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Hood College is a school that values their students. They make sure every student has equal opportunities, and they provide many great experiences.
The best part about hood is the small class sizes and the pride professors take in the student’s success. Athletics have helped me stay on task with the strict schedules.
I love Hood College, for it is a small campus, with small classrooms and dedicated teachers. The community is strong and connected, well-known in the greater neighborhoods. It is easy to meet people and make friends. The buildings are gorgeous, and every stair creaks with history. The faculty have all been extremely helpful, whether they be teachers, the registrar, accounting, or in the library. Hood offers excellent tutoring, with many available slots, and many tutors ready to help.

If I could change anything about Hood, I would add on to the social work program, expanding it into a Master’s degree. Having to go from a college like Hood to any other in order to attain a social work Master’s degree is a jarring, disagreeable option. Hood is a school unlike any I have been to, and I look forward to the next few years here.
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Love the small school feel because of the ability to build strong relationships with classmates and teachers
I love hood. From the first time I toured the campus the staff all made me feel like I was part of the family. It’s a place where you know that the staff really cares about the students as individuals.
Hood college afforded me the opportunity to experience so many great things. There were challenges along the way, but overall it was a good experience.
I liked how easy it was to tell that the people working at Hood cared about me and whether I was doing well with not only my grades but also in my personal life.
What I like about Hood College is how helpful the professors are. Since majority of the class sizes don't reach over 25 students, it's easy to build relationships with fellow classmates and gain connections with the professor. They also provide a vast amount of resources to students and are extremely helpful with getting internships and job opportunities.
I love this college! I made so many friends my first year, and I regularly found myself walking around campus to attend events with my peers. I see a lot of people complain that there isn't anything to do here, but there IS, you just have to read the weekly emails to see the huge list of all available activities (which many students never do). The academics and professors are also top-notch, and I always received the guidance I needed when I asked for help.
The campus is very nice and the professors are helpful. Everyone on campus, whether it's staff or students, will be kind and respectful and will always help you out.
However it is a small school so that is why I don't like it.
The experience I've had at Hood College is actually better than I imagined. It all started at the College Open House there some months ago, I loved it and their food as well. Recently, I went there for Accepted Students Day. I came there still being undecided on the college I would attend and I left with the decision on going to that school. I also found a roommate too and she came there undecided as well so that experience went well.
A good institution if you plan on attending as a freshman, transferring in is a nightmare. They do not transfer your GPA or any grades from classes transferring in.
The college tour at Hood college put things in perspective for me. Everyone that I came in contact with was friendly and knowledgeable. The staff care about their alumni, current and future student's needs.

It felt as if I wasn't going to feel like a number or that I won't matter is a big concern of mine and the class size sounds about right for me. I have a sense of peace knowing that tutoring is available for no additional cost. I appreciate the labeling of the food in the cafeteria. I can eat something and not worry about food allergies while focusing on my education.
The first thing I noticed was how beautiful the campus was. I had a euphoric feeling as I walked through the campus. I made an instant connection with a sophomore at Hood College. The sophomore her roommate, and staff were amicable. It made me feel as though, it would be easy to make friends. I saw state of the art manikins that were in the simulated patient rooms. This allowed me to imagine myself at Hood College in the nursing program.
What I like about Hood College is the diversity and small community that you have on campus. At Hood you begin to feel as if you are part of a family. All professors are very nice and are very willing to help you. The athletic programs at Hood College are wonderful, they are a big part of the school and a great way for students to get involved. The dorms are always kept very clean, the custodial crew does a very good job at keeping everything up and running. The saftey on campus is amazing there are blue lights all over for safety. The location is my favorite part the down town has so much to do. There are places for all groups of people from families to college students.
The dorms are old and need remodeling. The food is terrible! Too much drama! Campus safety isn’t there when you need them. They need more security on campus. It’s very boring, no activities for students.
I really don’t like it at this school. First of all, the food sucks! It tastes like crap and there is a lack of nutritious option. This is just plain ridiculous, since college students should have access to healthy food when studying. Secondly, there is no social scene at campus. There are no events by clubs and there is a lack of accommodation for minor religions, such as Sikhism and Islam ( which have good representation in other colleges or universities). Hopefully, I will soon transfer to another school!!!!!
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The scenery is old fashioned and kind of boring. It’s a very small school, so you get to know everyone quickly. The food was nasty on most days! The student body was very informative about events and clubs that were available for us.
It's really great. I get to meet a lot of intelligent professors and good people. The dorm buildings are fun and it is easily to get paired with a person you get along with. They take a lot into account when pairing you with your first roommate.
Really great, small school. You have to want to attend a liberal arts school. Business department is thriving and most popular majors reside in the business department. The resources available are tremendous and Hood does its best to place students.
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