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Houston Community College Reviews

2,750 reviews
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I will be starting this march and I feel very excited about it because I'm gonna be doing something that I'm very interested in and cant wait to see the new things I will learn.
I love how it's very affordable and the people I met I just wish I had more opportunities with my two year degree than just transferring.
Houston Community College has been a good experience for me because as a student from an early college high school I have learned the importance of having a degree. The teachers are understandable and are willing to help if the student is struggling; which for me it meant that the teachers care about the students education. Like everything else, there are pros and cons. Although the teachers are caring, I believe that the professors should be more strict on the work students should get. The reason is because students need to have more practice of the material but the time given to the professors to teach is not enough.
This campus has a great environment. The faculty and staff are friendly and are always there to help.
I have had a good time here, the first year I was figuring things out but now I'm doing what I want to do and the audio program is amazing. They should definitely try to bring back the nursing program though.
So far I've had a great experience with hcc and I think it's a great place for someone who wants to expand their knowledge. Very diverse , friendly and safe environment.
Houston Community College is a great school for people who cant afford to go to college and they also have people who are the first time as a college student
I'll keep it simple. They don't have the best professors but they have some of the best, in my opinion. The athletics are good but can sometimes be disorganized.
Classroom size is great, it's no higher than 35 students, compared to university class sizes.
The campuses are good, many different ones to pick from depending on what you need and your location.
It's a good place to get better communication with teachers rather than one professor with hundreds of students.
It's a good community college for the good prices of classes.
The convenience of studying through different sessions are very convenient for any student looking to start at a community college. I wish there were more options for international students. I would like to see some course outline be restructured for working and studying students.
Great college! I had an awesome experience attending this college. The workers are welcoming and always helpful.
My experience at Houston Community College last semester was amazing. The atmosphere and teachers made me work harder and push my limits. I have learned and improved a lot my skilss.
I like Houston community college because it's cheap, good. Then, it has a lot of activities for everybody, great teachers, good rooms, and it permits to meet international students. Also, it has a great place to study. If it could have some bus schools, it will be very good.
The classes are cheaper, more diverse, and close to home. It provides me the education i need without exceeding my financial limits.
I attended Houston Community College, while attending high school. I received my associates in arts. The college was an inexpensive and easy way to get prepared for higher level of education.
Some teachers are extremely passionate about teaching which I love while other seem not to care as much. I guess that may be anywhere though. The best part of HCC is it's convenience in having multiple locations since Houston is so big.
Houston Community College is such a great college! There are so many close from home (very convenient). I am so glad I can choose my own schedule and also the best professors.
Houston Community College has a diverse student population and various classes. It's refreshing to interact with students of different cultures working together toward our goals. The staff and faculty show genuine concern for students. This helps because you feel supported by them. There's always a policeman on site to put your nerves at ease. Campuses are very clean and safe. I'm not fond of how the classes are offered. I wish more classes were available during each semester, even winter break. I would highly recommend this college to anyone.
It is a good community college in general. The only thing that they should work on is add more community services and clubs for students to get involved. There should be support and encouragement.
I choose the community college path, and it is exactly what you pay for. You go their and get your basics finished and move on. The professors aren't that great and the counselors are absolutely awful. If you have questions about transferring, go to the school that you want to transfer too and meet with them.
Houston Community College is extremely unorganized especially their financial aid department. Whenever I was trying to contact the right department, they would send me all over campus from department to department. The professors could be a lot better. Most professor barely even teach.
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