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They offer various types of classes from traditional, hybrid (one meeting per week) to fully online classes. They even have fixed time online classes and flexible time online classes.
The thing I like the most about Hope is the people. From my college admission counselor to all the advisors, friends are helpful and friendly. It makes me feel like I am really welcomed here.
I never took online classes at Hope College. All the classes that I have taken at Hope were in the classroom, face-to-face. At that time, I was living on campus and I was able to walk from class to class. The only time I used computers for my classes was for papers (typing them and turning them on via email).
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What I like about Hope College was meeting people who I have common interests with or who are easy to talk to. In high school, nobody would talk to me, due to my language recessive disorder. But at Hope College, I was able to meet people who were not put off by me and my quirks. They spent time getting to know me and treated me as an friend. What I would like to see change is the Art Department. I took many art classes there and out of all the art teachers, only one inspired me to be creative. She had a dynamic personality, helping me create lesson plans for children for art, music, dance, and theatre. Hope College could use more art teachers that not only help students with creativity block but also, show them variety of subject matter they could portray in their art (not just still life objects).
Three out of four of my classes online weren't too bad when we had to switch online due to Covid-19. However, one of my classes, Managerial Accounting, was a bit of a challenge to learn more on my own, but overall for not really having any time to prep for online learning, it wasn't too bad.
I love the community atmosphere and everyone is super friendly. The campus is beautiful and most of the professors are super understanding and helpful.
The campus is really nice and the people are very caring and helpful. Class sizes are great and you really get to know your professors and other class mates.
Didn’t take any classes online. All the classes I have taken in person are very well taught and the professors are very helpful.
Though learning online is not ideal for most students, especially those of us who are dancers, the Hope college professors and COVID-19 planning committee did a fantastic job of organizing materials and doing their best to continue offering their quality and notable education. I was thoroughly impressed with ability to "keep the hope", even on a much more spread-out campus :)
Hope College is an absolute gem, though it seems somewhat hidden because of it's small size and quaint location. However, there is no doubt that this is a fantastic place to be educated. I am a member of the dance department and I can speak on behalf of their excellent, top-notch training. They always bring in various guest artists throughout the year (2 which each stay a full semester, even) and host plenty of performance opportunities and auditions. Outside of dancing, the rest of the education at the school is phenomenal! Each class is challenging and engaging, and the professors are very knowledgeable and wise. Each of the staff on campus cares about YOU as an individual and wants to help you succeed in every way possible. You are at an advantage in a smaller pond because you're not just a number, you're important and significant to everyone that you'll meet! Hope has such a warm, friendly, and inviting environment with joy that is contagious! Hope is the place to be :)
Due to COVID-19, our last quarter of our Spring 2020 semester was moved to online classes. Our professors did a great job of giving people the time they needed to complete everything on line, while still creating professional class opportunities to prepare us for exams and for our future.
Hope has been an amazing overall experience for me. Hope has a smaller campus which brings a family atmosphere to the community. Hope is a Christian college, yet professors don't force their religion on you, and chapel isn't mandatory. For division 3, our athletic teams and facilities are amazing, and there are many student body events for anyone to get involved.
Hope is a wonderful school. I not only received an excellent education, but also grew into adulthood. Hope educates the entire person mind, spirit and body. I also met my spouse at Hope.
I graduated in 1996. There was no such thing as online learning when I went to Hope, but I’ve heard good things. My son will attend the campus in the fall.
Clumsy to say the least but I also did not expect to much from them. The outbreak caused a lot of issues so Hope handled it about as good as one could aks for from Hope
Hope has no diversity what so ever. The dorms are in poor condition, with a few expectations. They waste their money on things that they do not need. Their athletic facilities are lacking for sure. Only positive I experienced at hope college was the proximity to downtown Holland and the beach. That being said you can only experience these things for a limited time because of the climate. Unless you are going to be a nurse their are numerous better options in the state of Michigan alone, much less the United States. I would never pay that much for college to get so little back ever again.
The academics are amazing. Campus life, not so much. I have had great opportunities in terms of internships and research.
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Hope College is exceptional! Professors and other staff really care about the individual and want you to succeed. They offer so many resources for the student from free tutoring, writing center, Boerigter Center for Calling and Career and so much more. They have rigorous classes to help you think critically and rise to your greatest potential and as a liberal arts college they help the student to be well rounded.. Hope is on the more pricy side as it is a private college but the campus is beautiful.
I love the Hope College community. It is unlike anywhere else. All of my professors genuinely care about us as people, not just as students. I am so grateful for all of the relationships that I have built and I am looking forward to continuing my education here.
I am in love with Hope and the community here. This school really cares for its students and I’ve never felt that I belong somewhere as much as I do here. Coming to Hope has been one of my best decisions I’ve made.
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