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Great School! The professors truly care about your academic success in and outside of the classroom. Beautiful campus too! There are plenty of programs designed to help students succeed and thrive in their major and to prepare them for future career paths.
Hofstra University is great because class sizes are small and professors know your name. It is also very close to NYC, which provides more opportunities for internships and co-op programs.
I am currently a sophomore at Hofstra University. I am a health science major on the pre-med track. I live on Long Island, so I am pretty familiar with the area. My first year I dormed on campus and my second year I moved back home for financial reasons. I have been at Hofstra for a year and a half now and I couldn't be happier with my experiences. I really do feel I picked the school for me. The student-faculty ratio is great. I picked Hofstra for the supportive close-knit environment as my high school was similar. I wanted a medium sized school but with small interactive class sizes. Hofstra was definitely best fit. Most professors are great, they want the best for you, and want to help. I couldn't complain about the food or dorms, they were actually pretty decent compared to most typical schools. I met amazing people and friends. You can have a great academic and social mix, parties are decent but not too crazy where you will get carried away. Best decision I made.
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Hofstra's a very nice university, and I enjoy my time there. The professors are caring, the campus is beautiful, and they have a lot of resources so you don't feel overwhelmed with schoolwork or applying for jobs. The food is okay, but there is a lot of options to choose from. The surrounding area isn't exactly the safest, but just keep your guard up and you should be fine.
I like Hofstra very much. Just feel it is very expensive especially if you're not trying to take any loans out. Overall, I do really enjoy it. A lot of student activities to be involved with.
Great School! I have been there for a semester and I’ve enjoyed it so far. One thing I would change is the time in between each class. Ten minutes is not enough of time to get from one building to another.
This school all around is just a fantastic place to attend. I genuinely enjoy my experience here so much, and the only complaint I would have is how expensive it is, but even then, there are so many people there attempting to help with finances and make things as available as possible. It’s a beautiful campus with lovely professors and students and I don’t regret choosing it one bit.
Hofstra universoty has welcomed me with open arms. From the beginning of welcome week to now, I have felt as if there have been countless opportunities to feel at home and transition to the college atmosphere very well.
Hofstra University has a wonderful academic program. All of the professors are very knowledgeable, and they care so much about the students. Class participation is partly expected, but it helps learning more! The campus is also gorgeous especially during the Holiday season where they put lights throughout the campus. I have enjoyed my first semester at Hofstra, because I have been able to make friends easily and it is small enough to feel comfortable, and you never feel lost in the crowd.
Academics are excellent because every college receives enough funding from the university and is led by professors who are passionate about what they teach and care about their students. The students, as well as the staff, here are, for the most part, very friendly and they help create a beautiful, welcoming environment.
They are organized, puts you up to date, and they have a counselor who is available at all times to help you during the process of admissions.
I really am enjoying my experience so far. The professors are very dedicated and they seem to care about us succeeding in law school. I have also met some amazing students along the way, and I feel we share a bond since our academic area of concentration is very intense. Unfortunately, the stress of knowing that I have to pay back the loan for my education is the one thing that creates a dark cloud surrounding an otherwise positive experience.
Its an amazing school full of diversity and passion. The staff there are more than willing to help you and they withhold their standing as one of the best private schools.
What I loved about Hofstra was the sense of community I felt on campus. This school itself has around 7,000 undergraduates, so it fits within the medium range of campus size and density. Everyone there is nice and the teachers are all helpful, with the goal of helping you do better in classes. The one thing I would improve on would be the amount of parking for commuters; there are 60% commuter students in the school and parking gets tough to find during the middle of the day.
This is my first year at Hofstra University and i'm very impressed with aesthetics of the campus, the genuinely friendly staff & teachers and their whole system! The offer so many resources and they are very big on keeping their students active and social with their plethora of free period and after-school social functions.
The people who work at the University don't care about the students. The campus is very nice though and they do try to get the students involved in many activities held there. There isn't enough parking and the traffic in the area is terrible. The penalties on people who pay their tuition late is ridiculous and there is pretty much no help from the financial aid office. There also is no football team.
This is my junior year at Hofstra University and I can say that Hofstra has felt like home. However, if you want that same experience of inclusivity within the Hofstra community you must submerge yourself in clubs and teams. Join clubs that speak to your interest. I have met life-term friends simply being in a club like Habitat for Humanity working on homes for families. Additionally, being that my major is Journalism and Hofstra is top 2 in the country for communications, choosing Hofstra was a best fit. Overall, this University has an amazing atmosphere and great post-college opportunities.
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First things first: Hofstra is a "non-profit" university that brought in more than a half a BILLION dollars in revenue last year, according to their form 999, and pays its president a million-dollar salary, plus perks. Keep that in mind before you bankrupt yourself on their worthless degrees.

I majored in Public Relations. I graduated with more than $100,000 in student loan debt - a surprise to me when I graduated because they misrepresented my financial aid package while I was a student. By the time I'm done paying, I'll have paid almost twice that.

And here I am, six years later, and I’ve hit a complete dead-end in my job. I’m insultingly underpaid, and I’ve been interviewing elsewhere for over two years. I got one offer, at $10,000 less than I’m currently paid. And I've received more than 25 rejection letters. Hofstra Career Services refuses to even talk to me about career guidance unless I pay them. They're super eager to send me donation requests, though.
This University has a great learning environment filled with different resources for students to study. All the professors have such a positive attitude and are willing to invest their time into their students. Aside from the learning environment, there are also a lot of dining places for students to enjoy. On top of that, Hofstra University is such a large place filled with many different trees and buildings. One can see the beautiful sites of the campus from inside the library, which is also a great place to study. In regards to the students, everyone are kind, respectful, and courteous. Overall, this is a great school for students who are motivated to learn.
The staff are really committed to the development and growth of the students. The student body is diverse, unique, and accepting.
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