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Horry-Georgetown Technical College Reviews

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I have been at Horry-Georgetown for any one year, but the short time I have been there I have experienced very caring and understanding teachers. The campus is quite excellent and easy to navigate, I have not eaten any meals there so I have no opinion about their food, but overall Horst-Georgetown Technical College is a great school. I would recommend it to everyone.
The professors are very attentive to all the students needs although there are some professors who can be a little difficult to work with. The school offers many different opportunities to help the students succeed whether its tutoring, writing lad, and testing centers. There is always a way to meet the needs of the student.
Helpful staff and friendly atmosphere. Easy to make friends and plenty of student resources to make you successful .
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This is a great school. They offer so tools for success and they are constantly adding new academic programs. The professors have various ways to communicate and ask for help, whether it be during class, office hours, or email. Some professors have apps that remind us of assignment due dates or any important upcoming changes. There are countless resources such as FREE tutoring on campus and online, library, private study rooms, WiFi, printing, and so much more. What was one of the key factors for attending HGTC, for the programs that have specific requirements to be met before being accepted into a specific program of study, they have a larger staff which means they can accept more students into the program. Awesome, right! HGTC also has some many clubs and other organizations, for academics, heritage, culture, and sports. 3 campuses and online classes!
I just started here at HGTC, but it is the best decision I have ever made. The school is beautiful. I really enjoy the activities that are available on campus. They have backpack buddies, different learning activities. The library is a dream. Everything is organized and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. The professors are the best. They really go above and beyond helping you understand assignments, and creating an excellent learning environment.
Would not recommend this school. Financial aid is ridiculous to go through and every person is different on what they require based on whom you talk to. They have lost my financial aid information every semester although it has not changed in a year and a half of going there for classes. Their policies on things are rather difficult and do not get your classes dropped due to financial aid or else you will be running around campus with a piece of paper, hunting down your professors to beg them to allow you back into the class. Overall my experience here was rather poor and I would not recommend anyone to go there if they do not have to.
Horry-Georgetown is much more budget-friendly than most, with access to tutors at no additional costs and the career center that helps you to prepare resumes and for interviews. All the staff members I have interacted with have been friendly and informative as well.
I love going to Horry-Georgetown Technical college. The instructors are amazing and they want you to succeed.
I love HGTC! As a staff and a student at the school, I love the atmosphere, the food, the scenery, and the students/ faculty. The SFA, student affairs, academic staff are all so nice. Plenty of recourses for anyone who needs help with anything.
Great college! All of the professors are very helpful! My overall experience so far has been wonderful!
It was a very good experience. Great professors for the most part. Awesome student help center and library.
Horry-Georgetown Technical College is an amazing school to obtain training, a certificate, and/or a degree from. They offer numerous programs and flexible class scheduels to correlate with anyone's day-to-day life. Also, HGTC allows for an easy bridge program at Coastal Carolina University, and numerous other schools, with many of their program.
Great teacher to student ratio. Definitely a great place to learn, with different campuses available for those who live all over near the Myrtle Beach area. An increase in campuses for those who can't travel would be nice, but they do have great academics for very low cost in comparison to other colleges.
HGTC is a wonderful technical school to attend. Some professors are not the best at transferring the information they know into the students. The school however are very helpful and communicable.
This is a great technical college for someone who is completing two years of college. They do offer many transfers to other college once completed the courses here. The school has very flexible class times.
We have a Great learning institution right here in our community!!
I am truly enjoying this journey that I have embarked on to learn and grow.
Horry-Georgetown Technical College has a lot to offer. The campuses are very diverse and I love that, and the campus bookstores are very convenient.
Forestry program is great so far. The professors actually have work experience so you don't just look at a textbook all class. Very engaging teachers and staff.
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The staff is so friendly and helpful! When I first arrived they were ready to help me and set me up with my new advisor to get me registered for classes! I have really enjoyed my experience at HGTC!
I've had a good experience at Horry-Georgetown. They only complaint that I would have is their response time in getting back with you. If you call in to say Student Accounts most of the time you will be sent directly to voicemail even if they are open. You will be prompted to leave a message with a promise to get back with you. Most of the time you will not receive a call back and instead will have to call again.
Horry-Georgetown Technical College has changed my life. They have an abundance of incredible resources available for students to use. They create a variety of class schedules ranging from early morning to late evening. The professors are passionate in their fields and they are more than willing to do what is necessary to help their students. I have met amazing people and have had unique experiences that have helped me grow as an individual, as well as an adult pursuing a career path.
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