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The staff is so friendly and helpful! When I first arrived they were ready to help me and set me up with my new advisor to get me registered for classes! I have really enjoyed my experience at HGTC!
I've had a good experience at Horry-Georgetown. They only complaint that I would have is their response time in getting back with you. If you call in to say Student Accounts most of the time you will be sent directly to voicemail even if they are open. You will be prompted to leave a message with a promise to get back with you. Most of the time you will not receive a call back and instead will have to call again.
Horry-Georgetown Technical College has changed my life. They have an abundance of incredible resources available for students to use. They create a variety of class schedules ranging from early morning to late evening. The professors are passionate in their fields and they are more than willing to do what is necessary to help their students. I have met amazing people and have had unique experiences that have helped me grow as an individual, as well as an adult pursuing a career path.
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The campus is beutiful with ponds and fountain glass buildings etc. and the professors are very good. But what I must say that most of the student services that is offered to students aren't really that helpful. They never seem to have any answers that aren't obvious. And their never on the same page with information especially when it comes to due dates. Another thing is that the school has a early college program so you might take some classes with teens who are still in high school which can feel a little weird at times.
The experience I have at Horry Georgetown is phenomenal. I have had great teachers. I have learned a lot during my time here. The thing I don't like about this school is that there books are overpriced and especially the biology books are not given proper ISBN numbers so we can get it at a cheaper price other than there bookstore. They fail to take into consideration that some people don't have it financially and are just there to get a degree to make a better life for themselves.
The process of applying went smoth however...most of the teachers I’ve had seem to believe that our outside lives mean nothing to them. I got into a car accident and missed a test because of the accident and my professor refused to let me make up the test even with proof. This was only one incident but the professors do not care enough about their students.
My time at HGTC has been excellent. I am an older student going to school online/part time.The school has worked very with schedule and has been accommodating with any and all questions that I might have. Financial aid has been excellent and they really work with the students on each of our needs.The classes are very interactive and i have met some really great friends and solid networking. As I continue,I hope to further my education I look forward to continuing my education with HGTC and working toward my degree in Public Service Administration. Thank you.
The best experience ever for college studies! I enjoy the online classes and the face to face club meetings. I am looking forward to the study abroad adventure. The campus is nice and all are friendly. The bookstore and coffee shop are both great. The print shop personnel provide wonderful suggestion and fast assistance to help students prepare and create perfect products for class assignments and projects. The professors are helpful. The registrar's office staff members are always ready to help. The student gym rocks and is conveniently open for students! The bright cafeteria serves the best salads. The library is beautiful and an ideal place to study and read! Horry Georgetown Technical College is a good fit for many students. Horry Georgetown Technical College is located close to Myrtle Beach. The area is well suited for college students who enjoy the many area attractions when taking a break from college courses and studies.
It was a very easy going and open environment. The entire staff was friendly and always available to help whenever they were needed. Professors are there for you. They set up office hours and always encourage you to stop by if you need anything at all, and they are always quick to respond to emails or return phone calls.
I like that you can get a quality education for a minimal amount of money - minimal compared to 4-year colleges and universities.
it has been great experience so far. friendly environment, great teachers and overall excellent learning environment and the staffs are involved in their student growth. i don't see anything that needs to be improve or change.
I love my experience with Horry-Georgetown Technical College! I can always find a close parking space, most the Professors are helpful, and the library is beautiful with helpful librarians as well. The only thing I would change is the Financial Aid office staff, there has been a few times I have went where the staff wasn't very helpful and rude in a way. Last time I went to Financial Aid office I had this one man who was so helpful and didn't hesitate to give me all the information I needed.
The HGTC has been a great experience, everyone has been extremely helpful to getting my education started
Horry-Georgetown Technical College is an affordable place to get a great education. The area is very lovely. The beach is only 20 minutes away. Classes are small enough so you can get one on one time with your professors and truly understand. Plus, they are always available during their office hours.
A great starter if you want your foot in the door to transfer to a larger university or get a quick degree or verification. Anyone feels welcome whether you're fresh out of high school or a returning student.
The thing i liked most about this college is everyone was willing to help me find my way around the place and help get me everything i needed to get to start classes.
Horry Tech is a nice campus that has student activities regularly. Some class rooms have been updated with new seating and technology and some are plain and old. Many student resources available.
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Great School! Teachers are nice and helpful.They are will to give up there time between classes and tutor you or answer any questions you may have. Most teachers I have had want to make sure you learn and become successful. The campus is kept clean and they are always working to make improvement form the better of the campus. Faultily and Staff are most friendly.
I've driven through, and have walked through the campus many times. It is a beautiful school. I am in love with the brand new culinary building, even though I've only seen the outside! I am excited to become a student there this fall.
This was my first semester there. Everyone I have encountered was so helpful, even the security guards. Easy to speak with advisors with no appointments. My experience so far has been great!
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