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It is constantly evident how much the professors and administration genuinely care about the students and the education they receive. They are continuing to move towards a more hands-on approach to learning. It is a small school, but it makes real and effective efforts to develop valuable opportunities.
Lovely local community. The values of the school are great and the people are kind. All my general education class were excellent. However, the science department is not the best. Their teaching techniques aren't great and it's not worth the amount of money students have to pay.
I love the close community. The professors are very accessible. There are lots of great resources with Voca, the counseling center, and library staff.

If you are looking for a party school in a big city, Houghton is not for you. If you are looking for a small Christian school with a close community and strong academics, it is excellent.
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My decision to go to Houghton seems to have cost me the fulfilling "right of passage" experience that typical American college can be. Houghton College is for students raised within Evangelical Christian Culture. If you are not in that demographic I strongly suggest you look elsewhere. If you plan to study in Western New York Ithaca, Binghamton, Geneseo, (and numerous schools in both Rochester and Buffalo) would offer the average student a much better experience.
Coming to Houghton was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The emphasis on experiental learning has really prepared me for life after college.
As a black student, attending a predominately white, liberal, Christian College, I was disappointed in the lack of diversity that Houghton had and intended to create. Although Houghton was started in over 100 years ago, they are still behind in the conversation of diversity.
I have enjoyed the personal connections to professors and other students I have met at Houghton. Due to small class size, one would expect professors to be more available to students. Houghton professors go above and beyond in making connections to each of their students. They regularly invite students into their homes, and they involve students in the work and research that they are doing. One professor I know has been known to search for online deals on equipment that students need! Houghton is a tremendous place to meet people with whom you will relate professionally and personally for years to come.
Houghton College is a great place to receive a Christian education surrounded my an extremely diverse group of students from all over the world. Houghton is a very small, but welcoming community of people, and has always been a college that is known for their love of God.
College administration is very shady, while the faculty are amazing people I feel like you don't get your moneys worth out of going to Houghton and it is A LOT of money to go there. Not many parties unless you drive somewhere else, but that's okay if you're more focused on academics. However the atmosphere there is stifling. Some people love it, as did I for the first year but it got very oppressive later on. Lot's of sketchy things going on behind the scenes that worries me for people's safety.
It was a wonderful experience, very personal and academically challenging. The only change I would make would be more connection with local communities, more transportation/communication options with cities nearby (Buffalo, Rochester) in order to provide more students with opportunities.
Houghton College has an absolutely beautiful campus, but is so small and isolated that the students there seem to feel trapped. Although I never attended the college myself, it was not a good experience for either of my sisters, who had a lot of interpersonal problems with the other students. Along with the student life problems, the classes are very small, and the teachers are very opinionated. They do not seem to respect their students' opinions, and are instead trying to change what they think.
Excellent, close knit Christian academic community. Fantastic DIII sports program, professors seek to be mentors and friends (no place to hide if you're lazy though!).

Residence life is fantastic. Its a dry school, but anyone will tell you no booze is required here for a grand old time.
Especially after taking two semesters abroad, I've realized how much I've learned at Houghton College and how much I miss it. The classes are engaging and discussion-filled, the professors are deeply invested in the students and extremely caring (but also push you to do good work!), the surrounding nature is beautiful, the students are outgoing and supportive, and the local community and churches constantly reach out. I would highly recommend!
In rural Western New York, surrounded by the beautiful Alleghany mountains and several State Parks, Houghton sits atop a hill. Houghton is a liberal arts school, which is everything the name implies. Students will be taught in a variety of pertinent subjects in a small classroom setting which encourages discussion. Philosophy, religion, art, music, science, and history are only a few of the subjects which a Houghton student can expect to engage in. Most classes range anywhere from 8 to 20 people and very often, professors and students will form friendships which last long after graduation as a result. Houghton has positively influenced who I am as a person and how I engage with the world around me.
Houghton College is an amazing place. From the moment I stepped on the campus, I knew it was where I belonged. I made friends instantly and the professors really care about you. Houghton is a place that will encourage and challenge you in academics as well as in your spiritual life.
I dont use Niche as much as i do Fastweb, mostly because i found fastweb first and became accustomed to their format. i really only use Niche when fastweb sends me over for an easy scholarship.
I have had no complaints about my professors, they are all great and try to make sure that you succeed in their class if you really put the effort into it. The professors are very well knowledges in their field of studies. The class sizes are relatively small. The biggest classroom is in the science building.
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The value of the degree from this school is pretty good. The career center/services is really helpful in helping you find an internship or possible job opportunities
The campus is very safe and has a homey atmosphere. There is a security guard at all times, during the day and evenings there is at least two. There haven't been any crimes on campus since I have been enrolled.
The best about campus housing is that it is close to the college. The social atmosphere is calm and quiet but friendly. People leave their doors open so someone could come in and visit. The housing application went smoothly and the school really tries to pair you up with someone that you can room with.
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