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Holy Family is a very outstanding school academic wise. It isn’t a huge school so classes are very small, which makes it very easy to focus in class. Everyone knows each other so it’s easy to make friends, and the professors are very easy to communicate with. The only thing I would change about Holy Family is the campus size and an addition of Greek life. I feel as if our campus was bigger and had Greek life it would be a whole lot more interesting. Other than that Holy Family is a great school.
I am pleasantly surprised with the diversity of the University. The students resource center is available and the staff will help guide the students in the right direction.
I like how small it is and private, very safe, but its not as challenging as I wish it was. Theres not much to do there, nor places to go. They could us some updating, especially when the tuitions is so expensive. But all in all i am happy with my decision.
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My first course at Holy Family was English 115. It was a fun and enthusiastic class. The professor was always helpful and entertaining. I never had a dull moment.
i like the majors they offer and they were very friendly. i want to take up communications and journalism as my major. the financal is very goog and they they really made me fill welcome when i came to take a tour with my program, college possible
I recently just transferred to Holy Family University. I am a nursing major and i'm excited to experience the rest of my college years here because they have a great nursing program and the environment itself is very welcoming. It is a smaller campus, but it helps you create a good relationship with your professors, you are not just another student in the class. The grading system is hard compared to other colleges around the same academics, but I think it is a good challenge and will make me feel awarded after I get an A in a class.
I like the small class sizes and the one on one experience you get with you professors. I would like it to be more diverse and more activities that commuters can partake in
Holy family is a very small school and I am going to be attending this fall. Everyone knows everyone there. The environment is very comfortable and everyone is fun to be around.
Holy Family University is a great school that provides great academics. Although it's a small university, there's a better chance of making friends and becoming close with professors because the classrooms are small. Even though I transferred to Holy Family in 2016, I felt like I've made friends within my major that I can communicate with about class, etc. The only thing I dislike is the grading system because it is similar to Harvard's grading system, so that pressures me to work even harder and study more.
I love the diversity and the people. The offices were super helpful and got me information i needed.
I like the small class sizes, and the one on one time with professors. There is nothing I would change.
Holy Family has lived up to their title. They have been a second family to be and have shown that family comes first. The professors at Holy Family are there to teach you and they always take the extra step to make sure their students are on the right paths.
Holy Family University (HFU) is a great school for students who are looking to be in a small and personal classroom environment. Every professor wants to see their students achieve great things and they do all they can do help students succeed. HFU is located in Philadelphia, so students have access to many types of educational opportunities and internships. HFU is a pre-ivy league school and students who attend HFU are often very committed to their studies. Additionally, while HFU is a Catholic University, it is open to many students of different races, ethnicities, religions, sexualities, etc. HFU is a welcoming community that aims to make every student happy and comfortable. If you're looking for a small, cozy school in the city with great access to academic opportunities, then HFU is the school for you!
I like Holy Family University because it is a small school. I personally did not want to be in a big school and this is perfect for me. Being a small school makes class sizes small and gives teachers the chance to truly get to know each student which is very helpful.
I absolutely love it here. Although I am a freshman, I've made many new friends in the same year as me as well as other years. The campus/student life is very busy. Professors help one on one as you need them. Gives the true meaning and value to Holy FAMILY.
Holy Family is centrally located in a very safe neighborhood in Philadelphia therefore I believe security will take precaution if there were to have something happen to their students or faculty.
I believe Holy Family will benefit me in the long room because they career department is very helpful in finding opportunities for students post graduation.
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Non-greek and greek life are both very similar within the university.
I haven't really heard of the athletic department at Holy Family because the main focal pain of the university is the nursing and education departments.
Holy Family is a very close knit family school. Staff are very accommodating! The faculty are very passionate of what they do.
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