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HCC is an excellent college to start my academic career. There is always a class that will interest me. The teachers are very helpful and they are willing to teach us and spend one on one time if necessary. Therefore, HCC is certainly a best place to begin my college career.
The professors are great! Always know their material and make the class entertainment while a safe place to learn.
i like that houston community college offers so many ways to succeed in whatever your trying to do. if you are going for just pre-requites you can get those done and transfer to the college of your choice. they even have workforce after you get your degree it really helps.
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Love the diversity in different campuses and being able to choose convenience. I only wish the campus administrators and teachers on some campuses were more helpful and willing to go the extra mile.
My experience on this college is overall good, but it could have been better. I love the staff at this campus, they are very nice and helpful to you. The admission and financial aid offices people are nice as well. I am glad as well that most of my teachers were awesome and great. However there are two factors that I did disliked about this campus. One would be about this particular professor, she is a teacher that did not care about her students at all, it was like if she didn't want any of us to get higher than a C. It was a horrible experience and the only bad experience I ever had with a professor. The other thing would be the parking space, it is very tight space for parking and it would be awesome if they make their parking lot bigger so we don't have to be driving in circles and getting late to class. However those were only the two problems that I had with this campus. Overall it was a good experience.
The website is difficult to navigate at times if you don't know what you're doing or don't have any help, and has had multiple issues throughout the year being down for maintenance at least four days total (which is at least four days too many), but there are some upsides. They offer dual credit classes which allowed me to get ahead in a few departments, which were especially great because they were free this last year. There are no sports fields or pools at my campus, but I'm sure that's not true with all of them.
The staff is very friendly and everyone is always willing to help each other out. There are many clubs on campus and all are very involved. The professors I've had so far have been the best. They truly know what they are teaching and show to be very passionate about it. It's absolutely amazing. I wish they had a bachelor's program here too. I really don't want to leave, they made college super easy for me and many of my classmates.
Overall the professors where great when it came to teaching and lecturing, in the end i had to study and do most of the work. I learned how to take notes the proper way rather than writing everything down at once. Also how to communicate with other students and professors. The classes where very easy if you do all the homework you are required to, do no exceptions. I liked being a part of a community college especially as a freshman, there's many thing that go on in your head when you are starting college. Houston community college made it easy for me to get involved in my classes and activities.
The proffesors do an excellent job when you need help. We have all types of resources for study. The tutors are always available and there is plenty of space for one to study.
I like the numerous programs offered. The diversity of the college is amazing. They also embrace all religions and cultures. They celebrate it and have all different people come together to learn about each others cultures and backgrounds.
HCC is overall a great college. The class size is really small, which helps the students to interact more with the teacher.
I transferred form out of state and everything with Houston Community College has been a smooth transition. The websites to add classes and/or drop are easy to access. This was the first school that I've known that allows you to purchase your books before your financial aid hits the refund process. Very impressed with the school!!
This is my first year at Houston Community College. Even though it is confusing and getting your financial aid and classes together is a little difficult at first, the environment is really great. I am able to learn and make friends and still be able to manage my own personal life without stressing too much over school work.
I am a freshman at Houston community college. So far I have taking a summer class and it was a great first experience to college especially at the Westloop campus. The West Loop campus it's very calm and very safe. Everybody there understands how hard or tough it can be to focus on trying to get a degree because there are so many people from different cultures, different backgrounds and currently in different situations but they're all working together to get a degree so they can have a better future. In the summer class that I went to, it really shows you how much you can rely on your classmates and how much they want to really succeed in college because a lot of them want a better future for themselves and their family and that's one of the things I like about HCC .
Easy to do everything for international students and cheaper to compare other community colleges. The best thing is they have more than 7 college campus in Houston and which can be near to your Home. That's why i love to study in HCCS.
I like the peaceful environment which helps with my learning experience at college..the professors there are very knowledgeable and helpful..
My experience at Houston community college is one of the best academic experiences to date. Being its extremely convenient and allows students to connect with their professor on a small class level. If your looking for a quiet and close teaching experience come to Houston Community College.
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Some professor where good teacher while other did not care about the student and did not know how to teach.
I liked how Houston Community College (HCC) has a good team of security and security system. The outside design of the college has greatly improved with the new decor and the new garage. Some of the professors teach great and then there are others who don't teach well enough. HCC might not be a traditional college but the culture is just as big as one. The events are celebrated with people from all over parts of the world. Not everything is perfect and HCC is not the exception, HCC could improve in the chairs around the campus because they are ripped and have been accumulated dirt over the past years.
its awesome and i would like you to experience it because its fun to meet new people and conversate with them
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