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Hofstra University is a great school that challenges you academically and shapes you into an excellent student. The campus is filled with diversity and is only a short train ride away from NYC. While not directly in the cit, it gives you a great taste of culture. Hofstra University's staff is always available and willing to help you succeed.
I am not a student nor a resident, but I have done my research on Hofstra and I am quite impress, although the pricing may be a bit high. I understand New York is Expensive but out of state residents should have some type of discounts due to net price differences. It sounds like a great experience.
Hofstra has a very beautiful campus. The teachers are great and very interactive with the class. They have a lot of majors to choose from and the advisers are very helpful.
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My experience at Hofstra so far has been great . The campus there is beautiful and everyone is so friendly . The professors I had so far were good. The thing I would like to see change is some of the requirements you have to take in order to graduate .
Overall, Hofstra University is a great school but needs major changes. The food is not all that great and is just getting more expensive year after year. The resident halls need updating with there bathrooms because there's always something clogged or the water starts over flowing in the showers. With all the money that's put into this school between tuition and outside sponsors, nothing is changing. With academics, Hofstra University has very intelligent professors that are willing to help you learn and understand the material they're teaching so that way you can succeed. The class sizes are relatively small with the average class size of 35. With smaller classes, it's more intimate and allows the professor and students to interact with one another and learn for each other. Besides the changes that need to be done on campus, Hofstra University is a great school and everyone wants you to do great and succeed.
I love Hofstra! I have made so many connections and have received so many lessons that will stay with me a lifetime. These lessons are not merely academic, but the are lessons about character and philosophy.
I've loved my time here. I'm in my third year and I am studying Chemistry, Spanish, and Dance as a Liberal Arts Major on the Pre-med track. In all of these different departments I've had excellent experiences with the professors and faculty. I also play ultimate frisbee club sport, and lead a bible study with a christian club on campus. Many of my friends are involved in so many interesting/diverse programs and activities, I honestly believe anyone can fit in here and find a community to be involved in.
The review is great the price is reasonable and they offer various types of majors.The campus looks very nice
College Campus is very nice, programs seem very applicable. Housing choices are more than most campus'.
Do not be fooled by Hofstra's advertisements. Its retention rate is low ESPECIALLY for people in the sciences. The school is overpriced even with scholarship. The area is SO dangerous and the biology and chemistry department SUCK with awful teachers. If you are choosing to go into the STEM field beware of this school. Do not assume its science undergrad classes are good just because they have a medical school either. premed/ PA students are transferring out left and right. Be careful.
Hofstra is a diverse and exciting university with lots of opportunity for all types of students! I highly recommend checking it out, especially if you're looking for a more medium-sized school.
Hofstra University was a great experience after graduating high school. The professors are helpful if you are willing to put in the work. There are lots of opportunities for career growth and jobs after graduating. What I did not like about the university was that the students were not exactly very friendly. But if academics is your main focus, then Hofstra is a great college.
I believe Hofstra University has really given me the opportunity to grow as a person. Whether it be in or out of the classroom, I have been able pursue my multitude of interests. There is also always somebody available to speak with you whether it be your professor, your advisor, or your career center advisor, I have always been able to get the help and guidance that I need. Hofstra has also granted me the opportunities to explore New York City with the tons of free trips they offer. I am currently looking at internships offered through the Washington Center and SUNY Brockport which are programs in DC that get you connected to political organizations that can potentially lead to job offers. Hofstra has truly been a great fit for me and I hope others will see all that it has to offer.
My experience at Hofstra has been a positive and dynamic time. Coming from Maryland, I was looking for a school that was going to further my education and become a second home to me. The curriculum is made to create career professionals and truly prepare you for graduate. In the past four years, I received a well-rounded education. I have learned about all aspect of entertainment and media and had the opportunity to take classes in complimentary courses as well. Internships have also been a large part of my academic career, which is highly recommended. While at Hofstra, I will have completed four internships at four different companies. The best thing about Hofstra is that I was able to get involved with the things I wanted and be whoever I wanted to be. Everyone here has their own identity and I think it is super important to remember that when looking at an university.
I love Hofstra. I wish I had the correct words to describe my experience, honestly. I could not imagine myself anywhere else. I am taking advantage of all the resources on campus to create the best college experience for me. This has become my home in just a few short months.
Hofstra University has allowed me to get hands on experience on the field I love the most. As a Journalism major it is important to have skills that will allow me to communicate in real time and Hofstra has managed to teach me the latest technology to do so.
The professors fall between amazing and decent. The students are welcoming and are always willing to set up study groups to make classes a little more enjoyable
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As a communications major, I feel that I'm getting really good education. All my professors major professors are amazing. The party scene isn't great unless you're in greek life or a sport.
Hofstra has great environment and it is a good experience being a part of it all. Faculty is committed to helping you thrive.
Hofstra is an okay school, but for $62k a year, I expected more than okay.

The Towers are awful. Bathrooms are rarely cleaned & there's only central heat/AC, which means that after one cold day in October, they'll turn on the heat & refuse to switch back to AC even though it's 80 degrees for the next few weeks. Laundry is a nightmare. 6 washes & 6 dryers for 11 floors of people, & at least 3 machines are broken at any time.

Don't be a TV major if you're interested in anything other than production. If you're more interested in writing or anything else, courses are limited. With one exception, my professors have been lackluster, & the ones in the RTVF department tend to have high opinions of themselves.

I transferred here & got little aid (even though I graduated high school with honors and was on the dean's list at my last school), so I pay a lot of money to go to a mediocre school. Hofstra simply isn't worth the hefty price tag to me.
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