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Honolulu CC is an overall ok school. The professors i've had were really nice and really helped me understand their courses. The staff, don't always know what to do. I've lost a whole year taking classes i didn't need to take because of miscommunication in the office.
I came from Windward Community college in Kaneohe HI. I felt like I was just taking classes to get through with college and felt like I was not getting anyway in getting a career after I would graduate from Windward. I transferred over to Honolulu Community College and now I have an idea of what I want to do as a career after I graduate Honolulu community college. Honolulu community college gave me an idea of what I want to do in life.
Coming from a university college, Honolulu Community College is very well involved with their students in various activities, provides a numerous amount of college careers and majors for everyone. For example, Cosmetology, Fire Sciences, Welding, Automobile classes, and way more. The staff is excellent and always willing to help the students with all that they need. HONCC is the best!
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I haven't attended HCC however I would like to, they have programs I am interested in and academic counselors seem very helpful.
It's a small school, so it is perfect if you want to start college in a smooth way. The food is good. It is also well within a good price range. Student and faculty are nice and chill. I like that this place is pretty laid-back. This school is the closest to my home so that is convenient. I am glad that I go here.
I took a class for Sociology 100 and it was great. I learned so much interesting things, and the class was smooth and pretty easy homework-wise but not too easy that I could pass without doing any work.
This is my 2nd semester here at Honolulu Community college and I'm already starting to feel the good vibe here. Every staff and students here are very friendly. The professors that I have are very well at teaching the subject and I have no problem with slacking off during the day.
Honolulu community college is a very good college that assists every student by counseling them and providing them with many resources available to them. If you were a student that is in need of help HCC has many places you can go to for all sorts of help.
I love that HCC has events planned for their students and that they actually make them interesting. HCC has a good internet connection and that's important. HCC has lots of student friendly spaces to study or hang out. It also has many trade-school kind of classes and programs that make it unique. The classes are relatively small and have better student to professor ratios.
The school should inform all of their students of the changes that they tend to implement academically, and not to some student government, which is a waste of time because they're all playing video games in the student lounge and not taking their position seriously.
Honolulu Community College is a great college, with excellent services for those who are looking to further their educatuon.
Over all, Honolulu Community College is a good institution. Educators are focused on a more one-on-one learning experience witch provides a good grasp on the basics.
I think Honolulu Community College is an ok place to go. Some of the classes seem like a waste of time. The campus is nice and the professors are pretty cool.
The flexibility is great offering online make-up course in case of emergencies or mishap in everyday life.
The only online course i use are the homework tools to submit essays via online applications. They work terrifically, you can see that someone put a lot of time into the programs to make them user friendly and easy for first time students to traverse.
Post-grad opportunities are amazing offering you a job out the door with the city of Honolulu.
The courses are great and the professors are always helpful willing to stay after class and talk. They also monitor their emails to provide out of classroom help
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Everyone on the campus was very helpful and welcoming. It was great since i was coming from out of state.
Everything from Carpentry to Oceanography my school offers it all with a great choice of professors and ready to learn students.
My school is unique because its full of different people trying to advance themselves in todays world. Classes are competitive and everyone is friendly.
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