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I reeeaaally do not like going to school online college but hybrid college was sought'a comforting since I was not fully online
Great School!! barely been there a year and I plan on staying for the rest of the 4 years. But the administration need to pick up on solving student issues surounding college life and other college matters
Houston Baptist University offers us a great opportunity to get more spiritually closer to our own dreams. The campus provides us with a positive vibe and everyone on the campus is very helpful and cheerful. In short, Houston Baptist University earns us a great college experience.
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Even though I was worried about taking my freshman classes online, I was satisfied with the results. The professors are very dedicated and provided us a high-quality education without even making us feel uncomfortable at any time throughout the semester.
The online classes that I did take had the advantage of being able to go back and review anything I missed so I absorbed information more easily.
It's a good university with very good professors and classes. Some of the classes themselves are really interesting and the homework really stimulating. Even the required courses can be interesting with the right professor.
Learning online is a hit or miss, it simply depends on the professor you have. Some professors are ahead of the game and keep up with posting assignments as well as getting back to students. However, some professors struggle with keeping up with posting content, especially when students are home for the end of the semester.
Genuinely love the school. All the professors I have had so far are kind and care about their students. I would recommend that the college uses a better program for uploading lecture recordings because it often crashes, but other than that, it's great!
Currently, I am not a student at HBU. I am just a high school senior. But I will say that I have been speaking to one of the admission people and she is very helpful. I had some questions about something and she gladly gave me a phone call and was able to answer my questions.
A couple of months ago I attended their Husky Preview Day! It was great. I loved how everyone was so loving, full of joy, and very friendly. I was scared to go in because I am just a high school senior. As soon as I walked into the building everyone came to me and greeted me with a smile. I obviously could not see their smile because of the face mask, but I just knew they were smiling because they gave off that vibe.
Being here as a freshman is the most exciting period of my life with me blending in to the environment and lecturers
I love this college because it's a Christain college and has the right tools to build your career goal
Houston Baptist University is a very warm welcoming college and continues to improve diverse environment. When I went on a campus tour at that university, all of my questions were answered and the people were overall nice. The landscape is beautiful and clean. Therefore, I know that students take pride in their school and others around them. I also noticed that are building a bigger STEM building for their students that enjoy STEM grows. That really excites me because I'm interested in the STEM program and decided to major in Biology. Houston Baptist University is a great school choice for anyone and I see no needs of improvement.
I've never taken classes at Houston Baptist University, but I've met some of their professors and they are very detailed and nice.
Houston Baptist University implemented a hybrid classroom model and a remote option. Students can choose to be 100% remote. If they choose not to, then students still would only attend classes once a week. The class roster is split in half with one half on Mondays and Tuesdays and the other half on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Everyone is remote on Friday. This feels very safe, Additionally, the online formatting for the lectures is very easy to use and helpful to categorize assignments, see your grades, and interact with your professors and students. You can even turn on captions and speed up or slow down the recorded lectures.
In comparison to my high school, HBU is absolutely incredible. I have so many resources available to me that I greatly appreciate. For instance, tutoring. I was extremely impressed with how HBU handled the coronavirus crisis. They have a mask policy and have implemented a hybrid model for classes that seems to be working very well. Mostly I have been impressed with how nice and understanding the staff is.
I have learned a lot while being at HBU. The classes themselves teach you a lot but even more the professors. They show that they not only care about the students but the class itself though the way they teach and what they teach. The professors know what they are doing and talking about which makes learning that much better.
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I have had an amazing experience at HBU thus far. The professors and community are what helps me very much. The fact that the classes are smaller then other colleges really give you the opportunity to really get help from the professor if you truly need. The professors really care about you and it shows. As for the community the school is small and there aren't a ton of students but there are many benefits to that. The people make things so much more amazing being able to become close with people you go to school with, seeing them around campus and actually knowing peoples faces and starting conversation or even saying hello to people around makes this school so much better.
The community is amazing and the atmosphere is very homelike. It's tons of opportunities to get to know your fellow huskies as well as make friends and get involved in campus life.
Not my favorite thing in the world but its effective and it works. Professors are good with keeping up communication with the students and its not hard to figure anything out with turning things in online.