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I've have multiple advisors, and been in school for 7 years, lost my financial aid due to exceeding maximum credits due to different advisors wanting me to take classes unneeded
At Holyoke Community College you get a wide range of majors to choose from with a diverse array of classes available for each major as well as for electives.
On-line learning was always available. Offices/personnel were accommodating and available. Phone calls were easier for me and everyone from the Financial Aide office to the advisors were always available. Order books on line was a big plus. No trips to the college - where parking is at a premium.
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Throughout my two years in Holyoke community college, I had the pleasure of knowing that for any situation involving my financial aid or academics, I could go to my professor, adviser, or the people at the financial aid office, and have them guide me through the questions or problems that arose. The only negative thing that I can say about Holyoke Community College is the quality of the water in most of the drinking fountains. It may be safe to drink but the taste will leave one to question that fact.
Ever since I started here at HCC I have not had an unpleasant experience! Everyone is helpful and friendly and the teachers have been some of the best I have had so far!
My experience at Holyoke Community College has been unforgettable. They offer free help at the writing center, as well as the math center which is extremely beneficial. My classmates have been friendly and my professors have been very helpful so far. I love it!
While the classes are good and the teachers are active in class. I have often found that some teachers don't try to go above and beyond and help some students who really need help. Also the advising system kinda sucks as they just tell you what you need ans just push you along.
Some really good courses are offered, with very good professors. Advisors can be good, but mine sucked. Did not help me at all, and did not properly inform me on any of my requirements. Would be late to our appointments, and also rush me out of his office before or appointment was over. Food is complete crap and is way overpriced. Very affordable classes; saved a lot of money starting off here than at a four year college.
The professors really care about you and want you to succeed. I am a first year college student and I chose to go to HCC because of how affordable it was. When it came time to register for spring classes all my teachers told their class it was important to get an appointment as soon as possible so they could get the classes they wanted. The teachers really care about your success at HCC even if they don’t see you again
I love this college they have a nice and safe campus ther campus is always very clean. They have a very diverse selection of classes you can take they have a very very very good Cafeteria the food is very good the school is placed in a very good spot close to stored close to food close to everything you would probably need they are have really nice professional service
I’ve visited the other community college around me and this one is top tier in my opinion. I’ve talked with many students about other colleges and universities and most agree with how great this place is. I’ve also spoken with professors from this college and besides the usual politics, they say the college is great for what it is. I would recommend this college to anyone wanting to start with college career. I have also been a mentor and might contour with that at this college.
I have personally been going to this college for about 4 semesters so far, it is not a massive college like UMass or a amazing sight like University of New Hampshire. But, it gives you more time to figure out who you are and where you need to go next to further your education. You may miss out on dorm parties and other aspects of living on campus, but it lets you test the waters.
I've been here for 2 years and the teachers and students here are welcoming and very friendly and helping.
I love the special activities they offer, the staff members are very helpful, and the professors are really nice.
A good place to transfer from. Many different offerings in the way of courses and programs. Low-cost lending itself to a good substitute for 2 years of a Bachelors
My experience of Holyoke Community College was really skeptical at first from attending our scheduled New Arrival Student Orientation, but afterwards when our group leader had explained the layout and multiple majors, clubs, and academic resources to choose from I was shocked to see a community college pull off all this amongst the average student attending here. I then knew that this was the perfect choice for me to attend and get a fresh start and understanding of what the college atmosphere looks like and how it can possibly advance even greater in a 4 year university. Overall I like the professors, advisers, and I even made some friends along the way from my attending classes. I only wonder how this will further my education and finally deciding what career path I shall take that will lead me to the life of success and to the pursuit of happiness.
I an online student abroad right now and I'm absolutely loving my professors and classes. My teachers are really well organized and involved in the class and I really appreciate that!
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I have found my Mecca. Hcc has so much to offer. I am a non-traditional student. I lost my job in the retail food business four years ago. I was totally lost. My body has been battered. I thought that my life was over at the age of forty-five. After a year of depression, I was able to start to live again. When I enrolled in Hcc I started with the basics because I had been out of school for so long that I could barely do basic math or write and essay. I suddenly started to feel connections with people again. Thankfully Hcc has some amazing tools that made it possible for me to be successful. The writing center, math center, and CAPS. The professors know how to challenge their students. Students with disabilities of all kinds will be successful at Hcc. I am going to be transferring to a four-year college and I am going to make sure that I pay it forward because the people who have helped me succeed are my heroes.
Fun learning Environment with kind people as well as teachers and staff. They help you with all your basic college needs, including issues with financial aid, payments, courses, schedules, etc. I recommend this college to anyone who is looking for a calm, at-their-own-pace place to learn and be ready for their future careers.
It's the best community college in the area. There are a lot of student services provided and most of the professors want to see their student succeed. I just wish the tuition was not so expensive and the parking wasn't so terrible.
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