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House of Heavilin Beauty College - Blue Springs Reviews

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We have a lot of colleges come talk to us students about their schools and a lot of college visits.
I love that my school is small because you have so much more help from the teachers and they care about what is best for you. The classes are so small its easy to understand whats going on and if you have qustions they will get answered. The only bad thing about a small school is not having a lot of college classes to take or if your having a problem with someone theres not another teacher for that subject. Overall the teachers are very caring and try to help their students learn as much as they can.
I start hair school in September of 2016 to start something I really love and that is doing hair. The first three months we will be working in a classroom with books learning all about hair. House of Heavilin cost $17,000 and you have to pay $10,000 before you start. The money covers all the books, tools, aprans, color, and a tablet. Im so happy to get started with hair school and make others happy and smile.
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My overall experience at Lone Jack high school has been really good. I love that my school is small and in the country but not far from the city. We have about 300 students at our school and everyone knows everybody. I love that the classrooms are small because you get a lot more help and have a better chance of learning. A lot of the boys at my school work on farms and wear cowboy gear to school. Yes bigger schools have advantages but so do small schools. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else, everybody is so close and so spirited. My favorite experiences are at the sport games and how everyone is there to cheer our team and talk to every one from school. I love after the games half of the students from school would go out to eat and have fun.
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