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Being in this pilot program from the very beginning, I wouldn't trade it for all the laurels in the world. It has fascilitated not only my learning but also my responsibilites with work and my family. I have no complaints.
I personally, am a face-to-face on campus learner. However, online students share their testimonies which are great in general.
The career center is well organized. The students are very friendly and supportive. As for job prospects, we have prepared ourselves to a higher market. For example, I am a male nurse, bilingual (English/Spanish), 5 years of experience in the department of psychiatry where not many male nurses go into for their careers, and I will have a BSN making me a desireable magnet candidate.
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It has been an amazing growing experience! This is an ABHES (Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools) accredited pilot program that started very small and quickly grew into what a full classroom experience. My personal best course was Transcultural Healthcare. I learned so much about the great variety of cultures and their lifestyles. Mrs. Blanco has been teaching many of the nurisng courses and I wish she tought the whole program.
Let's keep in mind that in class we combine over 300 years of nursing experience. The network effect created in class and outside of class in powerful. The strong potential getting ready from this school will have a significant impact in the many areas the students will encounter. This degree will only open up a giant door to a network-universe that will keep "substance" or things worth knowing and doing - have a ripple effect on society and life.
The BSN major is a dreamed journey. Nothing is given for free but it makes you want to do your very best, however. It is an EARNED degree. The ambience in class makes it your favorite place to distress your week of work. There, we learn from the instructor, from each other, we laugh and learn, we vent and listen, we support each other not only academically but also personally.

The BSN curriculum upholds to that same standards of a public or private university. It is well presented and understood. The workload is well proportioned as well making this a feasible dream come true.
I can only speak from my experience. My favorite experience was the first day of school. Thanks to the RN to BSN Instructor (Mrs. Adel Blanco, B.S., M.S. R.N. -BC) my personal fears related to school were addressed, confronted, and conquered and actually evaporated that very same day! That made me feel very special, like a new person. In fact, later that day we laughed so much that I was having a headache, stomachache, and my ribs were in major pain. It was a beautiful feeling. I felt I had finally found the person who could bring out and unlock my potential that was dormant in me for many years. Mrs. Blanco is an invaluable asset to this school.
just a lot of things going on
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