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Stafford Campus is great. Teachers are amazing, convenient class timings and hassle free to sign up for classes!
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So far, I've experienced a great college for the student starting out. It is a wonderful place for the young student, as well as older students (like myself) to go to school, tuition isn't really expensive. I'm taking a lot of my classes online and it's so organized and well thought out and I appreciate the help the professors give.
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I am only in Houston Community College because i have early college classes and the high school that I go is connected to the community college. I only really only have one college class, which is education. However, my experience with this teacher has been overall okay. She is very dedicated to her students so i guess that Houston community College is good.
Houston Community College is a great place to start when furthering your education, it offers students a flexible schedule so that they are able to complete their personal tasks as well. Their degree plans can ensure students will stay on track to graduate on time. Professors are compassionate about your understanding and passion to excel in the working world.
One good thing is that teacher are willing to help students. One thing that can be change is to have more security.
I think it is a great college. Instructors have a close relationship with students and are willing to help and tutor students.
Academic environment. Friendly staff members. Professors that are kind but know what they are doing. Houston Community College is an alright college because of how small the classrooms are so you can be more one-to-one with the professor.
It's okay to study, with lots of options of class to study with working. Moreover, some professor are weirdly acting but mostly nice and try to give us good grade and try to help students.
I have had/ have a great experience here. All the people are so friendly and really are engaged to help you learn and succeed. I would recommend for people to come here to at least get a starting point into their future endeavors.
I took microbiology at HCC and the professors were so funny and engaging! The campus is not too big to get lost so that is always good. I loved taking my labs and lectures at HCC, great staff and nice students.
While attending Houston Community College, I attended two campuses. Honestly, I can say each campus differs from the other. Classes are always affordable but student activities and clubs depend on which campus your attending. I was able to begin my studies at south campus and eventually move to Central Campus. The diversity I experienced at Central Campus has been part of my preparation for my move to a much larger university with a much bigger crowd. College is supposed to be a fun and rewarding experience. From new friends to social groups and social events, being in a college environment brings out something out of each individual.
The class I took here had an amazing teacher who was very engaging in class and was very open to talk to students about any problems they had.
i decided to go there because i love how flexible they class schedule is. also the professors explain everything very well and make you want to learn more. they campus has a lot of activities and clubs you can join, like: soccer, football, volleyball, and many other sports.
Its good to do pre-reqs. Some professors are easy going and others will make you work hard to get the grade you want. The cafe is great and has great service from a break from the college life.
Taking classes online is a pain but the instructors face to face have more patience. Veterans department needs HELP!!!!!
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I like how involved they are in the community. That especially showed during Hurricane Harvey. HCCS held and sponsored dozens of food drives and supply. Anything the community needed. HCCS was there, whether you were a student or not. School wise, I love the teachers. since it is a community school. most of the teachers teaching here are still thriving in their field. Which for me makes a difference because it allows me to know I am getting the most relevant data possible.
They do not have cafeteria, even though they have a lot to offer there is no way you can find out about it , most counselors as well as a hand full of tutors have no idea what they are there for and they are extremely rude. I wish I had more network opportunities to grow for the money we pay.
I am a Dual-Credit student. During the summer I took on some courses on campus. The campus was very protected. The teachers were reasonable and understanding. They took their time to try to explain without overdoing it. It was an overall great time and I for sure will be coming back.
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