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The grading system sucks and they tell the students who give tours not to say anything about it. A:100-94 B:93-86 C:85-77. The nursing program has plenty of great teachers who want you to pass and will work with you. However, the nursing program betrayed its students this year. There is a policy where if you fail a class you cannot continue with your cohort and must repeat the class you failed and a pathways to progress class. This semester two students failed maternity and were secretly allowed to continue with their cohort. This is while others failed the same class and were not offered the same opportunity. The library closes at 10pm Monday-Thursday, 4pm on Friday. During finals week the hours remain the same, where most schools have extended hours that week. There is no “college” vibe if that’s what you want; it’s more like a high school. Lastly, the campus security is more like a babysitter than someone who’s supposed to make sure you’re safe.
The first impression I got from Holy Family University was how nice everyone was there! They greeted me like I have been apart of their family for years and I have enjoyed learning there.
I absolutely love the small class size and tons of activities on campus. The campus is small and safe. Also, the professors are all friendly and knowledgeable.
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It is a very quiet and safe campus; however, I feel as though not many people in administration want to be of any help or support to their students.
Very Clean Place, very friendly teachers and staff. Expensive and limited in majors. Mainly Nursing and teaching degrees. Located in a nice part of Philadelphia. Catholic college that takes education seriously. Decent library. Ok campus food. Commuter College mainly.
Professors to teach better not hold students back from their dreams when they work so hard to better themselves.
When I went to visit everyone was very helpful. They showed me all the opportunities that I would have. The location was very convenient. When I was touring the campus everyone that I asked how they like the school, they had nothing but nice things say.
I love Holy Family University for the friendliness. It is a small campus and you get to know A lot of other students. The one thing that I would change is the grading system.
Holy Family University is a pretty good school. The class size is small, which is something that I really like. The professors are nice and the campus is pretty and easy to move around. However, the tuition is a little costly.
Holy Family is a great commuter school, and allows you to make great friends while being close to home so you are able to work, volunteer within the community, and also take part in many extracurricular and clubs.
Holy Family University offers a broad range of majors and minors so there are options for everyone. As an undeclared student, there are options for me to decide what exactly I want to major in.
Overall, I like how small the campus is. When it is cold or rainy outside, the buildings are close by and I always make it there on time. The small class sizes are great for learning and the professors know your name.
A small school that is slowly growing. Holy Family is mainly a commuter school, but there is still options to live on campus. They are well staffed and equipped for your learning needs. Holy Family staff care about your education and want you to succeed in school and life.
Holy Family is a very outstanding school academic wise. It isn’t a huge school so classes are very small, which makes it very easy to focus in class. Everyone knows each other so it’s easy to make friends, and the professors are very easy to communicate with. The only thing I would change about Holy Family is the campus size and an addition of Greek life. I feel as if our campus was bigger and had Greek life it would be a whole lot more interesting. Other than that Holy Family is a great school.
I am pleasantly surprised with the diversity of the University. The students resource center is available and the staff will help guide the students in the right direction.
I like how small it is and private, very safe, but its not as challenging as I wish it was. Theres not much to do there, nor places to go. They could us some updating, especially when the tuitions is so expensive. But all in all i am happy with my decision.
My first course at Holy Family was English 115. It was a fun and enthusiastic class. The professor was always helpful and entertaining. I never had a dull moment.
i like the majors they offer and they were very friendly. i want to take up communications and journalism as my major. the financal is very goog and they they really made me fill welcome when i came to take a tour with my program, college possible
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I recently just transferred to Holy Family University. I am a nursing major and i'm excited to experience the rest of my college years here because they have a great nursing program and the environment itself is very welcoming. It is a smaller campus, but it helps you create a good relationship with your professors, you are not just another student in the class. The grading system is hard compared to other colleges around the same academics, but I think it is a good challenge and will make me feel awarded after I get an A in a class.
I like the small class sizes and the one on one experience you get with you professors. I would like it to be more diverse and more activities that commuters can partake in
Holy family is a very small school and I am going to be attending this fall. Everyone knows everyone there. The environment is very comfortable and everyone is fun to be around.
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