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Diverse Univeristy but it needs to increase its budget in other departments besides the business school.
I have great professors who are well educated in their field and very caring to their students. I love the environment at Hofstra, it is very welcoming and provides many resources to help students succeed. The community is close-knit and family like.
Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable! The campus is also very nice! Overall I enjoy my time at Hofstra
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I like the diversity and helpful of professors and students, my financial advisor was ready to aid me in every inquiry that I had.
Great university but the bureaucracy is enormous, unavoidable and annoying. Also not in the greatest area but since it's so close to NYC there are plenty of internship opportunities.
I can't wait to get started with my freshmen year there. The atmosphere is great and it is in one of the greatest cities the world has to offer. The opportunities there are endless and they will come to you if you don't go to them.
Hofstra is such a welcoming school full of the best people you will ever meet. I go here as a Music Education Major loving every second spent in rehearsals and classes. The entire music department is so kind and helpful no matter what and very welcoming. I wouldn't want to be studying music anywhere else.
The second I stepped out of the car it felt like home. Everyone was extremely welcoming and would do anything to make the visit the best it could be. The campus was beautiful, it was also local to a lot of great places to go off campus. As a student you would be allowed to have a car all four years and free parking. There is the ability to print anywhere, for the most part, with a limited amount of credits which are expected to last you throughout the year. The school is also extremely safe, with blue lights always visible and cards needed for all entrances. There is also someone always watching the dorms, making sure only the right people come in and out.
I believe the education and experience from professors is given to students as an example and guidance to be able to succeed after they graduate. I believe students are very well educated with willing professors to teach and be understanding.
Hofstra is okay. If you ask me it is overpriced. I have taken too many pointless courses, but I guess you're paying for the name. Overall, it is a good school, but the distribution courses are so pointless and cause too much stress for classes that you shouldn't have to take.
I like having the freedom within the college. I like the way the college campus alone looks and is structured. I like having help if needed. The professors I've had thus far are great. Really great experience.
It is a very good school and the professors are excellent. They really are fair and approachable for the most part, and they all want their students to succeed and really do well. The class sizes aren't big, which leads to the professor having more opportunities to really understand the students better. Because of the small class sizes, students are able to interact better with the subject material and the professors which only adds to their learning opportunities at Hofstra.
I believe I am getting the education I will need at Hofstra. I am a double major of dance and exercise science and plan on being an occupational therapist on graduation. I need an extra semester for a double major, but feel fully prepared for my career. Although the campus is not located in the best of neighborhoods, I have always felt safe on campus. Campus security is good.
I am not involved in athletics, so I did not rate the athletic dept. The professors are available for questions via email and/or office hours and are willing to assist with questions. Overall, I feel that Hofstra was a good fit for me and am happy with the entire experience.
I love Hofstra university! Im a freshman and have thoroughly enjoyed my entire experience here, so many amazing opportunities and clubs to get involved with.
I would like to see a few things change on campus. One big thing is the administration's attitude towards student concerns. Often times it feels as though administration is simply placating students instead of addressing their concerns. I do enjoy other aspects of Hofstra, however. There are people who truly care and there is something for everyone if they seek it out.
Hofstra University has a very well kept campus. It is in the center of a bad area, but about five minutes away you are in a very upscale neighborhood. There is easy access to the large Roosevelt Mall, the movies, the train station, or other locations through the Hofstra Shuttle bus. Most teachers are very good, especially in the business school. I have never felt unsafe because there is public safety and security everywhere. The food is a lot better than most colleges but a little pricey. Most of the dorms were renovated last year and freshman dorms are a luxury compared to other universities. Being an athlete, I think Hofstra could use more school spirit and support their fellow athletes, but it has been getting better over the last two years. Overall, Hofstra is an excellent school.
I loved the students. They were very nice and diverse. The staff is also full of great people. Im a cheerleader and the program is amazing
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I really like the school. I feel safe and I know the area very well. But the school is far from home and I do commute to school on the daily basis.
I visited for the Fall Open house and fell absolutly in love with the campus and everything that the school had to offer. The proffessors seem extremely kind and super knowledgable.
Hofstra's a great place to meet awesome people, it's super close to the city, and it gives free transportation to the mall/movies/groceries. Professors could be much better. Food is ridiculously overpriced as well as tuition and housing in general. The campus is very pretty and there are many ways to get involved.
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