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From the first phone call I made to campus, I have received the most kindness and courtesy. I'm very excited to see where this adventure leads.
loved the teachers and staff except for the principal. Housing is not ideal or safe area to live. The teachers are very dedicated to ensuring students get the proper education.
Hocking is an isolated college. It is an friendly environment. very positive area to be in with little conflict. The professors are very caring not disrespectful and actually try to help you succeed
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I haven't started yet but when I do I will update my rating/review. Good luck to everyone else starting I've heard good things about this school.
I've been to two different colleges before this and honestly, this is the one I prefer most. The professors are willing to get on your level and talk to you like a person. They do their best to set aside time to talk to you. They do everything they possibly can to help you succeed. I like that I can easily go up and talk to one of the staff and have a real conversation.
For the most part my experience with Hocking College was a positive one. The teachers were relaxed and got along easily with everyone, the building was kept clean, and it didn't take long to get from one side of campus to the other. There were a lot of computer labs, and some of them would be empty which is perfect for quiet study when I didn't want to go to the library. I went to Hocking College for the art programs; the art teachers were supportive and weren't afraid to give critiques. However in some of my non-art related classes such as business and creative writing; it was a waste of money. They didn't teach us anything and I still passed with an A. Also I was a little disappointed to find out that there were no regularly scheduled live model drawing sessions. So over all it was decent; I liked the involvement within the art community, it's a rare experience out side of school to give and receive feedback in person to help you improve your skills.
Im on my third week at hocking and so far i really like it, the teachers are great and very good at their jobs. It does start out kinda fast but it doesnt take long to get into the swing of things.
I've had a rather average experience. Think of Hocking like a high school that truly cares more about athletics and filling up their own pockets than providing a decent education, provided you chose the"right one" when applying. And don't expect much, you get what you pay for, and please expect them to make sure they get every single dime, even if with financial aid, the college has to screw you over. So, unless you're going for one of the main programs here such as Culinary, Natural Resources, Equestrian, Education, and Public Safety, I suggest you look somewhere else. Another tip: RUN!
I love Hocking College, the professors do a fantastic job of helping you understand what they are teaching. They are very friendly and help with job placement.
Hocking is a very beautiful campus. However, it is not very diverse, and I often don't feel safe presenting myself in the way I wish to.
This small college has a wonderful Natural Resources program that provides you with real world and hands-on experience right away. I love my natural resources department but Hocking college as a whole is falling behind a bit when it comes to updating and growing based on the needs of the students rather than the wants of the administration.
My experience so far at Hocking College has been amazing, I'm getting the best grades I've ever had in my life here. The professors are amazing, they help you out so much and a lot of the classes are hands on which helps so much. What I'd like to see change is the dorms to be a little nicer, the community bathrooms need some work done to them, but other than that it's an amazing college.
It's good if you want to go into nursing or heavy equipment. If you want to do anything else there really isn't a point in going.
Do not go to this college. They care more about making money than their student's education, with only a few teachers that will be willing to help. The food is unhealthy, the maintenance sucks, and faculty doesn't know how to get back to you, and if they do, they don't know how to email you back properly until a week after or if you go to them in person. If you're a girl, you can't walk through campus alone without feeling unsafe, and campus security are stupid and the police dept are very unhelpful. They care more about people smoking than the many heroin and other drug addicts. They need to find a new president who cares more about our education and not about making more money for herself.
I like how everyone is so well rounded and polite everyone speaks even if they don't know you so basically I love how loving it feels here
Getting started at hocking is very difficult and confusing then other colleges have been. Overall the school is okay.
I love Hocking College, currently I am going for their Wilderness Horsemanship program and it's great! The campus is easy to navigate, and you can walk to your classes easy from the dorms. The student center is a blast, especially the rock walls. I would totally recommend them to friends, they have so many different programs and degrees.
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Decent college overall. The only problems with it lie within the football team and the lack of security cameras around the exterior of campus buildings.
Hocking college is currently a wonderful experience! I am currently enrolled for music management, and I'm loving every second of it. The people are friendly, small city but the schooling is very cost efficient. Over all I could not ask for more in a freshman year, with making a lot of friends being in a music environment everyday for class alone. I would definitely recommend this college to friends and or family if they don't have a problem commuting.
I'm currently in my second semester at Hocking College and so far I like it. The teachers seem like they actually care about how you do in their classes and help you out when needed. The campus is small but its great for people looking to get some campus experience.
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