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The campus is nice, the professors are friendly. Post Harvey the staff did their best to try and help anyone that was affected by the flood. Very welcoming environment.
I was placed with Houston community colleges as far as the admissions process was fairly easy.
I would have answered change just a few things example would be more one-on-one help.
Perhaps a buddy volunteer program that consist of students that offer your help with showing the college .perhaps a buddy volunteer program that consist of students that offers your help with showing the college remembering their difficulties. Assist with how to apply for financial aid kit information on groups or avenues one might utilize. As well as the use of the he app for the college itself.
It a great college and I’m glad that I picked this school to attend. The professor are very helpful and want to see you succeed in life. The office staff is very helpful as well in the whole process.
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I love this college it has been a great experience .The teacher are wonderful and very helpful. They get back with you on a timely manner and the students you meet there are awesome.
Value for money. Great teachers from nearby university. Very diverse. Second highest international students in the country.
HCC has a good variety of classes that are applicable to finding a job. I personally am working towards an Associates of Science, but I know that HCC offers specific career plans and good advising services to get a student on the right path. The teachers are quality, with the odd bad apple thrown into the barrel.
Houston community college is a good community and great service. The people are very nice and helpful.
Attending a community college was never on my radar, but once I stepped on campus and started classes, I knew Houston Community College was right for me. Houston Community College provides the same opportunities as other 4 year institutions. The difference is that its a 2 year college, the tuition is reduced and the classes are smaller. All of which are positives for a person who is looking for that environment. The education level is the same as any other institution and the tuition is very affordable. With the system of Houston Community College being smaller, the counselors become very familiar with their students and you form good relationships that will help you down the road. If a student is not ready to take on a bigger college or want to start with a manageable class load, Houston Community College is right for you.
To be able to afford college in an environment where no one judges. The teachers are able to get to know you
This institution opened so many doors that I never thought I could open. It is one of the most multicultural environments that you can find in the whole country, and teachers are really helpful and supportive.
if you live in the Houston area, and want to save some money in tuition cost, and have a good schedule to work. h HCC is the best school to do so. i like that its classes are not too big so you can actually have a close relation with your professors.
Houston Community college is a diverse college with many international students. It also has a conducive environment for learning.
One thing I like about HCC is that there is a big variety of different events. One thing that should change is the advisory system.
I like the fact that the classes are small which makes it easier for the student to interact or ask questions to the professor.
This is my first semester in college, so far it has been amazing! The Southeast campus has amazing staff and funny professors. The professors care and help when you need it.
So far it has been amazing, it is easy to navigate through the campus and the staff is very ver friendly. The professors are good! and even though you register for classes late there are still good teachers. They have a lot of resources available to anyone who is in need of them. they help you get jobs, scholarships, and more. They also have extra curricular activities and I find that amazing because it is another way to connect with the staff and your pears.
It is a community college so it will have its pros and cons. However, in my experience it has been great so far. Professors are generally very knowledgeable and teach very well. The pricing is mostly the reason why I attend here because I feel like it is kind of pointless to spend a few thousand on core classes. At the time, the convenience of the school is far more favorable than having to drive an hour or more away to attend a university.
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I liked the way the school was organized and how most of the professors taught very well. I also liked how the college had free parking. I would like to see more activities whether it be social, study sessions, athletics at the school like they would have at a normal university. I would also like to see more guidance and enthusiasm from the counselors when students would like to transfer to another school or need assistance with their majors.
Houston Community College is a renowned college that receives much publicity with right reason. Houston community college offers many available classes or workforce certification to all students including international students. My personal experience is that this college has good professors and courses to start off as the base of anybody's plan to move onto a four year college.
Houston Community College is a good opción for people who cannot afford going to a university. But this doesn't mean that the education here is bad, you are going to find good professors and bad professor, all depends and much effort you put in study. HCC counts with different campus, so that is one of the things I think so it is not good because you need to be careful and how to manage your schedule class, but at the same time it's good because you can choose the campus close to you. Each campus caunts with a lot of areas for the estudts go and seat comfortable, also has tuttoria 24 for hours, and the professors are always welcome to help.
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