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The people who work at the University don't care about the students. The campus is very nice though and they do try to get the students involved in many activities held there. There isn't enough parking and the traffic in the area is terrible. The penalties on people who pay their tuition late is ridiculous and there is pretty much no help from the financial aid office. There also is no football team.
This is my junior year at Hofstra University and I can say that Hofstra has felt like home. However, if you want that same experience of inclusivity within the Hofstra community you must submerge yourself in clubs and teams. Join clubs that speak to your interest. I have met life-term friends simply being in a club like Habitat for Humanity working on homes for families. Additionally, being that my major is Journalism and Hofstra is top 2 in the country for communications, choosing Hofstra was a best fit. Overall, this University has an amazing atmosphere and great post-college opportunities.
First things first: Hofstra is a "non-profit" university that brought in more than a half a BILLION dollars in revenue last year, according to their form 999, and pays its president a million-dollar salary, plus perks. Keep that in mind before you bankrupt yourself on their worthless degrees.

I majored in Public Relations. I graduated with more than $100,000 in student loan debt - a surprise to me when I graduated because they misrepresented my financial aid package while I was a student. By the time I'm done paying, I'll have paid almost twice that.

And here I am, six years later, and I’ve hit a complete dead-end in my job. I’m insultingly underpaid, and I’ve been interviewing elsewhere for over two years. I got one offer, at $10,000 less than I’m currently paid. And I've received more than 25 rejection letters. Hofstra Career Services refuses to even talk to me about career guidance unless I pay them. They're super eager to send me donation requests, though.
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This University has a great learning environment filled with different resources for students to study. All the professors have such a positive attitude and are willing to invest their time into their students. Aside from the learning environment, there are also a lot of dining places for students to enjoy. On top of that, Hofstra University is such a large place filled with many different trees and buildings. One can see the beautiful sites of the campus from inside the library, which is also a great place to study. In regards to the students, everyone are kind, respectful, and courteous. Overall, this is a great school for students who are motivated to learn.
The staff are really committed to the development and growth of the students. The student body is diverse, unique, and accepting.
I was an athlete at Hofstra last year and thank god i transferred. There’s not much to do in the area they emphasize the proximity to the city but honestly it’s expensive and time consuming to get there. Did not enjoy the culture between the athletes and the social life is below average. All the bars got shut down and parties are average. Would not recommend if you’re looking for a highly academic or social environment.
Hofstra is a very diverse community of student and faculty that foster open mindedness and forward learning. Being close to the city, the beach, and nature of upstate NY, any kind of lifestyle is tended to by Hofstra's location. The programs are all a medium sized environment with small enough classes to get to know professors personally, while also being in a big enough community that makes networking possible as well. Hofstra's clubs and activities are also plentiful although not all of them are very large. D1 sports also make Hofstra a fun athletic environment making there truly something for everyone.
My transition from high school to college was amazing as I went to Hofstra. It is like home away from home for me. Beautiful campus, excellent professors and great quality education.
Friendly and safe environment. The small classes created personal connections to professors and students. Professors are always available and willing to help. Tuition however is unnecessarily expensive for your average private school.
I love the environment that Hofstra provides its students. The staff is very welcoming and professors always make time to meet with their students if needed. Professors are also very understanding and they want to see their students succeed. In addition the campus is very safe and provides a night shuttle for students that will pick you up at the location that you tell them to.
Hofstra University is amazing! The atmosphere is super chill, yet you'll never run out of things to do! The people here are so nice and being so close to the city and beach is a major plus!
There are a lot of strong minded and willful people that disrupt the status quo and are able to make a motion for change. This institution has some hidden gems. You win some and you lose some with some professors, but if you out yourself out there, with many events and opportunities this institution has, you can make the most of your experience here at Hofstra. Anything is truly possible, if you put in the work.
Hofstra has been providing me with a great education. Professors are very approachable and have a ton of office hours making it easier to learn. People I meet are nice and it is easy to make friends
Hofstra has excellent professors that work hard to help their students succeed. There are also many resources to help students with academics and their careers in the future.
The school itself may not resemble the stereotypical post-secondary environment (there essentially exist no college "town" or "square". However, it does offer some quaint features which add to its charm and mystique. Besides being known as an arboretum, Hofstra's proximity to NYC offers boundless fun and opportunities to its students. Therefore, since it is in a significant location, its academics reflect a vibrant and competitive atmosphere. Its small and engaging classes allow students to form positive connections with other peers and professors. Its facilities could use some updating and the food is rather horrid (hence the less than perfect rating). However, the school is certainly an excellent one.
There are a variety of options offered by Hofstra University that allowed me to get adjusted to the college experience. The professors as well as the students are very opening and honest. The campus scenery is beautiful, such as the wide variety of trees and wildlife stationed inside the campus. I hope the professors for the freshman year courses can be more lenient to allow high schoolers to not get stressed out and to simply be prepared for the college experience. Overall, I am enjoying my time attending Hofstra University as a Civil Engineering major.
I love the online program and my professor. I am really learning a lot about the law. It keeps my interest and I am enjoying that I am able to understand how writing and reading briefs works.
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Being a Graduate student my experience has been wonderful and made awesome freind circle
One thing would like to see change is to have few classes,activities, seminar,job fair,interaction with different professors in evenings since working professionals who are completing their graduation doesn't get interaction with them.Really would like to have this changes.
I enjoy being a student at Hofstra University because I am able to help diversify the population and learn and grow with others. My professors are very smart and experienced in their fields and I feel like I can learn a lot and gain a lot of experience.
not really worth the money but I loved it.. just had an annoying incident that turned me off to the school
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