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Houston community college have a variety of associates degrees to choose from. It has good teachers and staff that are willing to help. You get to have 1 on 1 interaction with teachers that help you in whatever you need .
I have enjoyed being a student at HCC. I am 60 years old and decided to go back & study International Business! Their system is easy to do online!
what i like about houston community college is that they are equal with their help towards everyone.
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Loved my experience for my first year of college!!! I enjoyed the diversity of the students as well as the staff. The school was very clean, and the cleaning crew stayed on top of the restrooms which was fantastic. The food was decent, overpriced for the food you received. The coffee was FANTASTIC, and well needed most of the time. I learned to manage my time easily and didn't have an issue on finding my classes, due to there always being someone their to point you in the right direction.
The central campus it's really nice, there's a variety of cultures, clubs and activities to join. Not to mention that they have a gym to work out
I really like the programs and scheduling that the college offer for their students most of the staff are very helpful and informative. HCC has a slew of resources available to students to assist them with academic success. These things are really important to someone like me that has not been to school in years there were plenty of people available to answer questions and give guidance. There are also quite a few negatives about my recent experience that are pretty impactful. The admissions lady is very rude, and unprofessional. Her tone and the way she communicated with me and several other students that I have witnessed relayed her feelings of go away, I don't want to be bothered with you. There was one lady in the stress management counseling office that helped me to sort out every issue I had including never being able to talk to a course advisor after long, long, waits and having to leave for work.
Houston Community College in my opinion is a great college for me and especially for graduating High School students in which I would recommend. They have endless career opportunities for all walks of life. The administrators, advisors, counselors, teachers are all collaborative on assisting and guiding students on the right path of success! Most of all the diversity of students is astounding. I've learned a lot about different demographics of cultures and conclude that we as people are not much different!
It is a diversity college, i love how their is different type of people walking around campus, everyone here comes to learn. You make friends easily because everyone is nice. I love the professors here, they know how to teach and they make it easy to understand. This college has reliable schedules and not to mention their food is sooo goooood!
Houston Community College is a good college that helps students accomplish their degrees by having a lot of classes. One thing that this college should change is the professors they have. Some of the professors are not good. They do not explain things well and they let the students basically learn by their self, which is not fair because it is the professors responsibility to try to explain things well because the students are paying to take the classes. Some of the professors get mad when you ask them questions and they sometimes do not want to help you. They prefer to give you loads of homework and read the long chapters of the books instead of teaching and helping students out. The professor for the nutrition class I took was not good. She would talk really low and when students would tell her if she could please speak up she would just laugh and continue to speak low.
They try! Overall, it's 10/10. I remember doing a dual credit class back in high school. it's not that bad, and if you can do it as an early college in high school. I recommend it tremendously!
Professors care about student success. School campus is pretty safe because I always see campus police walking around. A lot of out campus activities for students such as women basketball team which I'm participating in.
I went to HCC as an international student and I felt so comfortable in my classes and when I needed help sorting out international things they were more than helpful to put my mind at ease. The professors I took were outstanding and went out of their way to help the students.
Houston community college provides necessary tools for you to be successful and are always willing to help you out in any aspect you need help in
The campus that I go to is the one in spring branch, other known as the northwest campus. Its a typical community college, when I think of community college I usually think of this exact concept. Usually I go to class and just leave as soon as it’s over. Not much is making me stay other if I really need to their recourses. Each teacher is different some care about you genuinely, other couldn’t care if you didn’t even show up for a class at all. Make sure to use rate my professor before selecting a class. Really wish they have a bigger section to study that isn’t a library and feels better than what is next to the vending machines, also because those seats usually get full and I don’t want to step into the library because it’s too quite for me and some of my friends.
MY experience in Houston Community College has been wonderful so far. Words can't express how great of a school it is. Just come and see for yourself.
HCC is an excellent college to start your path towards your career. Hcc helps you financially if your struggling with money and they are very comprehensive with your outside and life and problems. They even help you with your problems by talking to a counselor. And their diversity of races it’s very expandable and it’s very safe to study and just hang out at HCC.
I love this college. It gave me an opportunity to further my education with many campuses in different areas. It is affordable as well and there are many resources here you can take advantage to be successful in your academic career.
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Houston Community College values students as the future of the workforce and it shows . I transferred to HCC from a 4 year university due to my anxiety and I couldn't be happier.
Very supportive staff. Financial Advisors and Academic advisors work hand in hand to provide assistance. That understand the personal lives of most adult students and provides outstanding assistance.
Houston Community College is a great place for all students. We have classes available all year long. Lots of Certificates and associate Degrees are offered. One thing I would like to see changes is in using the printers in the campus that we do not have to pay the time we print stuffs or they can just give points every semester to use printer. And the professors teaching classes need to be fair enough and also I will just good professors for higher level classes. Also no cafeteria available in most campuses specially the busy ones.
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