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Hofstra University is a fantastic school that offers tremendous opportunity for those who attend. With many clubs, many degree options, and the close proximity to New York City, the possibilities for students are endless.
One thing that I really love about Hofstra is its proximity to both the city and Jones Beach. By train, it only takes about 30 minutes to get to Penn Station in the city. By car, it only takes about 30 minutes to get to Jones Beach. It really makes the college experience at Hofstra an amazing time! You get to hang out with friends in such a diverse and special way.
Not at all getting your money's worth. Lots of professors who just don't care about you. Gave it an extra star for diversity and being very accepting.
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This campus is so accepting, especially of the LGBTQ+ community. In the honors program you get to build relationships with all of the best professors on campus. The campus is only an hour and a half from New York City and you can see the New York skyline from the top floor of the library(or your dorm if you are in a lucky high rise).
I've visited Hofstra university many times, and I can assure that the campus is lovely, the academics are of a high degree and the campus food is quality.
I just finished my first year at Hofstra and I have to say that my experience was overall great. The faculty was very helpful and there are many resources for students on campus, including a computer lab and study rooms in the library. If you are looking for a medium to large-sized university in the suburbs, Hofstra might be the right choice for you!
Very open to new ideas and all kinds of people, but also very enclosed until you can find the right people.
I am transferring from this school because it was not a good cultural fit, and it seriously lacked the job placement required to make up for this.
Everything about Hofstra is amazing - starting from the campus to the faculty & staff to the fellow students.
Hofstra is very exciting and is filled with opportunities. I have received many interviews just because of being a Hofstra student and being in the special five-year master's program. Hofstra is the best decision I could have made for my college education!
They have been extremely helpful in my process of adjusting and moving from across the country. As well their campus has a very friendly atmosphere, that makes it easier to make new friends, and find study groups for certain classes.
Hofstra University is a great school that challenges you academically and shapes you into an excellent student. The campus is filled with diversity and is only a short train ride away from NYC. While not directly in the cit, it gives you a great taste of culture. Hofstra University's staff is always available and willing to help you succeed.
I am not a student nor a resident, but I have done my research on Hofstra and I am quite impress, although the pricing may be a bit high. I understand New York is Expensive but out of state residents should have some type of discounts due to net price differences. It sounds like a great experience.
Hofstra has a very beautiful campus. The teachers are great and very interactive with the class. They have a lot of majors to choose from and the advisers are very helpful.
My experience at Hofstra so far has been great . The campus there is beautiful and everyone is so friendly . The professors I had so far were good. The thing I would like to see change is some of the requirements you have to take in order to graduate .
Overall, Hofstra University is a great school but needs major changes. The food is not all that great and is just getting more expensive year after year. The resident halls need updating with there bathrooms because there's always something clogged or the water starts over flowing in the showers. With all the money that's put into this school between tuition and outside sponsors, nothing is changing. With academics, Hofstra University has very intelligent professors that are willing to help you learn and understand the material they're teaching so that way you can succeed. The class sizes are relatively small with the average class size of 35. With smaller classes, it's more intimate and allows the professor and students to interact with one another and learn for each other. Besides the changes that need to be done on campus, Hofstra University is a great school and everyone wants you to do great and succeed.
I love Hofstra! I have made so many connections and have received so many lessons that will stay with me a lifetime. These lessons are not merely academic, but the are lessons about character and philosophy.
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I've loved my time here. I'm in my third year and I am studying Chemistry, Spanish, and Dance as a Liberal Arts Major on the Pre-med track. In all of these different departments I've had excellent experiences with the professors and faculty. I also play ultimate frisbee club sport, and lead a bible study with a christian club on campus. Many of my friends are involved in so many interesting/diverse programs and activities, I honestly believe anyone can fit in here and find a community to be involved in.
The review is great the price is reasonable and they offer various types of majors.The campus looks very nice
College Campus is very nice, programs seem very applicable. Housing choices are more than most campus'.
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