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Given its relatively small size and small town neighborhood location, Holy Apostles generally does not have security issues. Everybody knows everybody, so it is next to impossible for an outsider to get on campus unnoticed. Though there is no campus police force, there are individuals charged with security (and some of the seminarians themselves are former police officers).
Cromwell, CT is a relatively small town with few dining options other than fast food and few family restaurant chains. Nearby Middletown has more variety.
Given that Holy Apostles is first and foremost a place of formation for candidates for the Roman Catholic priesthood, the school has many policies governing the behavior of the student body. As a Christian institution it takes moral formation just as seriously as intellectual formation.
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Living on campus is great. . .the only issue is that only seminarians and sisters have housing. The school has expressed interest in the possibility of providing lay student housing in the future, but at the present this is not possible. Lay students either commute from home or rent apartments in the area.
Holy Apostles has many strengths, but technology is not one of them. There is one small computer lab in the library and Wi-Fi for the rest of the campus. Wi-Fi strength is very weak in certain locations where students desire to use it. Printing on campus is fairly cheap at five cents per page.
Meals are served at regular times during the day. These are structured around the seminarians' scheduled mass and prayer times. The menu often calls for specific meals during certain days of the week (for example, lunch on Wednesday generally always consists of burgers and fries). Various ethnic groups on campus will sometimes cook up their native food for the whole college community, enabling the college to experience the tastes of different cultures such as Vietnam and Poland. Snack items are generally available all day and into the evening hours.
Holy Apostles offers a unique environment where laity, seminarians, and religious study, eat, pray, and play together. This special setup fosters a sense of community among the various states of life in the Church, laying the foundation for further cooperation in the future. I would not have traded this experience for another school. Holy Apostles' small size also gives the campus much more of family-like atmosphere.
Being a Northeastern college subjects Holy Apostles to occasional inclement weather during the winter months. Roads and major parking spaces are usually cleared in a timely manner, allowing classes to resume with little delay.
Being primarily a seminary, Holy Apostles has no official sports teams. All sporting activities are student initiated and more or less informal. These include soccer, ultimate frisbee, bocce, and volleyball. Athletics play a very small role here.
Holy Apostles currently has no on-campus housing for non-seminarians and non-religious. Given that it is located in a small town of about 11,000 people, it is not easy to find decent housing. There are few very small complexes within walking distance, and larger complexes about 10 minutes away.
Holy Apostles strength is in its theology and philosophy offerings, some of which are taught by nationally renowned experts in their field. The math and science offerings are very weak, sometimes feeling more like a high school course.
The great thing about Holy Apostles is that it is one of the lowest cost private colleges in New England. It is possible to graduate with little to no debt. I did receive financial aid during my first semester, and the process was quick and easy.
Parking at Holy Apostles is free and easy. There are two lots for commuter students, both within easy walking distance of campus. One tends to fill up by mid-day, but the other generally always has several open spaces.
Holy Apostles is a small school with a small campus, therefore, campus transportation is not necessary. There is a bus line that makes stops close to campus and transports people to Cromwell and nearby Middletown. Carpooling among students is common, and can be easily arranged. The school also assists students in finding rides to Bradley International Airport.
Holy Apostles College & Seminary is nestled in a quiet neighborhood in the small town of Cromwell, CT. The immediate atmosphere of the neighborhood creates a peaceful surrounding that distinguishes Holy Apostles from other colleges located in busy cities.

The town itself, given its small size, has few attractions, although there is a state park within walking distance of the campus. Plenty of opportunities are afforded by Cromwell's proximity to the cities of Hartford and New Haven. The ocean is only thirty minutes away, whereas New York City can be reached in two hours. The historic Mystic Seaport and Aquarium, the Hartford Symphony, and several beaches are among the attractions within reasonable driving distance from Holy Apostles.
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