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During the covid-19 we had to move classes online. It was good easy to be able to work a job and still provided math tutoring. I loved it.
Love it passed my classes and moving towards my cosmetology program. I have recommended HONOLULU community college and my co-worker is in the process of enrolling.
Love this school especially the Hawaiian Center. I’ve always had help from my counselors, professors, and from the Hawaiian center. There’s a lot of resources to help you succeed and a lot of student perks. They have All types of activities like free movie nights, bowling, free food on Monday, ho’olaulea (get together with music, and free food), etc.
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I’ve only done online during this COVID19 pandemic. So I can’t really say how online classes are. However, from my experience with online during this pandemic it was great. Zoom classes, Professor’s make sure they checked up on us, and turned our work in on time, and canceled a few big projects we needed to do which was awesome.
Honolulu Community is a good place to start if you are unsure on continuing to higher education. It is a 2 year college and most of the teachers for career oriented classes are the same.

One downfall is sometimes classes may get cancelled due to less enrollment and sometimes they might have a shortage of teachers. It all depends on what you're studying and how many classes you take per semester.

I've learned a lot here and for sure have learned things I will carry with me into the future.
My online experience was okay with Honolulu Community College. I recommend making sure you're always there for classes / getting the online work done (there is a lot of time sensitive deadlines sometimes (depends on your class)).

Don't procrastinate.
The benefits of going to my colleges is that the campus is in accessible area and there are many of places that you can eat and there is also a lil outlet mall a short little distance away from the campus. The things that could be approves is the security at the campus due to it being close to a lot of low income housing places and a lot of very bad neighborhoods near the campus.
What better setting than attending college in paradise? What else is there to say except what are you waiting for? Enroll now.
Being a early college student, I like how the professors adjust their lessons for students like me to understand it better. So far, all my professors are very understanding and I love the way they teach. I think the change I can think of is early college students should have the opportunity to go in the campus and experience the student life!
Honolulu Community College is a real goo school, especially for trades. It's also a great place to learn about the Hawaiian culture and there's even a Hawaiian Center.
Honolulu Community College is awesome. The professors and counselors are very friendly and supportive. Hcc does make sure the your on the right path.
A lot of resources that support students and their educational journeys, smaller class sizes which help with professors checking more frequently. I also appreciate the on-campus resources such as the library, cafeteria, and bookstore. I also appreciate Student Life because they offer field trips and other activities for students to create relationships with one another.
As the oldest college in the University of Hawaii system, HCC incorporates the spirit of Aloha with their curriculum. The faculty and staff are truly there for student's success not only in academia but also in life.
I have not yet started school at Honolulu Community College. As i start my first semester in Hawaii, I hope it is to be easy and I hope all my classes will, for the most part, be a breeze. I am extremely thankful to be able to go to Hawaii for school!
I love this school! Parking is a bit of a pain if you don't have a permit, but the campus isn't full like other schools. The teachers are more older, but they really know their stuff. They are very helpful! When I came here for a math class, I learned about certain books being on "reserve" in the library. Saved me some money instead of having to buy books.
The school has good professors that teaches in a way that I understand. They have a lot of tutoring programs. The food is good and affordable.
Honolulu CC is an overall ok school. The professors i've had were really nice and really helped me understand their courses. The staff, don't always know what to do. I've lost a whole year taking classes i didn't need to take because of miscommunication in the office.
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I came from Windward Community college in Kaneohe HI. I felt like I was just taking classes to get through with college and felt like I was not getting anyway in getting a career after I would graduate from Windward. I transferred over to Honolulu Community College and now I have an idea of what I want to do as a career after I graduate Honolulu community college. Honolulu community college gave me an idea of what I want to do in life.
Coming from a university college, Honolulu Community College is very well involved with their students in various activities, provides a numerous amount of college careers and majors for everyone. For example, Cosmetology, Fire Sciences, Welding, Automobile classes, and way more. The staff is excellent and always willing to help the students with all that they need. HONCC is the best!
I haven't attended HCC however I would like to, they have programs I am interested in and academic counselors seem very helpful.
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