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I like how everyone is so well rounded and polite everyone speaks even if they don't know you so basically I love how loving it feels here
Getting started at hocking is very difficult and confusing then other colleges have been. Overall the school is okay.
I love Hocking College, currently I am going for their Wilderness Horsemanship program and it's great! The campus is easy to navigate, and you can walk to your classes easy from the dorms. The student center is a blast, especially the rock walls. I would totally recommend them to friends, they have so many different programs and degrees.
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Decent college overall. The only problems with it lie within the football team and the lack of security cameras around the exterior of campus buildings.
Hocking college is currently a wonderful experience! I am currently enrolled for music management, and I'm loving every second of it. The people are friendly, small city but the schooling is very cost efficient. Over all I could not ask for more in a freshman year, with making a lot of friends being in a music environment everyday for class alone. I would definitely recommend this college to friends and or family if they don't have a problem commuting.
I'm currently in my second semester at Hocking College and so far I like it. The teachers seem like they actually care about how you do in their classes and help you out when needed. The campus is small but its great for people looking to get some campus experience.
Very hands on. Teachers are passionate about what they do. Perfect school for anything Natural resource related
Hocking College is very helpful with giving information about programs and was a very easy school to transfer to. I have went to a couple other schools and hocking has been a great choice.
I proudly passed almost two years in Hocking i find all opportunities to study,play and work.I got the warmth of family due to the coopiration of all school community particularly my adviser ,my teachers and my boss in job . Eventually ,i find my path in choosing the right majors .
I have a lot of time to study and get my work done in a timely manner and still manage to have my fun on the weekends.
I haven't had any online classes yet but I heard they're pretty easy most of my in class assignments are online and I don't have any struggle doing them. You just need to focus and apply your self doing online classes though.
A lot of people move on to do a lot of work or go to obtain higher degrees after getting their associates or certificates .
I have good relationships with my professors and have barely any struggles with my classes because I pay attention. The only struggle I have is paying for school fees my aid doesn't cover.
The students get prepared to go into the real world and work. Professor are very interactive and determined to help get students internships.
The work load is great and the projects we do are one of a kind and very helpful at teaching us how to associate with different people.
The school is very diverse and very interesting in the fields of study they offer. The business management program is one of a kind in many various ways.
i dont really have experience with transferring credits
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it is an amazing experience here unlike no other you get hands on experience and 1 on 1 assistance with the professors
the success rate of graduates is very high
the professors are unbelievable they are very knowledgeable and highly skilled in their profession and they have all worked in the field of the programs they are teaching
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