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The campus is very active. There is always some thing to do. Most people are very friendly. Joining clubs or greek life is the best way to get to know people. Hofstra is very expensive but they offer payment plans and financial aid. I personally love Hofstra. I have never met a student that hated it here.
My best experiences at Hofstra has been joining clubs, my team has become my family and they make every single day there easier since my home is so far away.
Living in a freshman dorm (the Netherlands). I chose LLC, so I live with people in the same field of study so we all help each other out academically. They also become like a family away from home.
My professors have been exceedingly excellent. They have supported me and been understanding to my conditions, so I couldn't be happier with that.
The distance to the mall and the city. It takes you 10 minutes to get to the mall, and 40 to get to the city. It's so nice to be close but not too close to such an influential place.
And the parties have been excellent. Since I
This school lacks helping students who get hurt/assaulted. They say they have a "process" of investigating things brought to the public safety, however, the process is piss poor. Just telling the truth of my one day experience dealing with the school.
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Hofstra is a fun school with good professors and good people. It’s very diverse so it is easy to make friends. The parties are fun when the cops don’t ruin them. The bars are no longer around as of now but the frats have stepped up. Overall I loved my experience so far!
Here for grad school and it's a great experience. Very supportive professors and great environment. Lots of great resources and references so it offers a lot of options upon graduation.
I like Hofstra a lot. It's a good place to learn both in the classroom and on the campus through social and educational events.
The atmosphere at Hofstra University is great. The student body and most of the professors are very kind and helpful people; however, the administration is less so. They are slow at responding and solving issues students may have unless it is a parent speaking directly to them. Despite this, I am very much enjoying my college experience. It is a nice distance away from the city. Most of the on-campus housing is nice but pricey, like the rest of the school.
I like the school. The dining options could use improvement. They should definitely remove Smashburger.
Hofstra has a great campus and plenty of opportunities for students to connect. The various clubs and organizations help students find like-minded people and make the Hofstra community more vibrant.
It is a great school but sometimes you have bad experiences that one shouldn't experience at such an expensive school. That's all I am going to say otherwise excellent.
Hofstra, by far, is the best university on Long Island. Good merit scholarships, pretty campus, close to NYC, etc. If you're looking for these things, you're not from LI, and can afford it, Hofstra's for you. However, support for commuters is meh. Difficult to get involved, overbearing commuter services staff, getting to campus is a hassle. Stay out of Hempstead unless poverty/violence appeals to you. Overpriced for what it is. Overall, not impressed. Unless you want/have to commute, locals should look elsewhere.
The worst part about here is the social life. Most people mind their own business and go home at the end of the day. No one talks to each other in the dorms, especially the towers. You need to be in greek life if you want a decent social life.
Hofstra feels like home. This school has an amazingly accepting environment. There is something for everyone to do here, and everyone is extremely supportive. The campus is beautiful, and we are really getting what we pay for.
The student to staff ratio is amazing. You are guaranteed amazing teachers will who work with you one on one to get the job done. The campus is nice and dorms are cozy. Great food and youll be sure to have an awesome team to help you pursue what you want to do.
Hofstra University has a large, beautiful campus, great resources for students and nice, friendly faculty.
Hofstra is a grea school and it is very liberal. It is the perfect size and the learning environment is very convenient
Hofstra has only been my home away from home for about a month now, and I can proudly say, there isn't anywhere else I'd rather be. Hofstra has so many things to offer, making everyone feel like they belong. There are so many different, diversed groups and clubs on campus, it's impossible for someone to say they don't belong. There are so many perks at Hofstra too, all of the professors do truly care about you. So proud of be a part of the Pride family. Go Pride!
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I am currently a Sophomore at Hofstra and I know this may sound cliche, but this past year has been the best year of my life. Since it is a Liberal Arts school I have been able to get involved with so much, from the On-Campus Radio Station to even an acapella group. I have grown so much as a person over the year and I can't wait to see who I will be after the four years. Hofstra is my home and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
Hofstra University is truly a home away from home. As soon as you step onto campus, you really experience a feeling of community that I wasn't able to find at any other school I visited. All of the other students and faculty here are so dedicated to their crafts and they all are here to support you and watch you succeed.
Hofstra is an amazing place to call home for four years! I am a sophomore and I am already involved in clubs on campus, an on campus job, and doing hands-on work in both of my majors. There are so many opportunities to get involved and fall in love with this school. I love the closeness to the city and how Hofstra makes sure to emphasize that NYC is also our classroom and to make great use of it. I couldn't ask for a better place to do my undergrad degrees!
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