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Great program for equine, the school itself is not the greatest. The food has given everyone food poisoning multiple times. The dorms are interesting. Many teachers have quit right before schools starts. Great opportunities available for equine students and they added a riding team.
we went on a visit with our school and i liked how everyone was very polite, i liked the campus and dorms. i love how there isn’t really many people that go there so i can actually learn!!
Expect NO guidance from Financial Aide. Their communication is NONE! Instructors are personable and knowledgeable.
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Very good staff. Helpful with anything. When starting out they made sure i had everything I would need to be prepared.
I was disappointed by the disorganization of the school. There aren't many opportunities for student involvement. The professors I have had so far have been really great though, and I have felt that I learned a lot from them.
Student life is terrible, they waste the money on things that don’t directly help you. If you want to live on chicken tinders and seasoned fry’s, be treated like a guest 24/7 then sure. If there is ANY problem with your dorm, ants, shower head, missing things broken lock be ready to turn in a slip down stairs and wait and wait and wait. Turn another slip in, wait more. When “maintence” ( like 3 elderly guys ready to retire) finally comes they will jerry rig whatever it is. During room inspections be ready to have your privacy invaded, if you’re naked getting ready to shower a WOMEN on the MENS FLOORwill walk in with her own key without knocking. Her name is “Megan L. T.”
they don’t maintain landscaping... it’s pretty bad.
Staff is rude.
The dorms or are similar to the new ones at ou. That’s about all that’s good. They let people smoke black and milds. And the dorms down the road we’re evacuated because of mold.
The response from the offices of financial aide could be more efficient. I had to drive prior to classes starting 3 hours from where I lived to be able to take care of a situation because no staff would call me back to solve the issue I was having. Once there the staff was helpful but it very aggravating to have to make a trip to have it resolved.
I did not expect much when I orignally applied and enrolled. The only reason I did was because I knew the school was affordable. It was a shock when I got here and found it to be a great school for those who did not go to school right out of high school and even for someone who was worried about the college level education. The instructors are great and the whole school does their best to help every student succeed and prepare them for the future.
My Mother and uncle attending hocking college and I have only visited and participated in summer programs as a high school student. the staff is wounder full and the campus is beautiful!!
The instructors at Hocking College are very knowledgeable on the content of the courses that they are teaching. The culture is very diverse on campus. Hocking College offers a lot of different majors. There are many different outlets to help you to study for your classes. Hocking College is very affordable compared to other colleges in the area. There are many different athletics that you can participate in such as football, basketball, cheer-leading, etc. There is not much of a party scene on campus. The local area has a lot to offer with great food and several local state parks that you can visit. Hocking College offers a safe environment with campus police that are patrolling campus year round.
High turnover of well-educated and competent instructors, along with regular financial, ethical, environmental and professional controversies. Do not recommend.
Great college in a small community. Not much to do in town. On-campus housing is overpriced. On campus food plans are extremely overpriced.
From the first phone call I made to campus, I have received the most kindness and courtesy. I'm very excited to see where this adventure leads.
loved the teachers and staff except for the principal. Housing is not ideal or safe area to live. The teachers are very dedicated to ensuring students get the proper education.
Hocking is an isolated college. It is an friendly environment. very positive area to be in with little conflict. The professors are very caring not disrespectful and actually try to help you succeed
I haven't started yet but when I do I will update my rating/review. Good luck to everyone else starting I've heard good things about this school.
I've been to two different colleges before this and honestly, this is the one I prefer most. The professors are willing to get on your level and talk to you like a person. They do their best to set aside time to talk to you. They do everything they possibly can to help you succeed. I like that I can easily go up and talk to one of the staff and have a real conversation.
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For the most part my experience with Hocking College was a positive one. The teachers were relaxed and got along easily with everyone, the building was kept clean, and it didn't take long to get from one side of campus to the other. There were a lot of computer labs, and some of them would be empty which is perfect for quiet study when I didn't want to go to the library. I went to Hocking College for the art programs; the art teachers were supportive and weren't afraid to give critiques. However in some of my non-art related classes such as business and creative writing; it was a waste of money. They didn't teach us anything and I still passed with an A. Also I was a little disappointed to find out that there were no regularly scheduled live model drawing sessions. So over all it was decent; I liked the involvement within the art community, it's a rare experience out side of school to give and receive feedback in person to help you improve your skills.
Im on my third week at hocking and so far i really like it, the teachers are great and very good at their jobs. It does start out kinda fast but it doesnt take long to get into the swing of things.
I've had a rather average experience. Think of Hocking like a high school that truly cares more about athletics and filling up their own pockets than providing a decent education, provided you chose the"right one" when applying. And don't expect much, you get what you pay for, and please expect them to make sure they get every single dime, even if with financial aid, the college has to screw you over. So, unless you're going for one of the main programs here such as Culinary, Natural Resources, Equestrian, Education, and Public Safety, I suggest you look somewhere else. Another tip: RUN!
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