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There are very small class sizes! This is important because you are given more attention and are able to learn more thoroughly and faster in class time.
I loved the friends I made in the classroom and my internship experiences. I had multiple internships where I was able to really apply my learning and create great new experiences.
i love Hofstra University because of the many undergraduate classes there are to select and location is great for me so it will be near me. It has the career i want which is a nurse and its great for me to be able to live near by and make it to that school on time.
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My experience in Hofstra is going well, they help me and tell me the things I need to know. I still wish that they give me thin when i get into Hofstra because they don't give us nothing just a paper say congratulations in that it.
Tell others about your experience. What did you like about Hofstra? What would you change about it? I loved the school.
Hofstra University offers a diverse and friendly environment as student strive to receive a higher education in the 100's of majors that are offered at the school. I love the multitude of clubs and organization that are on campus. There is a place for every individual, no matter what your interests are. I also love how the professors are always open-minded and willing to help you succeed. They always dedicate whatever time that is needed for you to understand something you are struggling with.
Hofstra is next to Hempstead which is a not so safe place for students to go. The tuition is also very expensive. However, those who work hard will be high achieving.
My first year at Hofstra University was average at best. Hofstra's campus is pretty nice in general and it only takes about 10 mins tops to travel from the towers (dorms) to the other side of campus. There are a lot of commuters at the school, which means the weekends are pretty quiet and there's not much to do. The area around us is kind of bad but you can take the shuttle to the mall, target, etc on the weekends or to the train any day of the week if you want to go out. A lot of my friends transferred due to how pricey the school is and honestly I don't think it's worth the price we have to pay. I neither love or hate the school, but I'm hoping to become more involved on campus so I can enjoy it more.
Hofstra offers a very diverse student population, combining students from all over the United States and international students, which helps give its students a very unique experience to interact with people that come from different cultures, backgrounds, and geographic areas. However, Hofstra is very expensive to attend for about an average education, and housing is particularly expensive. Hofstra is also located in the Hempstead area, and while the university takes safety very seriously, walking off campus can sometimes be dangerous.
During my fall semester of freshman year, I really didn't like Hofstra University because I am a commuter and I couldn't find anywhere where I belonged. But, that all changed at the beginning of my Spring semester. I decided to rush and see if I could find a sorority where I fit in, and I did! I am not a part of Alpha Phi at Hofstra University and joining this sorority has brought me so much joy and love for Hofstra. I'm so happy to be involved at school now instead of just going to class and going home.
Hofstra has been great for me. The faculty really care about you excelling if you put yourself out there and do the necessary work. There are many leadership opportunities on campus. As someone who has been on the executive board for more than three different clubs, I can say that Hofstra helps its students learn valuable communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills. I am also a commuter but I was still able to find my voice at Hofstra! If I were to change something, it would most likely be its tuition. Many capable individuals decline Hofstra's acceptance due to their very high tuition - it is about $52,000 this year (2019-2020). If this cost were to be reduced, Hofstra would see an increase in its academic averages due to more motivated individuals accepting their offer.
Hofstra has very good professors, diverse clubs, and a beautiful campus. I don't like the surrounding area, but the campus is nice.
So far I've completed two years at Hofstra and I really do like it. I've made some great friends and I hope to keep those connections later in life. I do plan on joinning more organizations in my junior and senior years to have the true college experience that I would want. The teacher to student ratio is great and you really feel down to earth when talking with your teachers.
Hofstra University has a beautiful campus and welcomes people from all countries and ethnicities. With small size classes, it allows you to interact with the teacher and other students in a setting you wouldn't be able to in a large university. There is a wide amount of support for all the sports teams and clubs on and off campus. Hofstra University is a well-known school that sets you up for the future, especially with so many opportunities close by.
The campus is beautiful. The teachers really want to help you to succeed. Ask them for help with internships, they have been in the field.
Hofstra is a rich, diverse campus with many facilities. We have had some great successes over the past few years, including our Hofstra Basketball Team, going on a 14 game streak- longest ever in college basketball history. Also, this university held the 2016 presidential election, which i had the pleasure of going and experiencing it live.
It was so easy to apply didn't even require an essay. I adore the campus and its culture, overall has a very diverse minded people which i enjoy and a lot of student activities.
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Proud to have graduated from this university. Things I loved: the beautiful campus, many knowledgeable and caring professors who want to see you succeed, made a lot of great friendships with my fellow students, lots of fun on-campus extracurriculars and events, food selection's pretty good. Things that could of been better: my academic adviser did not seem to care about my success (I can probably count on two hands how many times I've met up with her in the four years I was there); area outside the campus isn't the greatest (near the lower-income part of Hempstead).
Hoftsra University truly becomes a second home. There are so many activities to do on and off campus, especially with the city so close. The people are so diverse and friendly, so it is easy to find a close group of friends. The teachers are also very approachable and are always looking for a way to help you with any career or life questions.
Choosing Hofstra has been one of the best decisions I have made so far. After my first year, I have felt so at home despite the fact that I am a commuting student and do not live on campus. The courses are difficult depending on your major, but the professors are more than welcoming and truly want you to succeed. There is so much to do on campus- the more I became involved in the more I felt connected to the school as a whole. The campus is beautiful especially in the spring when all of the tulips come out! There is something for everyone here and I am so happy to be a part of the Hofstra community.
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