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I love going to school here. The staff is very helpful. It’s a credit school so you can transfer your credits.
I have only taken online courses while I have been at the school. The teachers are polite and reasonable and the classmates nice. The advising appointments are always same week appointments and the advisor is nice.
I’m currently attending the Fort Campbell campus and anytime I have any questions someone is there to help assist me.I have taken four classes so far at Hopkinsville CC and they have all went very smoothly.I enjoy this school.
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I really like the way classes are set up at this college. This college offers every single class that I am needing to take in order to major in the subject I am wanting and to receive my Associate's Degree. Also, all of my credits are transferable to the future university that I will be attending. This college also offers an amazing nursing program, along with countless classes relating to arts, humanities, and even music.
the most I liked about this school was how the teachers always help each student and not just focus one
So far I like HCC. I like that is cheaper than universities. I would like it if their nursing program was also offered during the summer to be able to get it done faster.
Hopkinsville Community College is a great first stepping stone for high school graduates and also for adults that want to come back to school later in life. The student body is diverse and the professors are understanding and well meaning. Combined with the low cost this college is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to attend.
For being a community college Hopkinsville is a great school. I loved attending school there. My professors were awesome and made going to classes something to look forward to. The only thing I think they need to work on is making it easier to sign up for classes. Attending Hopkinsville Community college was overall a wonderful experience that I would recommend to others.
I'm in my last semester of nursing school here at Hopkinsville Community College and I really feel that this school has a great program. The small classrooms make it easier to get to know the instructor which in the end makes it easier to come to them when you have a question.
The classes were a good size and most of the teachers were very helpful and fun to learn from, especially Pat Riley. Depending on your advisor, though, they can either help you or cause you to graduate a semester behind for no reason, as I had dealt with.
I am currently a second semester freshman at Hopkinsville Community College. So far, I have had a decent experience at the college. The academics here are fairly good and I have had several good professors. Classes are fairly easy and the people here are nice. My only complaint is that there is not a whole lot to do in Hopkinsville, so at times it can get boring.
great education and hands on experience for a quarter of the cost of a local college or university.
The college has several business related classes available.
I have taken all my classes online. The college has an excellent online degree program.
I have enjoyed my time at HCCi just wish there were more friendly environments for students to interact rather than just class.
There's nothing really to say here there's some opportunities but not many due to the school size.
Although I had to pay my credits have been added without a hitch to my transcript from my school.
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I've taken online courses this semester and they weren't what I was expecting but they were also exactly like regular classrooms except you couldn't see anyone.
I haven't had th chance to get to the point of needing help to look for a job.
Most of the teachers teach in a way most people or at least how I get the concept
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