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Houston Baptist university is one of the most diverse and friendly colleges out there! Classes are small, and student resources are readily available. Since it is in the Houston area, you can go around for great food and shopping after a long day of study!
I love this school so much. This school might be expensive (that's why I'm applying for this scholarship) but its the best. I enjoy having small classes because you can have better connection with the professor. They will know who you are because there isn't a lot of students in the class, unlike public universities, and will remember you years after taking their class. There's a better connection between students and professors because of the small amount of students in this school. You can be a senior walking pass a professor you took in your freshman year and they looking at you and greet you with a hug and smile. Having close bonds with the professor will make you feel like you matter and not be seen as just another random student. Being a baptist school allows them to tell us more about God and helps us learn more about the word of God and how much we mean and matter to him. I'm glad I am able to attend this school.
Houston Baptist University is an extremely small Christian campus. The people that enroll at HBU are extremely nice. The professors are one of a kind, and are amazing. Like every university there are many things that could be better.
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My graduate degree from HBU provided me with incredible opportunities and prepared me to be successful in my field. My professors knew my name, they cared about my success, and served as exceptional advisors throughout my time as a student. I can’t recommend this school enough.
What I like about Houston Baptist University is that is a safe place for students trying to seek God. I would probably change the fact that there isn't much diversity. I would like to see more Hispanics and African Americans.
I love how HBU has different programs for people to join who have similar interests or similar situations like Gen 1 or Trio. Gen 1 is a program for incoming freshman that are the first one in their family to go to college. The program creates events and a variety of meetings to build friendships and tips on how to handle their first year. Trio is a similar program that goes all 4 years, they provide counseling, free tutoring, advice on finance, trips etc. The only thing I would like to change about my college is more parking space since there seems to not be enough on certain hours.
Houston Baptist University is very diverse and has a very wide variety of courses for all types of majors or minors. The school has a very excellent art program and has a lot of good options for financial aid.
The classes are small and attentive so you can always get help if you need it. The campus is small but has everything to offer. Theres events going on all the time so you always have a chance to meet new people.
Houston Baptist has a located which has a good proximity for everywhere,the admission staff are welcoming as well as the professor,the campus is safe and everyone is always ready to help.
The campus is overall nice if you make some good friends, otherwise you might feel like there is nothing to do on campus. Chick fil a might get boring from time to time so just go on over to Chipotle, Blaze, Salata, etc.
Attending my first semester as a transfer at HBU, was exciting yet challenging. The courses here are not easy, which is why they have such high stats on their students entry into medical schools. The atmosphere is friendly and everyone is to themselves which is great if you are a private person. I am excited to start my next semester here!
The college is very small and tight knit. The students here are very friendly. My experience her was good, but for the cost of the school I did expect more.
I like the students to teacher ratio, which is about 30 students to 1 teacher. I also like the environment and how everyone is so kind.
I personally feel that HBU is the best of the best. I went there with my mother and was greeted instantly by friendly faces. I automatically knew that this college was right for me. When the director came to greet us personally, he offered water or tea which was really nice. Also, the meeting we had with the univesity director was great! This school has everything you could possibly ask for.!
HBU was a great school where I recieved personal attention from professors who took an interest in my goals. While it may not be a typical college, I was not looking for a typical college experience. If you want small classes, attention from staff, and a great education, HBU is the right campus for you.
I love everything about my university. The professors here are so wonderful. You can tell they care about their students. The education and material learned in HBU's classes are exceptional as well. The only downside to it is the total cost for attendance.
Houston Baptist University is an amazing school, located on a beautiful campus on the west side of Houston. There is so much to do outside of the classroom. It has an excellent student to teacher ratio and has a very secure learning environment.
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Houston Baptist University is a welcoming school. All the faculty is very nice, supportive, and helpful. It is evident that the professors love their field of work and they try to help you in anyway they can.
I had a wonderful time at this university. The professors are knowledgable, the atmosphere is amazing, and you will get a quality education here!
Attending Houston Baptist University was something I didn't think I'd grow to love, but touring the campus was just an eye opener for me, that this was where I wanted to study music. Fast forward to now, and I'm in my 2nd year entering my 3rd year come next semester. The faculty are absolutely amazing, and I love all of my professors. HBU is where I want to be.