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I overall enjoyed and continue to enjoy all that Holy Cross College has to offer. It is a smaller college, but that is not synonymous with being a lesser college. We are a close knit family and everyone around campus (be it student, faculty, or staff) knows each other appreciates each other. Being a small campus allows Holy Cross to achieve an experience that even Notre Dame does not have. The students and Professors are able to develop a relationship with each other. People are known by name at Holy Cross and they are remembered. As a student there, I have grown to know so many unique individuals beyond my class mates or Professors. This is the point the Holy Cross drives at and hits home own. We are not just a college at Holy Cross, we are a close knit diverse family all striving to help each other. There is no other university like it!
Holy Cross for me is the best school. It offers everything I need for my major. Even if campus is a little small, thats a good thing by the time you graduate you know everyone. The professors work really hard to give the most one on one time that is possible. I couldn't ask for a better school!
Holy Cross is the most student oriented college you will ever find. Everything is personal and the staff are always willing to help someone in any kind of need.
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I love how it is small and gives yo a chance to get to know your professors and have more of a 1 on 1 learning environment.
Holy Cross offers an incredible community of people to live and learn with. There are many advantages to the environment of this small liberal arts college.
Being at Holy Cross for a year and a half, I can say I've had a really great experience. The staff is diverse, helpful, and prepared. It is very easy to find new friends because of the small community; also, having Saint Mary's and Notre Dame within a 5 minute walk is definitely a plus.
Holy Cross College is the best, there isn't any other college like it. It is like a big family with both professors and students making Holy Cross College one of the best places i've ever been
While the internship program is not as strong here, we do get invited to go across the street to Notre Dame where there are boundless opportunities for internships and networking. I believe the value of a degree from this school is very strong due to the fact that Notre Dame is in the name, and it's right across the street, which provides Holy Cross students with more opportunities.
Overall this school is nicely put together. As previously stated the staff/ professors for the most part are truly passionate in their teachings. The student to professor ratio is convenient as professors have more opportunities to work one on one with students. The athletics is strong overall for how small the school is, and the dorm life is great. While there are a few flaws such as the cafe quality, and some interesting professors that don't seem to truly understand their own class, overall this school is great and I believe it will continue to have a good impact on me.
Living on campus is not only a part of "the college experience" but it has also changed my perspective on life. Originally when I first arrived here I was not talking to anyone, however as I began to get to know people and open up I truly felt at home. The dorms are your typical average sized college dorms, however the cleaning staff is great. The showers and restrooms are always clean due to the hard work of the cleaning staff. Living on campus is also not only convenient because classes are so close by, but it has truly shaped me into a different person and made me a more responsible adult.
While there aren't as many options due to the fact that this is a smaller school, the athletics for not being a top tier school are fairly decent. There is a strong student support for the basketball and soccer, and hockey is starting to grow more popular as well. Overall the athletics are great for what we have.
Overall I'd like to say that my school is a very welcoming and friendly place to be. You really get to know your fellow classmates and professors. The student to teacher ratio is great, unlike most schools where there are too many in a class, here the professors have the ability to make time to help individual students. As far as the options for classes go, they are limited. One example is there is no computer science major, which is one is the biggest and ever growing popular major in today's society. The benefit of going back here is that it is also right across from Notre Dame, and Saint Marrys, so you do have other options that you could try to squeeze into your schedule. In conclusion this school is very welcoming and friendly, however there aren't as many traditional options.
Because we have such a small student body, the students here are like family and they know almost everyone here on campus. People will know if people we do not know are on campus or new. The security is quite well.
People here all want to graduate and do well. The school forces all students to complete an internship to help students get a foot in the door to their career they possibly want to get into
The professors are very good in wanting to help student strive to get their degree. The professors care about students and can really help with the small student to teacher ratio
I live on campus and overall the resident life here is good. Everything is very clean
We do not have any greek life here on campus. The school does not allow greek life
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I am on the men's soccer program here at holy cross college and i have to say the facilities are amazing for how small the school is. Also all the teams here at the school are very competitive.
Overall, the school is good. Nice facilities and classes for how small the school is.
Very Diverse community, with people with all types of ethnic and social backgrounds.
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