The teachers are unprofessional and don't care about their students.
The professors were helpful as well as the staff . Tuition was affordable and flexible with payments if needed . Campuses offer tutoring services that are free and convenient even if you attend night classes.
I am a current sophomore student at Houston Community College. It’s a great college to get any associate degrees. The professors, I have taken so far, had a great passion for teaching in their favorite subjects. Gaining knowledge from professors from different countries has made a great impact in my life. If I could change one think about this college, it would be having more clubs in different locations in Houston. Overall, I think Houston Community College is a good transitional school from high school to a four-year university.
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