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It’s a good commute n the price is excellent!so much going on with events and social networking. You can not go wrong and there is an express buss from downtown Springfield MA to Holyoke MA. They accommodate with your needs as far as having everything done if you choose that direction.
I really like this college because his diversity on studies and in te campus situation it is so comfortable and it’s sou easy to find your classrooms
Holyoke Community College gives you the opportunity to save money and get a degree amongst a diverse student and staff body. The professors are great and it is evident they really care about the students and their devotion to teaching. Hcc offers many opportunities that all are welcome to engage in.
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Holyoke Community College is a great place to learn and get a degree !
All staff and teachers are helpful and understandable. I had very good experience there .
When I first applied to Holyoke Communtiy college I was struggling to find a path. I didn't know my right from my left and had no idea which direction to go because all basic adult-life skills weren't intuned. Having met with supervisors there, they were happy to help me achieve a course of action, and now I'm finally being pushed to have a career path of my dreams. They were the only affordable, community college that offered the exact classes I need to advance my knowledge in my journey to success.
Brilliant facilities, via the arts and photography, and committed faculty. Getting a degree from a community college then transferring the 2 year degree over to a 4 year, saves money and eases you into college life.
Holyoke Community College is a great school for students who want to save money before attending a four-year school. The professors are very knowledgeable and friendly. The class sizes are great for student/professor interaction. The one thing that could improve is the advisors located in the advising center. The advisors should be better prepared to help new students find the best path in order to graduate as quickly as possible. Also, more information about the placement test, financial aid, and other school resources should be provided in order to keep students well informed about everything that the school has to offer. Overall Holyoke Community College is a great place to for students to take the first steps towards their future.
Great teachers! Great recourses! Transportation from parking lots to the building! Good food services. Nice athletic center is free to all students. Excellent academic support, tutors and learning couches available to all students. Easy access to public transportation. Many different clubs for any interests available. Computer lab is big and has many computers! Great place to continue your education!
I love the staff. There are courses and people that are so diverse. There is always something to do. They have everything you can think of. I love how they actually care for the people in the community and want us all to strive and do well. I advise everyone to come here. Plus, it’s WAY cheaper that a 4 year.
The nursing program is great! I love it. I took one class on campus it was okay. The A & P teacher didnt seem to know what he was talking about though.
As a student that is currently enrolled at HCC, I have come across many professors that fail to demonstrate interest in their performance as a teacher and the academic performance of their students. On the contrary, there are professors that are excellent at their job, they provide an excellent sense of academic challenge, find innovative ways to present the material, and are extremely resourceful. The school's advisers are a great help in suggesting the professors that come highly recommended. The advisers are excellent guides through the college experience; they offer both emotional and educational support. The campus is fairly clean, and often has many enjoyable free activities for students to partake in. The college is located within near proximity to several restaurants, a mall, and a Barnes and Noble. Overall this school is a good two year school, for those that are looking for cheaper alternatives throughout their educational journey.
This school is very good for your money. Good professors and good courses. I had a wonderful experience at this college.
I've have multiple advisors, and been in school for 7 years, lost my financial aid due to exceeding maximum credits due to different advisors wanting me to take classes unneeded
At Holyoke Community College you get a wide range of majors to choose from with a diverse array of classes available for each major as well as for electives.
On-line learning was always available. Offices/personnel were accommodating and available. Phone calls were easier for me and everyone from the Financial Aide office to the advisors were always available. Order books on line was a big plus. No trips to the college - where parking is at a premium.
Throughout my two years in Holyoke community college, I had the pleasure of knowing that for any situation involving my financial aid or academics, I could go to my professor, adviser, or the people at the financial aid office, and have them guide me through the questions or problems that arose. The only negative thing that I can say about Holyoke Community College is the quality of the water in most of the drinking fountains. It may be safe to drink but the taste will leave one to question that fact.
Ever since I started here at HCC I have not had an unpleasant experience! Everyone is helpful and friendly and the teachers have been some of the best I have had so far!
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My experience at Holyoke Community College has been unforgettable. They offer free help at the writing center, as well as the math center which is extremely beneficial. My classmates have been friendly and my professors have been very helpful so far. I love it!
While the classes are good and the teachers are active in class. I have often found that some teachers don't try to go above and beyond and help some students who really need help. Also the advising system kinda sucks as they just tell you what you need ans just push you along.
Some really good courses are offered, with very good professors. Advisors can be good, but mine sucked. Did not help me at all, and did not properly inform me on any of my requirements. Would be late to our appointments, and also rush me out of his office before or appointment was over. Food is complete crap and is way overpriced. Very affordable classes; saved a lot of money starting off here than at a four year college.
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